Heartland Quilt

March 20, 2013

It is so gratifying to hear about quilts once they leave my studio.  I enjoy hearing how they are received or what journeys they may go on.  Well, I received a delightful call and email the other day about a beautiful quilt I quilted for my client, Sue.  Seems her quilt took home a few winning ribbons at the Arizona Quilter's Guild Show!!!  FYI, she had to explain to me what place a blue ribbon is! LOL!  I don't get out much. :-)
Her quilt received 1st Place in its category AND the Mayor's Award!  To hear the excitement in Sue's voice was worth more to me than any ribbon out there.  Sue mentioned she would like to put the quilt in some shows.  Deep down there was a little fear of that...her quilt is as traditional as they come.  No bling, fabric painting, embellishments, or big open spaces for quilting, which has become very popular.  Her quilt is a Baltimore with Jo Morton fabric.  A winner in my book of course!!  My goal was to complement the traditional nature of the quilt, but add my own spin on things. :-)  I took the usual boatload of photos...enjoy!

 Sue's applique is phenomenal. Exquisite.  Here is the kicker...she has only been doing applique for a couple of years.  She says she never dreamed it was possible to get a 1st place with an applique quilt!!  Right. 
I love how the feathers nest perfectly under the banner applique.
Each block was quilted differently.  I couldn't believe the detail in the applique!!  There were soooo many pieces!  Lots of ditch quilting around every little piece. :-)
I did a fair amount of quilting on the appliques.  Not too much, but just some detail quilting where needed like on the pineapple or like on the butterfly wings below.
Only seemed right that I should feather some feathers for the chicken. :-)
If I had to pick a favorite block...this is it.  I just love it.
This block looked a little like a heart...love birds, so I continued that theme with the quilting.
The bees stripes are each appliqued as well as on the basket!!!
Seriously, the applique was amazing. 
Some specifics...the pattern is called Heartland designed by Pearl Pereira of P3 Designs.  I used a double batting of Dream Blend with a layer of Hobbs 80/20 over the top.  I used So Fine threads by Superior. 
Before quilting pic and the back.
Sue also sent me a photo of her quilt hanging in her home. :-)  Made my day.

Short and Sweet Quilt

March 11, 2013

Short and sweet is exactly what this post will more than likely be.  Had an issue with my watermark app.  Still not as it should be, but no more wasting time on it!!  Plenty of stuff going on here.  Girls dancing.  New appliances coming in.  AND lots of quilting!!  I will give you a hint...all the quilts are flannel. :-)  If you have been following Lisa Bongean's blog or Primitive Gatherings website,  then you get what I am laying down here.

I quilted this a while back...remember I am a slow blogger.  Short and Sweet is a beautiful little quilt designed by Kim Diehl from her book Simple Charm.  I have loved this quilt from the first second I bought the book!  I actually texted a photo of it to Lisa and mentioned that is would be a great kit for them to do.  Wool and reproductions...what's not to love??  Imagine my excitement when I got the shop sample to quilt!!
Feathers and curved crosshatching for the quilting.  Simple yet elegant.
I love all the wool petals.
This would be a great quilt to do a charm, wool or 9 patch swap with friends.
 I decided after quilting some of the border design.  It might have even more visual appeal if I filled in a basket weave design.
Yep, love it! :-)
Of course, you can never go wrong with feathers.
 The quilting showed up beautifully on the backing.
When this top first arrived at my home, it was before Christmas.  I pretended it was mine and took a few photos of it modeling in my home. :-)
Pretty sure this is going on my long list of projects I want to make.  Specifics on the quilt...all So Fine Threads.  Dream Blend for the batting.  Primitive Gatherings has full kits, the book, wool kits...many options for this great little quilt here.

Back to work! :-)