September 1, 2013

So I am pretty sure I am on a basket kick!  I could not resist Carrie Nelson's new Schnibbles pattern, Canasta (available here) after I saw it was the choice for the August Schnibbles Parade hosted by Sherri and Sinta! Carrie's pattern offers two sizes, I opted for the smaller version.  I thought it would be a wonderful quilt for some reproduction reds.  I have been longing to make a 2 color quilt for some time and Canasta fit the bill.
I love the old fashioned look of it! There is a scrappy inner border option.  I have not yet decided on it or if I will just finish it with a red binding.
I used a variety of reds from my stash with the same shirting fabric for the background.
I love it!  Not sure how I will quilt it eventually.  It will make a wonderful year around quilt.  Another genius design from Carrie. :-)
Remember in my last post I mentioned that Kristin and I were headed Friday night to the Michigan State Football game??  First, we had the best time!  However, we missed the memo on a strong possibility of severe weather. :-) 
 We started out with a beautiful evening for football.
Then the skies turned to this...
No joke.  A red sky.  Eerie.  Calm before the storm. 
 From soaked to SOAKED!!!  LOL!!! 
The stadium was evacuated.   We sat and waited for the exits to clear.  No sense in standing and waiting.  Then they made the announcement that they were allowing fans back and the game would resume at 10 PM.  Perfect...we never left!!!  We figured we were already soaked...just sit and enjoy!!!  Hard core fans!!!!  Or just plain crazy???  Our clothes were still wet the next day.


  1. Your two color basket quilt is adorable. I've never done a two color but have wanted to. Yes, you two are die hard football fans! Amazing sky.

  2. Another pretty basket quilt. I love the red/white combination.

  3. Wow, you are a hardcore fan! I am a grad of MSU ('80) but have not been back to a game due to living on the East Coast. I've been to the campus a few times but always in the summer.

    Anyway, I love your version of Canasta! I need to make this pattern, just did not have time for this month's "parade."

  4. You are definitely a hardcore fan! Even my son is an MSU student ran for the hills (and got drenched on the way to the apartment)!!

    I love your basket quilt!! Reds are always a favorite of mine.

  5. That is a beautiful quilt and I can't wait to see how you quilt it.
    It looks like you had a lot of fun and made the best of a rainy day.


  6. I would not look that good soaking wet as you two did. I love red and white quilts. Your quilt is so cute!

  7. Love this one and your mini basket quilt(cakestand).
    It's so nice to have you back! I missed seeing your spectacular quilting! You do look enviably good for someone soaking wet!! The flannel quilts you have been quilting are fabulous, the flannel really seems to make your quilting pop!

  8. Such a cute quilt! And you are true fans, admire your staying power!

  9. I love Canasta in the scrappy reds! Mine is done in blue prints. I hope you get a chance to quilt it soon--I need some ideas to"borrow"--lol!

  10. I love how the two colors really show off the quilt pattern, Linda! You and Kristen are a hoot! I'm so glad you waited out the storm and had a great time!

  11. Love the crispness of your red and white Canasta! That was one ugly looking sky... you are a devoted fan!

  12. I vote for red binding! No matter what color binding you choose it looks great :-)

  13. Your basket 2 color red quilt is very traditional. I like it. My question is "How in the world do you manage to look so cute even when you are soaked? You look like a cover girl modeling a hoodie. BTW, did your team win??

  14. I love this quilt! One of my favorites for sure. And love that you're such a die hard fan!


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