Shades of Baltimore Winter

May 24, 2012

I am pleased to say I was able to get a lot done outside last weekend.  Flower beds are weeded.  All my annuals are planted.  I purchased our garden veggies, but Scott will be planting those this weekend.  I transplanted a ton of Hostas.  Now the season of watering has begun!!

I wanted to go over a few specifics regarding Colfax County.  I used So Fine thread #405 top and bobbin.  Just about a whole cone of it!  Batting- Dream Cotton Blend.  Love that batting!!  All the quilting is freehand.  I went through 3 air erasable markers.  I did not premark, but I marked guidelines for the design.  I used two different curved rulers...Deloa's 15" Boomerang for the CC hatch design in the center of the blocks and Rhonda Beyer's Large Crescent Ruler to create spines for the feathers.

Now onto the beautiful Shades of Baltimore Winter. *added* Pattern is by Stacy Michell of Shades Textiles.  The pattern can be purchased here.  My client, Heather did an amazing job on the applique!!  I will let the photos do all the work. :-)
This quilt had more applique than any other quilt I have quilted so far.   I wasn't sure what to do??  I called on some fellow longarm friends (Kathy) for suggestions, especially with regarding threads and quilting on the applique.  I thought I would quilt a motif in the border that went with the quilt, holly leaves worked out perfect!  I remember Judi, quilting holly leaves onto one of her client quilts that I loved.  After figuring out the design, I made a few homemade templates.
I used black Glide thread throughout the quilt, except for the applique.  I used a clear thread called Monopoly from Superior.  Worked like a dream.  Just enough to add dimension to the applique, but not take away from Heather's beautiful work.  I LOVE how the quilt turned out!!!
 Lots of pebbling!!!!  Time consuming but so worth the effect!!!  And echoing, swirly goodness!!
I used 2 layers of black Legacy Blend batting.  The back looked really cool with all the texture of the quilting.

Heather submitted her quilt to the HMQS quilt show.  Although, no ribbons, she said the judges remarks were all wonderful, especially regarding the quilting.  I have never had a quilt judged in a major show, so to hear that...I cannot tell you how happy that made me!!!

Hope everyone has a great week!!

Colfax County

May 18, 2012

Is it Friday already??  I had a sick child home with me all week.  Elaina has a strep infection that has really taken the wind out of her sails.   Seems like it took forever for the antibiotics to kick in.  I think she is finally starting to feel a little relief.  I am hoping to get in the garden this weekend.  I am in need of some fresh air!!  My neighbor gave me 8 pepper plants that he had left over from planting his garden.  What a treat it was to find them on my back porch!!

As promised, I am going to reveal Colfax County, a brand new quilt making it's debut this weekend at Quilt Market.  It's a brand new design by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings.  Like I said in my previous post, it's a stunner!!!
 The fabric collection is Old Glory.  It is LB's brand new line which will be out in the fall of 2012!!  One of the prettiest fabric collections I've seen!!!!  Get ready for photo overload! :-)
I believe Lisa said the inspiration for this quilt is an antique quilt she has in her collection.
Here are some before shots.

If you are looking for piecing this is your quilt!!  I saw the pattern and it's not a difficult quilt at all.  The design is soooo cool.  There are just under 3400 pieces in this quilt.  Each of those are individual triangles!!!  The HSTs finish at about an 1"!!!!!  I literally had NO idea how I was going to quilt this when Lisa sent me photos, nor when it arrived at my home. :-)  It was nothing short of a miracle when it came to me!!! LOL!!  Speaking of miracles...getting it quilted in time for Market.  I'll just tell you it did involve an all nighter!

  Did I mention this is a nice sized quilt at 84" x 84"?
 Just a few more of the back...
The design looks totally different on the back!!
I even take photos of the back while I am quilting.  Sometimes you see things in photos that you wouldn't normally notice.  I like to make sure my stitches on the back are just as perfect as the ones on top.
Again, another long least it's mostly eye candy!! :-)  I love the antique/reproduction look of this quilt.  Another keeper for sure!!!  I'll be back with specifics on the quilt as far as thread...batting and such.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Midnight Harvest

