Wooly Wednesday

February 21, 2011

I still have that nagging dry cough.  Unfortunately, I think it's getting worse.  It's bordering on irritating at this point.  I managed to stitch up block 11 for "Hop To It."  Yipee!  I'm so close to the end now.
I really like the burnt orange wool.  It makes for a beautiful contrast with the blue.  Love it!  I still need to square it up to the correct size.  I have one more block to go, then I'm putting it all together!  AND then it's on to Annie to be quilted very soon!!  I need to get some practicing in around applique first. 

I've been trying to practice doodling and drawing designs every day.  It definitely makes a difference in my quilting when I do.  Makes sense.  Just like when we first learned to write our names in cursive.  We had to practice and repeat every day until it became natural.  Same thing with quilting.  It's all about training the muscle memory in our brains. 
Doodles, doodles and more doodles.  As you can see, I'm a little feather obsessed. 

Hopefully, I can get rid of this cough soon.  It's really making me feel a bit run down.  Who has time for that??


  1. Very pretty wool applique. I think your doodles are awesome. Practice makes perfect, right? Feel better!!!

  2. All of your doodles look great...good idea using the writing tablet to practice consistency is size for the curly swirlies

  3. Lovely block Linda, I love those colours together too! Your doodles look good, and I read you should practise drawing your quilting designs first.... but what I want to know is...... what if you can't draw!!! Hugs Linda x

  4. The block looks great!
    You are so right about doodling - it really helps.
    I hope your cough gets better soon.♥

  5. Dang those dry coughs - feel better soon.

    Your latest block is wonderful - love the orange and blue, too.

    Keep doodling - they look fab.

  6. I do hope your cough goes away too. Hate those things:/

    Your block is great! And I LOVE the burnt orange. Nice color combos.

    Another gal and maybe one more are planning on doing this Hop to it quilt together:) Lovin' it.

    Your drawings are a great idea. I admire that you can draw. I can't draw stick people:( I am sure it helps on your new 'Annie'. Can't wait to see your quilting on it. I know it will be great:)

    Get well soon.

  7. Sorry about the cough - it's a major nuisance. The drawings are great - mine are still terrible (long ways to go).

    Hugs - Marie

  8. Sorry you aren't feeling well. Bummer. That orange is fantastic! I never think of myself liking orange, but it makes such a good pop in so many things. Your doodles are fantastic. When I was doodling feathers, I found them addicting! Can't wait to see what you do next on Annie!

  9. There is no time to be sick! I hope you are feeling better soon.
    I adore your latest block and your doodling looks great!

  10. I look forward to seeing this on your Annie.

    Get rid of that cough so you can get busy. ;)

  11. Hope you get rid of the cough soon.
    Your block is gorgeous and I love all the colors.
    I love feathers in quilting and your doodling is great!
    Take care and hugs,

  12. Love that wool block. You are right about choosing the burnt orange color fabric. Do you have a white board? I practice my doodles on that. Just a thought. But maybe paper is better in case you want to save a design.

  13. I just found your blog.......Let me help with your cough.Go buy some Vicks vapor rob,put it on the bottom of your feetput on socks,at bedtime. Trust me it works.I had the flu 2 weeks ago,and kicked my cough.
    I look forward to watching your blog.

  14. Beautiful block, love the fabrics.
    I think this cold never ends, found myself feeling off again.
    I need sun and fresh air, that is the only time I feel good. Tomorrow I can open the windows for a few days, think that will help.


  15. Your newest block is just lovely... the quilt is going to be fantastic. I just signed up for my first applique BOM and will be watching to see how you quilt yours.

  16. I really love these wool blocks , gorgeous .I'd love to try that sometime as I do love the look of wool in a block . Hope the cough gets better real quick .Take care .Sheila

  17. I agree that the burnt orange & blue look good together.

  18. This is a beautiful block! Great color choices. I enjoy watching your progress of the Hop to It blocks.
    As a Mom there is never a good time to be sick. Take care of yourself!
    I see you do have oodles of doodles!! Happy doodle days! :0)

  19. Hope you feel better soon, Linda! I'm anxious to hear how it is quilting Hop To It with wool! I think I just may take your advice and start doodling some more!! Makes perfect sense!

  20. Hi Linda :)
    I've been meaning to e-mail you aaaaaall last week and this and I'm just soooo rubbish that I haven't 'got there' yet :)
    So I decided, just for you, to come out of lurking in 'Lurkdom' and leave a comment! ;)
    I Love your woolly 'Hop to it' Blocks, the background fabrics and especially the wools are just gorgeous, its going to look soooo beautiful made up. And your quilting is awesome, its hard to believe you've only had 'Annie' a short while...I even love your doodles...lol!
    Ooops, and I hope your cough clears up soon.
    (Don't you think I was brave leaving a comment?? lol! Not as scary as I thought...hehehe)
    Take care my Friend,
    Hugs Wendy x

    P.S. I just HAVE to go to Shipsewama (can't even spell it!) but I HAVE to go before I die!!! W x

  21. Your doodles look great :) I hope you feel better soon......definitely no time to feel bad!

  22. Sounds like you need a doctor visit - I hope it goes away soon! Love your block and your drawings!

  23. Well you certainly don't have time to feel underr the weather - all those feathers waiting to be quilted!

  24. Your block is beautiful...can't wait to see this quilt together....great doodles....oh I hope you feel better...that cough needs to move on out!

  25. sorry to hear you have a nagging cough. No fun at all.
    But at least you feel good enough to make another beautiful block and do some doodling. Looking good.
    Get better soon.
    Your Valentine is on it's way.

  26. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

    reading your blog... made me want to get my handbag and go home to sew. :) I'm at work and have already started suffering from spring fever. :)

  27. Ugh-- that cough sounds like no fun. But what a beautiful block! I can't wait to see this quilt come together. The doodling makes a lot of sense (and yours are so lovely!). I ought to try and do that. I need all the help I can get in my machine quilting. :)

  28. Hope your feeling better soon. I finally broke down and went to the dr to get rid of mine!

  29. Your doodles look like MY early doodles...I definitely see a Jamie Wallen influence in there!


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