Primitive Gatherings Summer Freebie - Quilted

August 31, 2012

I am happy to report I am back home from the Grand Rapids AQS Show.  I have been home for a week,  but I seem to have caught a horrendous cold.  It has knocked me off my feet, literally.  Yesterday, I couldn't even get out of bed.  Quilting has been impossible, which is so frustrating with looming deadlines, not to mention a family.  I was able to quilt until the fever started.  Now, I have given in to just riding out the "cold" storm.  I figure if I don't rest, it will just get worse.  Today, I am feeling much better.

I have lots to share about Grand Rapids!!!!!  Tons!!!!!  Next week, though. :-)  I will share the quilt that I just gave a peek of last post, "Lisa's Favorite Things" the Summer Freebie from Primitive Gatherings.  I LOVE it!!  Wool is near and dear to my heart, so of course I love it. :-)  Lisa loves it too!!!  She was very happy with the quilting!!  It was a big hit in the Primitive Gatherings booth at the show.  I think lots of folks that missed out on it being a freebie plan on ordering it as a kit.  I will let the photos do the all the talking!!
 I have a great little quilt holder. :-)
 I quilted on all the wool applique, not heavily but enough to secure them and give the motifs definition.   I even quilted over all the stitched words.  You cannot even tell but the effect is awesome.  Makes the words look as if they were stitched after it was quilted!
I created a basket weave pattern with the quilting.  I love it!!!  Very fitting for the quilt. 
 The basket weave really flattens the background fabric allowing the wool appliques to stand out.  I divided the background into 1" squares to create the design.  Takes time and patience but well worth the effect!!!!
Lots of freehand feathers.  I wanted them to mimic a flowing flowers climbing a trellis and overflowing out of the basket of flowers.
 Lots of micro stippling too.
I love the back too!!!  I love the way light threads look on a dark backing.  Creates a very striking look.  Makes the quilting look super cool.  That is my personal opinion.

  Specifics...all threads are So Fine by Superior.  Batting is Hobbs 80/20 in black.  All quilting is freehand.  The quilt is wool applique on cotton.  Kits will be available from Primitive Gatherings here.

Hope everyone has wonderful weekend!!!

Summer Freebie - Lisa's Favorite Things

August 20, 2012

Did any of you take advantage of Primitive Gathering Summer Freebie program??  I did!!!  I participated in the pieced Block of the Week...but I am waaayyyyy behind!!!  Oh well!  I am behind on my Freebie blocks too.  Again, oh well.  Well...I recently quilted Lisa Bongean's version of her Lisa's Favorite Things.  That is the awesome thing about this little quilt, you finish it to be YOUR favorite things!!  Not Lisa's. :-)
Here is LB's not yet quilted.  Don't worry, if you missed out on the Summer Freebie, you can purchase it from Primitive Gatherings here.
Here are my first 3 blocks.  I was right on top of things when it started.  Then you know how that goes. :-) The blocks are super fun to stitch and FAST!!  LOVE them!!!  

And here is just a peek at LB's quilt.
It is GORGEOUS...sorry I have to admit it.  :-)  Why just a peek??  Cuz I am mean.  LOL!!  Well, that may very well be, but that is not the reason.  It is because LB hasn't even seen it in person...yet.  So that leads me to my next little bit of info.  Is anyone going to the BIG AQS Quilt Show in Grand Rapids Michigan this week?  It runs Wed through Sat.  If you are then you have to stop by the Primitive Gatherings booth!!!!  There you will find me!!!!  I will be in the booth working my tail off with LB and Nick!!!  I will be there every day, but Saturday so make sure you stop by!!!!!  I would love to meet you in person!  I will be away from my computer and haven't taken the time to figure out mobile blogging, however I will be posting via Instagram.  I know I will be taking lots of behind the scenes and cool photos!!!!  If you don't want miss out and want to follow along, you can follow me @hrckal .  If you have not discovered it!!!!  It is fun and easy!!!

I am heading up first thing in the morning tomorrow to help set up the booth.  Seriously, I cannot wait!!!  I can hardly stand myself.  :-)

Kristin's Grad Quilt

August 17, 2012

Kristin LOVES her quilt!!!!  She is just thrilled!!!  I gave it to her after graduation at her celebration at a downtown Kalamazoo restaurant.  I blogged a little about it here, if anyone has forgotten.  Kristin was showing everyone her quilt!!!  Practically showing the other guests in the restaurant!! :-)  I received a lot of email asking the specifics on the quilt, so hopefully I can cover them all. :-)  Here it is!!
 Lots of feathers, just like the PA ordered. :-)  Yummy feathers!!!
Since Scooter will be living with this quilt full time in a few weeks, I let him check it out first. :-)
 I love how it turned out too!!!  I cannot wait to quilt these allover feathers again!!  The back is just as gorgeous!