May 17, 2012

I had the best Mother's Day ever.  Guess what I did?  Nothing.  That's why it was the best ever!!  One day of relaxation was exactly what I needed!!  As I promised, I will share Midnight Harvest...and a peek at another quilt!!  First, I asked if anyone could guess how many starts and stops I had on the last quilt I posted.  The winner is Kathy of Tamarack Shack.  She is a very talented longarm quilter from Northern Manitoba Canada. Whenever I whine about the snow and winter here, I just look at Kathy's pictures on her blog and know I have nothing to whine about!! LOL!!  I am sending her a little prize.  I had 409 starts and stops if anyone was wondering.  Crazy!!  So on to Midnight Harvest or Midnite Harvest...
I LOVE this quilt!!!!  This was designed by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings using their wool and Seasonal Little Gatherings fabric.  Lisa hit it out of the ballpark with this gorgeous design!!  I love all fall decor but the wools and fabric in this one...perfection!!! Photo above is upside down.
When talking to LB, she wondered what I would do with the open black squares between the pieced blocks.  The first thing that came to mind was stars!  Stars, pumpkins, wool...the perfect primitive mix!! :-)  Here is a before quilting shot.
I quilted a very small stipple to get the stars to pop,
 Lisa loved LOVED how it turned out!!  I made a little star template and my assistant aka Scott (lol) traced them on the quilt for me.  He made a comment that I wasn't getting them centered.  I thought that clearly was him offering to do the job. :-)

The back.
Specifics on the quilt....4 thread color changes.  Black Hobbs 80/20 batting.  All quilting is freehand.
 So Fine threads top and bobbin.  The little star template I made.  Below is the template I made to frame the applique in Garden of Stitches from the previous post.
It would be so cool to see the quilts I quilted at Market.  I am soooo kicking myself for not going.  But it is pretty cool to see my name on a pattern!!!!  I don't have the words to describe it.
As if this post isn't long enough, I am going to give you a peek at another quilt, Colfax County that will make it's debut in the Primitive Gatherings booth at Market.  Just the back for now. :-)  It's a stunner!!!  This is a quilt for all the reproduction lovers out there.  Just under 3400 pieces!!

Sorry for the long post. :-)  I will post Colfax County next.

Petals & Pennies

May 11, 2012

Happy Friday everyone!!  It's Mother's Day weekend.  Anyone have plans?  I'm wrapping up quilting an absolutely gorgeous quilt and then I hope to just relax for a few days!!  Maybe go out to dinner with the family.  Sounds like a plan!

More cool stuff happening here.  I get to share another beautiful quilt I had the pleasure to quilt for LB!!!!!!!  I know I said I was going to post about Midnight Harvest next, but I decided to share the newest version of Garden of Stitches called  Petals & Pennies instead.  Don't worry I will not forget to post about Midnight HarvestGarden of Stitches is a design from Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings.  She redesigned the pattern and features it on a black flannel with wool pennies.  It is GORGEOUS!!  Stunning.  This is a wool lovers dream quilt!!
 Lisa left the quilt design up to me, but mentioned she would like the quilting to be "simple but cool."  I think that is a good description for the way the quilting turned out.  What do you think? :-) I forgot to take a before pic, but luckily had one that Lisa texted to me.  Actually, when Lisa sent the pic to me, I joked and said "what did you whip that up in your sleep last night??"  Because seriously, Lisa is a designing machine!!!
 I LOVE how it turned out!!  My family was all in agreement that we wanted to see this quilt hanging in our home!!
I quilted Pinwheel blocks into the open square blocks.  You know I had to throw in a few feathers too. :-)  I added some in the open blocks in the border.  I liked the idea of mimicking the curve of the tongue and penny design.
I really wanted the flower applique to pop, so I quilted a simple double frame around the block.  FYI the stitches on the applique...perfection.  Lisa's team did an amazing job!!

Then some cross hatching and straight can never go wrong with those!!  The back looked really cool too.  Also flannel.

Now, simple and cool quilting doesn't mean easy or fast...I learned.  I had a lot O stitch in the ditch.  All the straight stitching is with a ruler, which again is pretty slow.  Of course it never helps when this happens either.
Long story.  I had it's replacement on order the second it happened...well after a few choice words first. :-)  I had more starts and stops with this quilt than any other quilt I have quilted so far.  If anyone can come close to guessing the number...I'm thinking there could be a prize in your future! :-)

This quilt will be featured in the Primitive Gatherings booth at Spring Quilt Market.  I'll be honest, it is super exciting to think that quilts that I have quilted will be at Quilt Market, but it is also very humbling.  I am thankful every day for the journey I am on.  I literally pinch myself.  And don't worry I still have my "I suck" moments of frustration!!!  :-)

I hope everyone has a super Mother's Day!!