Moda Stitch Pink Blocks 23-26

October 26, 2020

 Just a few blocks more to go until the big reveal! 

Block 23 - Fixer Upper. Is one of my favorite blocks. I could have a whole quilt comprised of just this block! A simple block to piece, but is a bit more time consuming sewing each log. Pre-starching made the skinnier pieces much easier to work with. Directions for Block 23 here.

Then  Block 24 - Pine Nut happened and that became my new favorite block. 

I think I will refer to this block as scrappy cranberry delight! Yummy! I love to use up all those little leftover pieces. I could not be happier with how my block turned out. Again, I used the Folded Corners Ruler from Antler Quilt Designs that I referred to in a previous post to help me piece this block. It is a wonderful tool to have in your sewing toolbox. Directions for Block 24 here.

Block 25 - Weathervane. 

From little pieces to big pieces. It was a fun change of pace! Half-triangle papers as well as the Folded Corner Ruler helped out on this block. I love to use my tried and true little helpers to ensure I piece an accurate block in the easiest way possible. :-) Directions for Block 25 here.

Block 26 - City Girl

Oh how I love that stripped outer border! I feel it sets it off beautifully! I also love the variety of backgrounds I used in this block. A simplier block that I could showcase all those beautiful background prints. Having fun with the backgrounds really helped a simple block stand out.  Directions for Block 26 here.

My studio tree is decorated for fall. Just some orange glass ornaments and pinecones. Simple and works for October and November. 

I have very much enjoyed decorating for the season this year. Maybe it is because I am home more than I typically am this year....we all are. :-) 

Moda Stitch Pink Round Up - Blocks 17-22

October 22, 2020

 We are so close to the finish of this gorgeous quilt. Are you All stitching along too? I think it has made the month go by so quickly. I was not diligent about taking progress photos, but I love the first five blocks together. 

I like red and white quilts, if you could not already tell.  

Block 17 - Casablanca. 

Simple, yet so striking. It went together easily and quickly, which is always a nice change of pace from matching oodles of seams. I always think of the film "When Harry Met Sally" when I hear Casablanca. One of my all time favorite movies! I could recite every word from memory. Do you have any movies you love like that? Directions for Block 17 here.

Block 18 - Catch A Falling Star. 

I love Sawtooth Star blocks. The more the merrier! Four in this block. I made a scrappy version. I really love how it turned out! I am always happy to use up leftover pieces and scraps. Once again, I relied on the Creative Grids Flying Geese ruler to help me out. Block 18 directions here.

Block 19 - Tropicana 

Another beautiful applique block. But really makes it stand out is the pieced, striped background. I could not be happier with how it turned out. Love the contrast from the petals. I used interfacing sewn on the rightside of the fabric,  then turned it out and straight stiched with my sewing machine close to the edge.
That way the edges were not left raw.  It gives the edges a nice, clean finish and I did not have to hand applique. :-) Block 19 directions here.

Block 20 - Blow Me A Kiss! 

A simple block, but a bit more time consuming. I love this version of a Log cabin/Courthouse Steps block. I just took my time sewing each "log" on. Again, I went with a more scrappier version. Block 20 directions here.

Block 21 - Celebrity 

Another favorite! Such a beautiful block! I used triangle papers for the HSTs and the same Flying Geese Ruler to help piece my block. All the instructions are clear and easy to follow...I just love using these aids to help with ease and accuracy. Block 21 directions here.

Block 22 - Something Special 

I just love basket blocks. I have never met one I did not love! And this is no exception. I could have made a whole quilt with this block.  Again, I think the variety in backgrounds adds to the visual interest. Triangle papers were a huge help in making this block go together quickly with ease. Block 22 directions here.

Fall is here. The leaves are turning more and more each day. It is such a gorgeous time of year. 

I enjoy the view from my studio until... I think of all the leaves that we need to clean up.

Moda Stitch Pink Roundup Blocks 8-16

October 16, 2020

 We are halfway through Stitch Pink already! Are you keeping up? 

I have been posting my blocks daily on Instagram here, as well as my Facebook Page here if you would like a daily post on blocks.

