Happy New Year!

December 31, 2012

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2013!

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Merry Christmas Quilt

December 27, 2012

Hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Christmas!!  We did!  All spent with family.  On the 23rd we traveled to my in-laws' for the night and returned home Christmas Eve night.  My dad and my sister AND of course Sarge made the trip too! :-)  I feel so fortunate to have such a close, loving family to spend this wonderful time with.

Since it is Christmas, what better time to share "Merry Christmas Quilt" by Heart To Hand.  This version was a BOM pieced and appliqued by Lisa Bongean for Primitive Gatherings available here.  I believe Lisa mentioned that they may run it again as a BOM.  I love this version!!!  I warn you there are 41 photos up ahead!!!  Lots of angles and shots of every block.  The reason...2 photographers...2 perspectives!!  We have a new camera and so we had to "play" with it a bit.  :-)  I have to admit, Scott did a great job.  I will let the photos do most of the "talking."  Some details first...14 thread changes!!!  All So Fine by Superior.  2 layers of batting...Dream Green with a layer of Hobbs 80/20 in black over it.  ENJOY!
Lots of ruler work in the border.  I did pre-mark the light gray inner border to make sure my diagonal lines were pretty consistent and the number of the came out equal around the quilt.  I detest pre-marking but it was worth the work!!
 I (or Scott did :-)) took photos of each block.

I used lots of different fillers.  I blended the background fillers to just flow continuously into the next block.  Lots of feathers!!!!!  I really wanted the feathers to vine and "grow" throughout the quilt.  All different sizes and shapes of feathers.  No uniformity.  Just like they were growing across the quilt.
Santa is one of my favorite blocks.  His beard looks pretty cool!!

Tired of photos yet??  Good!  Cuz we there are lots more!! LOL!!!  I love to see tons of photos.  Especially when it comes to quilting, so that is why I show so many.  There may be others of you just like me out there. :-)
 There is a mixture of fillers...some meandering, snowballs...swirls.  Some nice winter weather.
 A nice little feather wreath above the door.  And some smoke coming out of the chimney.  Fun details!

A feather tree.
The last, but not least...
I always receive a few questions inquiring about quilting on wool with the longarm.  I always quilt on the wool applique!!  No issues at all with needles breaking or skipped stitches.  This quilt was very thick in areas.  My advice to just take it slowly.  I was kind of scared of it at first too, but the more I quilt on wool the more I love the look, texture and character it gives the quilt.
 You can see in this photo only one leaf is quilted so far.  There is a huge difference from the non-quilted leaves.  I think it looks so much better with the quilting.

I chose to quilt the borders and outline all the appliques first.  Then once I got to the bottom of the quilt, I worked from the bottom back up quilting the background fill.  To make sure my quilt did not distort in any way, I basted the background, around the appliques if there was space larger than the size of my hand.
You can see my basting stitches in the upper area of the photo.  The background fill is all very random.  I would draw out a winding spine with chalk and then fill.  I just figured it out as I went.  Fingers crossed that it looked good.   When I finally laid the quilt out and saw the whole thing...I was like "wow" turned out okay. :-)

The back of the quilt was pretty cool too!!
Well, I hope you enjoyed the film!!! LOL!!!  Hope this helps explain my process.  I am not saying its the right way or only way, it is just the way I did it.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our family to yours!

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all joys and happiness during this Christmas.

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A Thankful Heart

November 28, 2012

I have been a busy little bee here!!  So much keeping me busy lately that it has been difficult to get back into my normal routine!!  I promise to post more on Houston.  Before I share other stuff, I will give another little peek.  Another Swoon quilt, a design by Camille Roskelley!  Maybe I should change my name to The Quilted Swoon?? LOL!  All Swoons have been different and this one is no exception...a reproduction Swoon done Primitive Gatherings style!!!
 Here it is hanging in the Primitive Gatherings Booth!!!  Oh is it ever beautiful!!  Another pic as I quilted beautiful, flowing feathers.  All freehand.  I had sooooooooo many questions in Houston regarding the quilting on Swoon.  Many wanting to know the name of the pantograph I used!!! :-) Just the pantograph in my head.  LOL!  Lots more pics of this quilt to come.  Oh and if you love this quilt, Primitive Gatherings has it kitted just like this here.
 I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
  We sure did!!!  All our families came to our home for the holiday.  Unfortunately, Scott and I had to spend some time out of town prior for a funeral.  His uncle, a Vietnam Veteran lost his battle to pancreatic cancer much sooner than expected.  It made us all especially thankful and appreciative this Thanksgiving.
It also gave what the girls did the Friday after Thanksgiving even more meaning.  They cut and donated their hair!!!!
My heart just swells every time I think about it.  Elaina went first.  Naturally, she is older by 1 minute. :-)

Look at that joyful smile!!  Alyssa went through the same process.

Both were so incredibly happy.  I cried happy tears.  Not because they cut their hair, but because they were so selfless and delighted to do it. 

 Not one reservation about their new hair!  They have been growing their hair since the third grade for this moment.  I worried deep down that they may have some regrets, but no.  I am so proud.
Elaina cannot get over running her hands through her hair and it not being there!!! LOL!!

There are some really wonderful charities to donate hair to.  We chose Children With Hair Loss here.  They are an amazing nonprofit based in Michigan.  They NEVER charge families for wigs.  Some charities do based on income.  CWHL works with children 21 and under for ALL types of hair loss, not just cancer related loss.  The girls dedicated their donation to our Uncle Greg and my dearest friend, Patti.  I know I have mentioned her before.  She is a quilter too. :-)  Patti is a THREE time cancer survivor!!  Her 3rd time was just this last summer.  I never shared it on my blog because it was so raw.  Needless to say when I was taking her to her appointments at the University of Michigan last summer...we hit some quilt shops too!! :-)

I promise more quilty posts!!!!