Oh My Gosh...Omigosh...Quilt

April 13, 2012

Oh my gosh...is right.  Lots-O-quilting going on here.  The girls have been teasing me that I am like a vampire.  I am always down in the studio.  I never go out in the sunlight.  And I stay up all night.  They affectionately call me Edward (Twilight).  LOL!!  With all this quilting and such going on, it has left little time for piecing.  I do really well for a while.  Taking 10 minutes here and there to piece, but I have totally been slacking there.  I need to get back to it because it is so therapeutic.  I keep hoping to jump in on Another Year of Schnibbles.  Each month I pick out my charms or start one, but that is as far as I get.
I have little Schnibbles Work In Progress piles!!  Looks like Carrie Nelson is coming out with a bunch of new Schnibbles and full size quilt patterns.  How exciting!!  She gave a few peeks on her blog.  Actually, one of the quilts looks very very familiar.  :-)

Speaking of oh my gosh... Omigosh...

 This is JoAnne's gorgeous version!!!  The pattern is Omigosh by Sue Garman.  There is a whole LOT-O-PIECING in this quilt!!
JoAnne has a great blog, The Patriotic Quilter, but for those of you not familiar, I'll give you a little background info.  JoAnne and her husband live in Hawaii.  Her husband is in the military.  They will be moving back to the Continental US this year.  I was discussing quilting options with Scott and telling him about JoAnne.  He said, "maybe you could quilt a pineapple on the quilt some how."  I loved the idea of making this an extra special "Hawaiian" quilt.  A little homage to JoAnne's time in Hawaii.  It was all Scott's genius idea.
 Scott even made me a pineapple template!!
The curved ruler is a Fine Line Quilter's Ruler by Accents in Designs.  LOVE that ruler!!!
I love how it turned out!!!  Feathers...pineapples...swirls...what's not to love??  :-)

JoAnne's piecing was even phenomenal on the backing!  
She matched the print up perfectly!!
I think the backing has a very tropical Hawaiian theme too.
Specifics...I used Dream Wool batting.  Threads were Isacord and Glide.
Here is a before pic from when I posted about meeting JoAnne in person here.
Here you can see just how small the pieces are in this quilt...hence Omigosh!!  That is a dime!!
Whew!!  That is a lot of photos!!  I had to make up for being a slacker blogger lately.  :-)  Hope everyone has a great weekend!!