Now some specifics.  The batting is Hobbs Wool.  It makes the quilting just look awesome!  Thread is So Fine top and bobbin.  A pale yellow.  Normally when I do an allover feather type design, I do NOT stitch out the spine.  Usually they are spineless.  LOL.  I just draw out the spine with white school chalk or a Collins purple air erasable marker.  I buy them at my LQS.  I feel like I have more freedom to change direction or the shape if the spine isn't stitched out already.  Sometimes I will curve one way more and if I am just following a temporary line, no biggie.  If it's stitched out, I will have to pick stitches out or follow my original path.  Anyways, with these particular feathers, I found they looked so much better with the spine stitched out.  The shape and flow was superior than when I was following a drawn line. 
I drew out my line and then stitched over it.  I stitch the stem as I advance the quilt.  I do not stitch the stem all the way down the quilt and go back and fill in. I always feel like the first pass is the hardest.  I make sure my path is curvy and filling the space.  It is all freehand.  I do not draw out the feathers first.  I just fill in as I go.  No, they are not all perfect or the same.  I did not pick out any funny looking feathers.  I was tempted and wanted to, but suppressed my urge to do it because when it is all looks wonderful.  I no longer see the "funny" looking feathers. :-)
 Here is a before quilting pic.
I used one Layer Cake of Charlevoix by Minick and Simpson and yardage.  The inner border is 2" finished and the outer is 6" finished.  The quilt finishes at 59"x84".  I used the tumbler template that I blogged about here.
This is a very simple quilt to make.  And fast!!!  I knew once it was quilted it would go from simple to beautiful!  Doesn't this look like a happy recipient?? :-)  Kristin is incredibly grateful.  She also has been sooooo patient waiting for a quilt, since her undergrad graduation 2 yrs ago.  It is the best feeling when someone appreciates the gift of a quilt.  Wouldn't you all agree?
  Here are some more grad celebratory pics.
Graduation was awesome!!!  It was only Kristin's class, so it went pretty quickly.  It was great to see all the students rewarded in the White Coat Ceremony.  There was a small reception after with cake at the university.
 The girls made a sign.  We brought plastic clappers!  Kristin said they only thing that was missing was a foam finger.  LOL!!!  She loved having the loudest cheering section!
Scott was there for the graduation too.  He missed the after party because he was on his way to a Bass fishing tourney.

  Aunt Kristin is a great role model.
 Looks like someone wants to be a PA-Physician Assistant when they grow up.
We had a lot of fun with Instagram!!  Why have I been so slow to get on that bandwagon??


Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Poinsettia Tutorial

August 15, 2012

I thought I would share a little tutorial on how I quilted the poinsettia motif in the corners of Christmas Stars.  Of course I didn't think about taking step-by-step photos until I was quilting the bottom border. The tutorial is kind of upside down. :-) On the flip side, it will give you an accurate perspective of what it is like to quilt a motif on the opposite end of the quilt.
I have taken a purple air erasable marker and marked my quilting area.  The center of the corner and binding allowance.  This way I don't quilt too far out on the edge of the quilt and I can line my template up with the corner line.
Here is my homemade template.  :-)  Nothing fancy.  I used one of my circle templates as a guide of how big my poinsettia should be.  Normally, I would draw or copy it onto card stock, but I was only using it 4 times and I needed it to be thin in this case.
Excuse my badly in need of a manicure nails. :-) No time for those things.  Fortunately on this quilt, the borders were in a light fabric.  I just slid my template in between the fabric and batting.  I lined up my center line on the template with the one drawn on the fabric.  Making sure my petals were just inside the lines drawn for the binding allowance.  If my borders had been dark...I would have two options...trace around my template from the top OR make one of my girls use a flashlight from under the quilt!!  The later works very well. :-)  Just make sure you shut off the overhead light, so you can really see the lines of the template.
All traced on.  You can see on the one side I left space to slide the template in and out.  Now just stitch out the design.  Make sure to remove your template first. :-)
I placed some pins on the side before I started stitching to keep the fabric from pulling in from the quilting.  My poinsettias are not perfect, but consistent.  I figure if one of them doesn't look like a geranium, then I am doing okay. :-)  They are freehand.  Next, I quilted the flower basket.  Again I used a make shift template as a guide and my curved ruler.  The ruler is Fine Line Quilter's Continuous Curve Ruler by Accents in Designs.
I use the drawing just as a guide to line up my ruler.
Those are my little reminders to make sure I put the ribbon swirls going in the right direction. :-)  I find taking notes and photos very helpful tools.
All stitched out.  I quilted a basket weave design by quilting straight lines back and forth in every other diamond.  Simple, but gives the design even more dimension.  Next time I will take photos of me stitching the cross hatching out.  I will probably have to have one of my little helpers take those pics. :-)