Mini Winter Blessings

October 30, 2012

I arrived for the last day of Market and all I can say is "wow!" There was sooooo much to see!! Honestly, it was overwhelming! It was hard to remember to take photos!! I will post tidbits daily. :-)

Now onto Mini Winter Blessings. This sweet, little quilt finishes at 30" x 34". It is a mini version of Winter Blessings. I LOVE this version!! I used the thickest weight of Dream Cotton batting on this version. It gives the appearance of a double batt. Really giving a lot of dimension to the snowmen and quilting! I actually quilted this one first. It is similarly quilted to the larger version. I quilted a different style feather in the outer border and a different design in the inner border. The blocks, again have their own quilting, similar to the large version of the quilt. Lots of photos!!! I am pretty sure they are not going to appear in order because Bogger App is a pain!!! Enjoy!!! Look for more posts!!

And More Winter Blessings

October 29, 2012

Can you believe I am texting and surfing the Internet while in-flight??? I paid $8 for Internet. What a deal!!! This is my third post this morning. If you scroll down, you can see more regarding the quilt, Winter Blessings. I am using the Blogger App, so all my photos post at the end of the post.

Specifics on the quilt...I double batted to really make the appliqué, piecing and quilting pop. I used a layer of Hobbs 80/20 over Dream Blend. Yes, I quilted on the Snowmen (Paulette :--)).. That really gives the snowmen dimension and life. I never have issues longarming on wool. The threads are a Navy thread from Connecting Threads. It is comparable to So Fine by Superior. It quilted beautifully!!!! I did not use So Fine because their Navy was not dark enough. The Connecting Threads thread was Perfect!

I even quilted Lisa's initials into the quilt. It was a little surprise for her. She noticed it immediately. And loved it. :-)

The quilting looked gorgeous from the back as well!!! The pattern is available to order from Primitive Gatherings online under the "new" tab. The fabric and kits, however will not be available until next spring. I have already received some emails inquiring. :-)

Stay tuned for more posts. :-)

More Photos of Winter Blessings

Ok, so it looks like my photos are going to upload but I have to do it through the Blogger App. Yuck-o!!!

More on Winter Blessings. I had a blast quilting this quilt!!! I quilted each snowman block differently.

Winter Blessings Post

So this my third attempt at posting!!! I am enroute to Houston!!! I have been up since 3:30 AM so my fuse is getting shorter by the second! Lol! I am going to try and share pics of Winter Blessings.

I will be in Houston for the last day of Market through Quilt Festival. I should have plenty to post about!!! :-) If I can get photos to upload!!

I gave a little peek in my last post of one of Lisa Bongean's new designs for Primitive Gatherings called Winter Blessings!!! A gorgeous wool appliqué quilt featuring Lisa's new line Snowman Gatherings for Moda. I actually quilted TWO versions of this quilt. A mini version and a big version. :-) I will post the mini one next. Not sure which one I love more??? Lol! Lisa made 2 copies of the "regular" version. One for the Moda booth and one for her booth. I quilted the one hanging in the Moda booth. It will go on tour with Moda for a few months. Pat, Lisa's other very talented longarm quilter, quilted the other. She did a beautiful job. It is fun to see how another quilter quilted the same quilt, but differently than the way I did. Enough writing...on to the good and lots of them!!!! I am having an issue uploading photos so I may need to break this up into different posts.

This is really a GORGEOUS quilt. It has great appeal for everyone, not just primitive lovers. Who doesn't love snowmen???

Stay tuned for lots more posts and photos. I plan on taking TONS of photos to share with all of you! :-)

Trying Blog Press and Market Quilt Sneak Peek!

October 27, 2012

Ok so I am trying out the Blog Press App for my phone. The Blogger App is 2 big thumbs down!!! So hopefully this will be a better option.

This is a little preview of the quilts I quilted for Lisa Bongean. The quilts are making their big premiere at Houston Quilt Market for Primitive Gatherings!!!!! :-)

If this mobile posting goes well...I will post more!!! :-)

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Go Tigers!!!

October 24, 2012

Watching the first game of the World Series tonight. Go Detroit Tigers!!!!! Watching from the comfort of my couch. :-)Trust me when I say this is about the first time I've just "chilled" on the couch in a long time!!!

