Anchor Point

January 30, 2015

I am back. Hopefully, I haven't returned to the sounds of crickets chirping and there are a few of you left out there. :-) I took kind of an unplanned break, but if you have followed along on Instagram, you may have seen a little of what has kept me busy the last few months. The problem with being away for so long is that I am always so overwhelmed on where to start sharing again.  There's always soooo much to share!  Grab a cup of coffee NOW.  Lots to share and lots of photos!

First, if you'll notice in the Nav Bar at the top of my blog there is a "SHOP" tab and there is also a shop button along the side too! Don't worry they both take you to the same place.  Yes, there is now The Quilted Pineapple Shop. Guess what's there??  MY very own templates for use on domestic machines, as well as longarms!!!!  After years of making my own or wanting something different than what I had, I designed my own!!!  I had them a good portion of last year, but wanted to test them out and make sure they were perfect.  I used them on every single quilt I quilted for Lisa Bongean for Fall Market.  I posted them on Instagram first, mostly because it was so easy.  I planned on posting them here immediately after, but they were selling faster than I could post them.  A nice problem to have, but nonetheless a problem. :-)  It has brought me incredible joy to see the gorgeous quilt designs other talented quilters have quilted with them.  I will be posting many more posts in the days to come with the templates.  They ARE available now!  The Set is available at a special introductory price.  FREE SHIPPING on all orders to U.S. addresses.  International shipping available.  It has been beyond cool to see all the places around the world I have shipped them to!  New Zealand I believe has been the furthest. :-)  TEMPLATES ARE BACK IN STOCK!!

Now for the real eye candy.  Anchor Point is another amazing design by Lisa Bongean.  Anchor Point is pieced from her fabric line, Lakeside Gatherings available here.  I quilted two of the versions, but we will start with the king size today.
It is big, bold and beautiful!  Around 102"x102".  The quilt designs are also big, bold and graphic to complement the quilt.
Hubby stood on our counter stool to capture the whole quilt.
And yes, your eyes are seeing it perfectly correct, no feathers!
 Repeating shapes and designs gives the quilt continuity.  I always try to draw inspiration from the top itself. 
The star points are the inspiration for many of the designs.
 The prints and wovens in the fabric line helped inspire this crosshatch design.  I love it when a quilt speaks to me. :-)
 By far this quilt is one of my favorites I have ever quilted.  Lisa talked Anchor Point here.
Lisa had mentioned that she would love for me to quilt our initials into one of "our" quilts and was hoping I could in this quilt. 
Worked out so perfectly on the anchor that it was like it was meant to be!! :-)
*Above photo from Lisa's blog.  Quilts are so much more than just fabric or threads...or blankets.  I know I have mentioned that before, there's an emotional connection I feel for every quilt I quilt.  Many quilters feel the same way.  Some days quilting is a vehicle for me to express my emotions as well.  Whether it is love, friendship, loss, happiness or all of those things in one. 
 I had a little surprise for Lisa, something extra special for her. Once you see it, it's easy to see.  I quilted "Lance" into the center of the anchor. 
Sometimes quilts help us all in the healing process.
 The border design was inspired by the anchor shape!!  Again, using motifs and shapes from the quilt top.  I used my #20 QP Curve Template to create the design.

All quilting is freehand.  That's why not all my circles and lines are perfect. :-)  I used my straight ruler, #20 and #8 QP Curve Templates on the quilt.  Batting is Quilter's Dream Orients with a layer of Hobbs 80/20 over the top.  Threads are all So Fine by Superior Threads.

Before quilting.
I have mentioned before sometimes I make notes. I made some before I left to teach in Canada while quilting this.  I will be posting all about that too!!!  Anyways,  I realized I needed to crack a code to decipher my own notes when I returned! LOL!!!  It's a miracle, but eventually I figured it out. #rosettastone

 Did you hear Primitive Gatherings opened a second location in California??  How exciting!  I hope I can visit there tomorrow after the snow storm we had!!! :-)


  1. Love!!! Magic quilting! Gosh I would love you to make a video of you using your new rulers.

  2. I remember when Lisa posted about this quilt and how thrilled she was with your quilting--the details of your initials and Lances name, especially seemed to bring her joy.
    You have created another quilted masterpiece, as usual. Absolutely perfect!
    I look forward to seeing the videos of how to use the rulers.

  3. Your quilting really brought this quilt to life. But then that's part of your magic. So sweet of you to quilt in Lance's name, that makes this quilt priceless for Lisa. Congrats on the templates. Can't wait to get mine.

  4. Stunning quilt! Your work is truly amazing and just spectacular!!! A one of a kind masterpiece for sure!!

  5. This is just beautiful Linda - in more ways than one. Thanks so much for the inspiration...

  6. Your quilting is totally amazon on the quilts, love the details, really unique and makes them, more special.


  7. Absolutely beautiful as always. Love how you added both your initials and Lance's name. What an awesome keepsake for Lisa!

    1. Thanks so much, Gloria! Yes, it really turned out to be a special quilt. :-)

  8. Your quilting is absolutely amazing! I hope someday I can have you quilt a project for me!

    Stay warm! And enjoy that retreat :)

  9. Beautiful, Linda. It's a good feeling to quilt in a forever memory. I can't wait to use your rulers on my next quilt.

  10. Wooo Hooo! She's back!! and so worth waiting patiently for.
    Fabulous quilting, as usual. You are an absolute inspiration!
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. What a beautiful quilt the two of you have made!!! The quilting is fabulous!!! I love my QP rulers and look for ways to use them in every quilt!!!

  12. Beautiful quilting, as always! Curved cross hatching makes me happy!

  13. Linda
    You did a spectacular job of quilting this quilt!!! (Like you always do :) )

  14. Every bit is absolutely stunning!

  15. The quilting really makes this quilt - love it!!!

  16. Absolutely gorgeous! You are so talented.

  17. So, so gorgeous! The quilting has a modern touch in its sharpness, that works so well for this quilt, which is also a bit modern in its boldness. And love the idea of those initials!Q

  18. So Pretty AMAZING!!!! I am glad to see your notes are like mine. I look at them and think WHAT!!! Lots of pics helps a lot

  19. Oh wow. And more wow. It is absolutely gorgeous. And congrats on the new shop. That is so exciting.

  20. What a beautiful quilt! The quilting truly compliments the piecing.

  21. Always love your work and how you incorporate the ruler work with it. Now to save up for your rulers, now that I have a better machine for ruler work.


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