Moda Stitch Pink Blocks 6 and 7

October 7, 2020

 Hard to believe we are already a week into October. The Stitch Pink Sew-A-Long has kept me accountable on posting regularly, which I think has helped the week go by super fast. I have to admit writing these posts is like visitng an old friend. I have really enjoyed reconneting with fellow bloggers too. :-)

Block 6 - Baby Boom. Directions here

It is a boom of half square triangles! Even though these HSTs are an oddish size, I still used triangle papers to piece them, oversized at 3"and then trimmed them to the correct size. I find I can batch produce them with triangle paper and size them down faster than other methods. Most importantly they are accurate as well. As I have mentioned many times over the years, I starch my fabric heavily prior to cutting. I think it makes a huge difference in having nice crisp points. I press to the dark in many places, but in order to reduce bulk, I will press seams open where the HSTs come together. I love this block. I think it just sparkles.

Block 7- Jersey Girl. Directions here 

 I refer to this block as Slaying the Dresden! As I was kind of dreading the appliqué, but honestly this block was so simple to stitch that I am not sure why I was dreading it to begin with. I stitched while visiting Lisa in Wisconsin. I just followed the directions and it went together like butter. I opted to machine applique it down. I did it on one of Lisa's Juki's. Just a plain old straight stitch to topshitch with monofilament thread. I folded my background fabric in quarters to center the Dresden as best as I could, but I eyeballed it for the most part.

Such a pretty pile of blocks. 

And some more Fall decorating. 
The antique basket quilt is one of my favorites from my collection.

I hope you are joining in on Stitch Pink. 


  1. Your fall decorating is absolutely beautiful! What a lovely collection to see.

  2. Your fall decorating is absolutely beautiful! What a lovely collection to see.

  3. Your blocks are really coming out great and love the Dredsen...and here you worried about looks perfect! This is going to be a beautiful top and can't wait to see all these blocks set them!!!

  4. Beautiful blocks and the fabric is really pretty.

  5. Your gathering of blocks is very pretty.
    Applique is not my thing, either, but I have done a mini Dresden, and it wasn't as bad as I expected.

  6. Both of these blocks are knock out stunning. So pretty.


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