Home Grown

January 21, 2013

It is really beginning to feel a lot like winter in my neck of the woods!!  A few days of this cold weather and I am ready for spring already!!!  Since the Christmas decorations are down, I am looking forward to decorating for the summer months....skipping spring all together!  I think it is just wishful thinking for sunny skies and warm temps to get here faster. :-)

I know many of you do too, but I like to make projects during the current season.  For example,  I like to make Christmas projects around Christmas time.  Well since I am in the mood for summer, a time when I like to decorate in a patriotic theme, what better time then to share Home Grown.  Home Grown is a beautiful design by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings.  It is a gorgeous wool applique wall hanging on a flannel background setting.  I had the pleasure of quilting Lisa's sample last year.  Yup, still playing catch up on posting quilts from last year. :-)
I have a sweet little helper holding the quilt for the photo shoot.  If I remember correctly, the weather was not cooperating for nice photos, so I called on my helper to hold the quilt.  I love wool on flannel!!!  These flannels look just like wool.  So pretty!
In my mind, I could see this vase of hydrangeas sitting on a porch with an old lattice behind it.  Sipping some iced tea while rocking in a chair, with this gorgeous vase of fresh cut hydrangeas beside me.  Well, that is where the inspiration came for the quilting. :-)
 I premarked the design with chalk before I loaded it on the machine.  Yuck-o on that job, but made things so much easier in the long run.
 I worked down the quilt stitching on and around all the wool applique first. Stitching around all the flowers really made the hydrangeas come to life!!
I quilted the flag and then worked my way back up the quilt, quilting the background.
Added: Karen asked in the comments section if I micro stippled in the squares.  I actually quilted tight, straight lines back and forth for the filler.  I DID, however micro stipple at the top of the piece around the "welcome" and top of lattice. 

Once I was back up at the top of the quilt, I added the feather banner.
I noticed when looking at the photos that my lattice didn't line up in one spot!!  Oh, the things we notice in photos that we don't notice otherwise!!!!  One of the reasons I usually take tons of photos while I am quilting!!  So I loaded it back on the machine, picked out the area I needed to and quilted it the way it was supposed to be!!!  If I didn't fix it, it would be ALL I would see every time I looked at it!
This photo was after I fixed it and taken in my car right before I shipped it home!!!  
Hanging in the Primitive Gatherings Booth in Houston. :-)

Can you believe I forgot to take pics of the back??!!!!  I think I was so wrapped up in my little mishap, that it just slipped my mind.  Here is a before quilting pic, though.
 All the threads are So Fine by Superior.  Black 80/20 batting from Hobbs.  All the quilting is freehand.  Kits are available here.  Lisa recently taught this class in Utah.  Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves!  You can read about it on Lisa's blog here.

Makes me want to decorate for summer!! :-)

The Boot Mystery Revealed

January 14, 2013

First, thank you for all the kind compliments on the quilting of Swoon!!!  Thank you!!!  Second, the big reveal!!!  I really enjoyed all the comments on who's who regarding the boots!!!  Some of you had some very creative reasoning for what you chose!  It was quite entertaining to read!  Many of you picked the right guess for Lisa, but not so much for me! :-)  So it might be a shock to all...
Lisa Bongean is in the black boots and I am the cheetah girl!!!!!  LOL!!!    This photo is courtesy of Lissa Alexander's Instagram.
Many of you guessed red for me, but bare legs.  I love my cheetah skinny jeans!!!  And I love my red, hot boots!!!  I think they go with everything! :-) Just like quilting feathers.  You see, I am usually in a hooded sweatshirt every day while I am quilting, so when I get a chance to wear something else...I go all out!!!  Honestly, Lisa and I thought our boots were so comfortable.  Surprisingly so!!  They may have been the most comfortable shoes I wore the whole week. 

So the winner is Kathy!!  Congratulations!!!!  I will be sending you a gift card to Primitive Gatherings courtesy of me!!  Email me your address.

Thank you all for playing along!

Swoon Quilt Reproduction Style and A Giveaway

January 11, 2013

If you can recall,  I gave a couple of glances of Swoon done in reproduction fabric by Primitive Gatherings.  It was here, if you don't recall because it was so long ago.  Remember, I am playing catch up with posting quilts. :-)  Swoon is a quilt pattern by Camille RoskelleyPrimitive Gatherings did it their way.  AND I LOVE every square inch of it!!    As always, I will let the photos do the talking.
Lisa Bongean requested that I quilt "your freehand feather panto."  LOL!!!  That's what she likes to call it!!  I love all that feathery goodness. I think the romantic nature of the quilting only enhances the quilt.  Feathers make the world a better place!! :-) 
If you have been following my blog, you know that I like to post a large assortment of photos.  Especially ones that feature the quilting...close-ups of the quilting...my quilting. Makes sense don't you think since I am longarm quilter??  Plus, as you all know I love to see tons of pics of quilting and by the feedback I get from all of you...you do as well, so that is what I feature. :-)  I am making a point here, but it is a topic of another day.
 Yep, loved every square inch!!  It looks so rich and beautiful in reproductions!!  I wanted to keep it!!!
You know I took photos of the back too.
Threads are all So Fine by Superior.  Batting is Dream Blend.  The quilting is all freehand.  I was questioned several times about this in Houston while the quilt was hanging in the Primitive Gatherings Booth.  It was hanging on the side where Nick Bongean runs the register.  Poor Nick kept having to call me over to the quilt to field questions regarding the quilting.  Mostly, I was asked what design I used and if it was computerized.  Wow!!!  Its so  funny to me because as I was quilting it, I would have to fight the urge to not pick out if I didn't like a feather or two!!!  It EVEN fooled the great Liz Porter!!!!  She asked what design I used too!!!!  FYI, I loved meeting Liz Porter.  She was super cool!!! I think she is someone that would be a lot of fun to hang with!

