Turnovers And A Birthday

August 8, 2012

Everyone still glued to their televisions watching the Olympics??  I know I am!!  At least when I am not glued to quilting!!  So I have a new favorite little thing...Moda Turnovers.  I LOVE them!!  I think they have been around for a while, so I am super late to this party.  I am guessing I never paid much attention to them because I was not sure what I would do with a stack of triangles.  Now I am realizing the possibilities are endless.  As Candace pointed out in the comment section, they are calorie-free...what is not to love??? :-)
I made TWO runners out of one Turnover!!  For those of you unfamiliar, this is what they look like.

I used a Turnover of Civil War Homefront by Barbara Brackman for Moda.  I sewed all my triangles together to make 40 half square triangles.
Easiest HSTs I have ever made!! Sew two HSTs together to make two hourglass blocks.  Sew the hourglass blocks together to make a runner.   Then quilt, bind and wash!  So easy!!  A fast and beautiful runner!
I just quilted a freehand allover design.  Fast and easy, but gets the job done.
I used a Jo Morton fabric for the back.  The binding is some reproduction fabric from Marcus Brothers I had in my stash.  I think it is probably 10 years old!!!!  It was one of the first fabrics I bought when I started quilting!!
The patriotic heart and star bowl fillers are more wonderful creations from Denise at KKL Primitives.  As well as the Bird Nodder.  He is a personal favorite of mine!! :-)  Denise always has beautiful things to sell on her blog here.
Runner looks nice on the dinning room table, but I like it on the hearth better.  Or I could even use it on my eventual wall of small quilts. :-)  It is nice to have options.
I picked up some vintage rolling pins last spring.  They make great fillers for crocks!!
I mentioned earlier that I made 2 of these Turnover runners.  The other is a gift for my best pal Patti.  Today is her birthday!!!!!  I won't tell you how old, but I will give you all a hint...it starts with a 5 and ends with a 0.  LOL!!!!  Here's to 50 more, my dear friend!!! :-)


  1. I think you know how much that means to me. Especially the next 50. Love you girlfriend.

  2. Lovely little runner! I've not used turnovers for quilting...only ever eaten them ;) !!

    Love all the primitive goodies and for your dear friend, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 50 is the new 30 :D That's my story and I'm sticking to it....as I head to 51:/

  3. Happy Birthday to Patti! She's going to love her little runner, Linda! They are so cute! I've ignored these turnovers, too, but now that I see they are calorie-free, the sky is the limit!

  4. You know, I have never bought turnovers before. I just got introduced to charm squares. I have a bunch of cute charm square packs that I should make a couple of runners out of it. Your runner is so adorable that I should really try that. Your friend Patti I am sure will love hers and Happy 50th to her!

  5. I've never seen a turnover before. Great looking small project.

  6. They are great! Happy Bithday to Patti. 50 is the new 30. I keep telling myself this because I will be 50 soon.

  7. Love the runner. Great way to use the turnovers. Hugs,

  8. Love your runners and all your pictures! You are quite the photographer...love it all!

  9. Beautiful!!
    I love all your decorations in your home - you have such a great sense of style.
    I have never thought of putting a runner on the hearth - great idea.
    Happy Birthday Patti!

  10. . . . .Now that I have my internet back. . .gonna be shopping for those littlr turnovers tomorrow. I think you've re-energized the turnover business. Can't believe our Patti is 50. I still remember her as a tot in a wooden encyclopedia box! Your birthday gift to her is beautiful.

  11. . . . .Now that I have my internet back. . .gonna be shopping for those littlr turnovers tomorrow. I think you've re-energized the turnover business. Can't believe our Patti is 50. I still remember her as a tot in a wooden encyclopedia box! Your birthday gift to her is beautiful.

    1. Whaaaat? A wooden encyclopedia box? I don't remember THAT! lol

  12. Yes, we are glued to the Olympics too! Watching Beach Volleyball right now! Your runner is beautiful! I've never used a turnover.....I'll have to be on the lookout for some. Happy birthday to Patti :-)

  13. Your table runner is Awesome! I've never worked with turnovers before. Now I'm anxious to purchase a few! Thanks for sharing.

  14. So sweet! I've never bought turnovers either!!
    Love your decor too:)

  15. Happy birthday and hugs to Patti! Sorry I missed the b-day, Patti! I love your runner. I have passed on turnovers before, too. But now you've turned me on to them. Bad girl. Like I needed that. Your decorating is so great. Wish I could put things together like you do.

  16. Love the tablerunners and Patti is a lucky girl to receive one for her b'day! I love turnovers and have several stacks in my stash.
    Love the crocks with the rolling pins!

  17. You have such pretty displays. I love the rolling pins. I've never used a turnover but they certainly do seem to have endless possibilities. Pretty projects.

  18. I love your table runner! Happy (belated) birthday, Patti!!


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