It's been a busy month here. Posting on my blog just seems to fall further down on my to-do list every day. I have pretty much stayed away from the computer too. I have even been neglecting Pinterest. Gasp!!! Still loving Instagram though. It is so easy and fun!!!

Actually, this is "test" post via my phone. I am testing out my mobile blogging skills before Houston!!!! Yes, more on that to come. :-) Not sure how the photos will appear??? Not sure if I am going to like blogging via my phone.  I am trying the Blogger App on my phone.  Yuck so far.

I had to include something quilty. My Haunted Little Houses Runner is quilted, bound, washed AND tea dyed via Rit Tan Dye. It has been quilted for quite some time. Don't worry I will post more on that.

 This photo was taken last summer when we went to the Tigers' game on the Fourth of July.
I will be back with some more quilty posts soon.  Promise. :-)

Fall Table Toppers

October 5, 2012

Yes, fall is definitely in the air now.  Even though it is cooling down, I love how clear and sunny the sky is.  I can take cooler temps as long as the sun is shining. :-) So I thought I would give another peek at some of my fall decorating.
The stars really don't go there.  I just haven't decided on their permanent home yet. :-)  The pumpkin table topper is a quilt I posted all about here.  It was NOT quilted on my longarm.  I quilted it waaayyyyy before I had a longarm.  That was done on my regular sewing machine!!  It's a wonderful reminder of how much my skills have grown since then.
I picked the little primitive pumpkins up at Tracy's Primitive Creations.  One of my favorite little shops to hit while the girls are at dance!!  She does not have a website, but a facebook page here.
The pie safe.
Loving those wool apples!!!  I ordered those from Granny Trace Scraps & Squares on Etsy here.  She has some really cute wool creations!!  Now the quilt on the pie safe was supposed to be a completely different quilt.  I loved my Itty Bitty made from Old Glory fabric so much, that I wanted one for fall too.  A fall Itty Bitty.  How cute would that be??  Well, it sure would, but I couldn't get past how much I liked my little quilt at this point... :-)
And since it was the perfect size for on top of my pie can see where this story was going.  No Itty Bitty this time.
 Just some simple allover quilting.  The fabric is all Kansas Troubles for Moda.   I think the whole thing from start to finish took about 2 hours!!

All bound and washed!!  Another mini quilt to enjoy. :-)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Little Bite of Speck

October 1, 2012

October 1st!!!!  October is always my favorite month of the year.  It is a beautiful month in Michigan.  What better way to ring in my favorite month than with a little quilt...Speck!!  Speck is a new design from the collection called Little Bites by Carrie Nelson for Miss Rosie's Quilt Co available here.  Speck is also this month's quilt for the sew-a-long, Another Year of Schnibbles.  Little Bites use 2 1/2" precut squares.  Since I have been on a little quilt kick, I decided to make a mini version of Speck.
I used leftover pieces of Old Glory Gatherings from Primitive Gatherings from my Old Glory Itty Bitty here.  Then I added some reproduction fabric from my stash.  It is always a great feeling to use up fabric on hand.  My little version of Speck is around 14"x18" before the binding.
I love how it turned out.  You know I love anything patriotic, so this is right up my alley!
I almost left it without borders because I liked it so well.  The pattern was super easy to follow.  It went together very easily by following the pressing instructions given by Carrie.  One thing I want to add...I sized all my fabric with Magic Spray Sizing, including the 2 1/2" pieces before I cut them.  I always spray size fabric before I cut it.  I know Carrie usually likes to starch or size her fabrics too, so I emailed her and asked her if she did when piecing with the 2 1/2 charms as well and she said "yes."  That is the wonderful thing with Carrie's patterns using precuts, she always factors in any shrinkage you will get from pre-sizing/starching fabric.  Here is my little trick when using sizing...  I like to spray all my precuts or fabric generously.  I will let them dry down a bit and then iron them.  The fabric irons so much faster if you let it dry a little first. :-)  I like the body the sizing adds to the fabric.  Makes it super easy to handle for cutting.  Also my piecing is so much more accurate with pre-sized fabric.

Make sure you stop by Sinta's blog or Sherri's blog later today to see this month's parade of Speck quilts.