Block 8 - Fly Away Home

There was a time that I swore off all blocks and quilts with Flying Geese! It is amazing what a little practice and patience will help you overcome because now I love Flying Geese. I used the Creative Grids Flying Geese ruler. Directions for Block 8 here.

Block 9 - Breaking Rules 

Simple, yet so striking. Stitched up super quick. Directions for Block 9 here.

Block 10 - Helen 

I love this block so much! I think it looks like little crowns surrounding the sawtooth star in the center. Again, I relied on the Creative Grids Flying Geese ruler to make my flying geese. Directions for Block 10 here.

Block 11 - Five and Nine 

Nothing better than a good old reliable Nine Patch. Another Favorite!! Some of my favorite quilts are ones that are only composed of Nine Patch blocks. Simple and beautiful! Directions for Block 11 here.

Block 12 - House on the Hill 

Fabric placement definitely made a difference in this block. I think the roof fabric makes the block. Perfect for a shingled roof. The block went together with ease. Perfect instructions. I know some house blocks have tricky or odd sizes when it comes to stitching the roof, but not the case here. Directions for Block 12 here.

Block 13 - Rock and Roll 

I think I love each block more than the last block. So much to love. Another example of the impact of fabric placement. Stripes with the contrast of the background print make a huge visual impact. LOVE. Directions for Block 13 here.

Block 14 - Along Comes Mary 

All the triangles. Starch is a huge help with this one. I starch all my fabric prior to cutting and then steam press. Helps the fabric have a bit of body, helping with those stretchy bias edges. I worried this would be too bold in my fabric choices, but once laid out with the others it looks great with the House on the Hill block. Directions for Block 14 here.

Block 15 - Tweet Tweet 
ALL the half-square triangles! I used Primitive Gatherings Triangle Paper to help this block stitch up super fast! For the most part, I press seams to the dark or to one side, but when sewing the rows together, I pressed seams open. Steam is your friend! Dirctions for Block 15 here.

Block 16 - Just Call Me Diva 
I think I used 3 different backgrounds on this block. One thing about sewing up sampler quilts, you end up with a ton of smaller pieces. I love to use those pieces up, so I will mix them into my blocks. 
I used the the Simple Folded Corners Ruler by Antler Quilt Designs here. Wow, is this an awesome ruler to have! No drawing lines first across squares and then stitching and trimming to get those triangles on the ends of the rectangle pieces. Genius. You'll wonder how you managed without it. 
Line the ruler up on the 1/4" line from corner to corner and cut along ruler edge.
Then Stitch from corner to corner.
Perfect and accurate! And so much faster than drawing the line first. Directions for Block 16 here.

Well, that catches us up on blocks! Hope you all made until the end of this post. :-) It is fall harvest time. 

My friend Patti dropped off a bunch of butternut squash. So far I have made butternut bacon and onion hash with eggs on top and roasted butternut soup. YUM!

Moda Stitch Pink Blocks 6 and 7

October 7, 2020

 Hard to believe we are already a week into October. The Stitch Pink Sew-A-Long has kept me accountable on posting regularly, which I think has helped the week go by super fast. I have to admit writing these posts is like visitng an old friend. I have really enjoyed reconneting with fellow bloggers too. :-)

Block 6 - Baby Boom. Directions here

It is a boom of half square triangles! Even though these HSTs are an oddish size, I still used triangle papers to piece them, oversized at 3"and then trimmed them to the correct size. I find I can batch produce them with triangle paper and size them down faster than other methods. Most importantly they are accurate as well. As I have mentioned many times over the years, I starch my fabric heavily prior to cutting. I think it makes a huge difference in having nice crisp points. I press to the dark in many places, but in order to reduce bulk, I will press seams open where the HSTs come together. I love this block. I think it just sparkles.

Block 7- Jersey Girl. Directions here 

 I refer to this block as Slaying the Dresden! As I was kind of dreading the appliqué, but honestly this block was so simple to stitch that I am not sure why I was dreading it to begin with. I stitched while visiting Lisa in Wisconsin. I just followed the directions and it went together like butter. I opted to machine applique it down. I did it on one of Lisa's Juki's. Just a plain old straight stitch to topshitch with monofilament thread. I folded my background fabric in quarters to center the Dresden as best as I could, but I eyeballed it for the most part.