If you love this quilt too, I believe kits are still available here.

I have not shown you the goodies I picked up while in Houston.  I will be honest, I did not spend a lot of money at the show.  I can hear you all booing.  I will show you where I did spend my money though.  :-)
Oh YES...when in Texas you get yourself some real cowboy boots!!!!  We went shopping at the most amazing cowboy store.  It was awesome.  On the way there, I said I wasn't going to buy anything because I knew it would be a pretty penny.  Baaahhhhaaaaa!!!!!  All it took was one foot in the door and I yelled "I am SOOO buying a pair of boots!!"  LOL!!!  Here's the fun part...I am going to have a little giveaway!
Guess which boots are mine AND which ones are Lisa Bongean's!!! :-)  You have to guess both!! I realize two people have the same boots but one has bare legs and the other has cheetah legs.  You need to specify cheetah, brown, bare and black boots.  All the people that make the correct guess will go in a drawing for a prize!!!!  You have until Sunday night.  I will announce the winner Monday!  Good luck!!!!

Now, I have to tend to a little fiasco on my hands.  Ugghh, I wrote this post to take my mind off of it.  I found out yesterday there seems to be another me out there in the world.  Some criminal has attempted to steal my identity and clean out my checking account!!!  What a nightmare.  All will be fine, it is just a giant pain in the you know where.
Comments Now Closed for Giveaway

Super Mario Quilt

January 9, 2013

I have another gorgeous quilt to share!!  I told you, I have several quilts to catch you up on!!  My very good friend, Stephanie posted it yesterday, so now I can post it too.   First, Stephanie and I met when I first started blogging via the Internet.  Then, we realized we lived pretty close to one another.  She was the first blogging friend I met in person!  It was very cool.  You can read about it here.  We have been friends ever since!! 

Stephanie's quilt is Super Mario, a pattern by Carrie Nelson for Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.  Two of her patterns in a row too. :-)
 I love everything about this quilt!!!  It just screams "cuddle with me."  The pattern is beautiful and the fabrics are so warm and inviting.  I LOVE the 9-Patches in the border!!  Stephanie did an amazing job!!!
 Stephanie requested allover quilting.  I wanted the quilting to enhance the beauty of the piecing and quilt. The flowy, swirly paisley was the go-to on this one! 
Threads are a tan So Fine.  Quilting is all freehand.  The backing is  beautiful as well.
 The batting is Hobbs Wool, which I suggested to Stephanie.  It is lightweight and shows off the quilting.  Perfect to cuddle under.  This was Stephanie's first experience with wool batting. Stephanie gives a review of the wool batting too. There is a wonderful story to this quilt, the label, and name.  The name of the quilt is Olive Juice.  That is the best name EVER for a quilt.  Just makes you smile to say it!!  You have to go to Stephanie's blog Peas In A Pod and read all about it here.  Stephanie has wonderful photos of the quilt bound, washed and dried.  I love how it looks!!!!  It is fun to see green grass and the sun shinning in the photos.  I looked at the dates on my pics and I quilted this back in July!!!  Wow, time flies!!!  Make sure you stop by Stephanie's blog and read about Olive Juice!!!  It is just a "feel good" post.  Made my day! :-)

Eventide Quilt

January 8, 2013

I feel like January is going by so fast already!  The girls went back to school today.  One is feeling better, the other...not so much, but nothing was keeping her home.  We have been adding on/building a new school and today is the first day in the NEW school, so they were super excited to be back.  Everything is new, but I think they were most excited for new lockers. :-)

One of my goals this year is to post a whole lot more than I did last year.  Trust me there is no shortage of material to post on, especially client quilts.  I need to catch you up on all the quilting I did last year.  I know my clients love to see their quilts posted more than anyone else!!  So on with the show...and lots of photos. :-)

My client, Jan did an amazing job on the piecing and fabric selection!  Eventide is a quilt design by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.  Jan made her version a bit larger than the original pattern.  I actually had a hard time capturing the whole quilt in one photo.
Gorgeous!! I love the romantic feel the fabric gives the quilt!  The allover feather was a wonderful complement to it.  The outer most border has a feather/swirl combo.  I love how it looks!!!
The back is just as beautiful!  It looks like another quilt!!
But there is more...this is actually a 3 part quilt.  I quilted two matching pillow shams!!  First shams I ever quilted.  Really they were just like quilting mini quilts.
I love how the shams turned out!!
The back of the shams were so pretty too!!  Although, when they are done no one will see it except for now. :-)
Specifics...two layers of batting.  That really made the quilting "pop."  So Fine threads on the top and in the bobbin.  All the quilting is freehand. 

One last photo that hopefully will make you smile.  My sister ordered a new bathing suit and accidentally had it shipped to our house.  She told me to open it when it arrived and send her a pic of it.  This is what I sent her...
LOL!!!! I don't know...Sarge will be a tough act to follow!!! :-)