Happy Halloween! Welcome To The Quilted Pineapple!

October 31, 2010

Well here we go!  My first post!

Happy Halloween!  It was a beautiful chilly night here in Michigan.  Perfect for trick-or-treating!  A little bit about me...besides my love of quilting, I enjoy cooking, baking, decorating and SHOPPING!  I love love love to shop! Specifically handbags and shoes.  I'm not sure I've ever met a pair of shoes I didn't like!  I am a wife and a mother to beautiful identical twin girls, a big sis and "mom" to my dog and constant companion, Sarge.  You'll probably see quite a bit of him.

By the way, my husband loves to help carve pumpkins.  He did an amazing job! The dog represents Sarge.  The cat represents my sister's cat Scooter and my dad's cat Bolt.  Last but not least Sparty is the mascot of my beloved MSU Spartans.

So join me as I share in quilting, life and all my little interests!