Such a pretty pile of blocks. 

And some more Fall decorating. 
The antique basket quilt is one of my favorites from my collection.

I hope you are joining in on Stitch Pink. 

Moda Stitch Pink Blocks 3, 4 and 5 - More Fall Decor

October 5, 2020

 Sure feels like a Monday. Wow. I got up at 5:30 this morning, yet I still feel like I have not gotten anything done.  Yet, I have. As per normal, I need about 4 more hours in a day to get all the things I need to done. Sound familar?

Block 3 - Monkeying Around.

What a fun and fast block to stitch! Again, if you're just reading this I am using Redwork Gatherings from Primitive Gatherings available here. I am using a wide variety of backgrounds from the line. Directions to Block 3 here

Block 4 - Flower Power.

I love this version of a Carolina Lily Block. One of my favorites! Directions for Block 4 here. Although while I was visiting Lisa Bongean, her son Jake thought it looked like a Dragonfly. LOL!! Now that is all I see too! TIP: If I am making several HSTs for a block, I tend to prefer to use Primitive Gatherings' triangle paper, especially if they are on the smallish side. That tends to be most accurate and fastest for me.

Triangle Paper Available here

Block 5 - Best Friends 

Best quilty friends like Lisa and I. :-)
I love each block more than the last! On this block, I used a variety of backgrounds. This block consists of several Flying Geese. Another tip of mine...I tend to like to use a specialty ruler for making Flying Geese. I make them a bit oversized and trim them down to the perfect size. Accuracy is important to me, so the extra step of trimming is no biggie. I love the Bloc-Loc rulers for larger HSTs AND  was also using them for Flying Geese. However, recently I tried the Flying Geese ruler from Creative Grids and found that I LOVED it...maybe even more than the Bloc-Loc. Sometimes, I think I push too hard on the Bloc-Loc ruler and tend to stretch my fabric a bit and then when I trim, I end up making my block a smidge smaller than intended. I do not seem to do that with the Creative Grid ruler. 
Directions for Block 5 here.

I love all things pumpkins! Scott says we are at capacity regarding pumpkins...turns out he does not believe we are as twice, yes TWICE he has brought home more pumpkins! I sent him to our local Family Dollar for canned pumpkin, but he came home with these darling pumpkins and I had the perfect spot for them on the bottom of my tiered rack. 

2 white ones and one orange. $3 a piece and they are cinnamon scented...good deal! I picked up a set of these white pumpkins at Home Depot for $50. 
I love them! The quality is amazing. You can stack them or display them individually. The small, top pumpkin is weighted to keep them from falling over. So when Scott was out and about, I asked he to pick up another set, as I loved them so much. 
I like to mix faux with real pumpkins. I just need to add mums, but those require watering and by October...I am done tending to flowers. :-)

I hope you're all stitching along with me.

Moda Stitch Pink Block 2 and Fall Decorating

October 2, 2020

And just like that Fall is in the air here in Michigan. Have you started decorating for Fall yet? I have a confession...I had pumpkins out by the end of August. It is my favorite season! 

Moda Stitch Pink Block 2, On the Rise.
Directions here
Block 1 and 2. I love these so much! It is going to be a gorgeous quilt. Again I am using all fabric from Redwork Gatherings available here I posted a ton of details in my previous post.

I have pumpkins sprinkled throught the house. Fall quilts are on display as well. Although, I realized I need way more Fall quilts. I mean "I have too many quilts." Said no quilter EVER! :-)
Plaid Pumpkins runner. I am thinking I need a lap quilt size too! Pattern is from Center Street Quilts available here I quilted it with an edge to edge design on my Innova. Did you know you can send me quilts for edge to edge quilting? Fast turnaround and very affordable at .02 a square inch and free return shipping. Info here Feel free to contact me.  I would love to finish your treasures.Christmas is right around the corner...yikes.  
I picked this tiered serving stand at Was-Mart yesterday for $15. Great find! I measured it in store to see if a pie plate would fit and it does. Perfect for holiday entertaining.
Morning sun is my favorite.
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend. I will do a recap of the next few blocks on Monday on my blog. However, I will be posting them daily on my Instagram here Be sure to follow me there.