Camp Randall

April 16, 2013

New quilt to share!  This is my little break from quilting last night.  I had to dust the cobwebs off these photos before I posted them because I quilted this quilt last August!!   I am thinking the border fabric was not available yet and the pattern was not complete when I quilted it.   Maybe?  Anyways, it is "Camp Randall" by Lisa Bongean for Primitive Gatherings.  A re-created antique quilt, all scrappy and in reproduction fabric!!! Gorgeous.  I have to apologize for my photo quality.  I was having issues with the settings that day (operator error).  This was right after I dropped the camera in the garage.  Oops. :-)  Since I have purchased a fancy shmancy new one...haven't figured out how to use it yet.  That is one of my goals for this summer.  Be very prepared for lots of outdoorsy type photos.  Anyhoo...Camp Randall...
You know I love me some scrappy quilts!!! 
Another quilt I would have loved for LB to forget she sent me. 
Feathers always complement any quilt, but they really look nice on a reproduction quilt.
I love the name Camp Randall too.  A nice tribute to Wisconsin and I am not just talking about the Stadium the Badgers play in.  Camp Randall was a historical U.S. Army Training site in Madison WI, including training Union Soldiers during the Civil War. 
 I used So Fine Threads from Superior on the top and in the bobbin.  There are many thread options out there.  I use So Fine 99% of the time for several reasons.  First, Superior Threads makes an amazing product.  Living up to its name superior.  It is a fine, lint free thread.  It has a nice matte finish which is the perfect complement for all the reproduction quilts I quilt.  It IS my thread of choice.  The batting is a single layer of Dream Blend.  I debated on double batting this quilt.  I quilted this at a time when I was just starting to experiment with the practice.  I think double batting is a real asset when working with darker or busier reproduction fabric as far as the quilting is concerned.  Basically, it helps the quilting pop.  I received many questions regarding double batting and what I use, so I think I need to do a post on batting very soon. :-)

I believe there are some really nice kits of Camp Randall available on Primitive Gatherings Website here.  LB blogged about Camp Randall and the kit here.

I try to include in all my posts as much info regarding the quilt pattern and/or kits...where to buy..etc., if the info is available to me to provide.  Why do I include that info in my posts??? I receive a lot of emails regarding wanting to buy patterns or kits.  Or Pineapple templates, rulers...pineapple quilt patterns...just to name a few...advice on how to make a pineapple quilt...LOL!!  Funny because I personally have never pieced one!! I could definitely tell from the email that the individual wasn't so amused when I couldn't offer her any advice. :-)  Advice on longarm quilting, now we are talking!  I am more than happy to help if I can!!!  I guess with a name like The Quilted Pineapple, I should definitely have some advice on how to make a pineapple quilt!! :-)

Redville Quilt and More

April 8, 2013

Well, hello there strangers!!  Just busy living the dream here!!  Quilting is the name of the game.  I can't share all the quilts yet...but soon. :-)  When I wasn't quilting, I was Spring Breaking!  I took the girls to visit my mom in New Mexico for Spring Break.  It was an all girls' Spring Break.  Don't feel bad for Scott, Sarge and my dad....cuz I think they enjoyed the bachelor life for a week. :-)  It was our first trip to the Albuquerque.  We had a wonderful time!!! BUT I couldn't get Bugs Bunny and his "I should have taken a left turn at Albuquerque" out of my head!!  Especially since Paulette blogged about making a stop at Pismo Beach here!! LOL!!!  One of my all time favorite Bugs episodes!  You know the one...where he and Daffy end up inside the cave full of riches and the Genie.  "Here we are Pismo Beach!  All the clams you can eat!" know he should have taken a left turn at Albuquerque. :-)

I thought I would share some little finishes of my own from last year.  I have grown to love little quilts and whipped up a few simple ones when I had a couple of hours to myself.  Literally, with a couple of hours I pieced AND quilted 2 little quilts!!!
Redville.  I will explain later where the name comes from.  I am in LOVE with precut mini charms!!!  I used a single Candy Pack (2 1/2" precut charms) of Moda's Metropolitan Fair by Barbara Brackman and less than a fat quarter of Jo Morton for the border and binding.  It has been bound, washed and dried in this photo.  It finishes at around 18"x20" and the borders are around 3" finished.  I also double batted.  I cannot remember what combo of batting I used though!!!!  This is what happens when I wait 7 months to blog about it!!!  I know at the time I was experimenting with the look of different batting combos.
I love feathers!  Feathered border really dresses up an otherwise simple quilt.
The back.  Again, just a fatquarter I had in my stash.  I even have a little label and hanging sleeve on it!!!!  I was really on top of my game that day!!
Here is an inside photo.  The sun really makes the fabric take on a brighter red.
 Simple, yet effective quilting.  Well...feathers may be simple but ever so pleasing to the eye. :-)
Here is a before quilting pic.  I just freehanded the spine with white school chalk.  I also found the center on my borders and my binding allowance.  That way even though the spine is freehand, it has some balance.  This little beauty hangs in the mudroom.
 And no, I do not still have Christmas decor up.  These pics were taken in December. :-)
Surprisingly, that chalkboard is my favorite in the mudroom.  It was given to me by my very dear friend, Patti.  I had been in search for a chalkboard for the mudroom for some time (thank you Pinterest).  A place to keep messages and the girls' dance schedule.  This old chalkboard came from Patti's farm.  She says she remembers it even as a little girl hanging in one of the barns.
 It was where they would write cattle feeding or medicine schedules for the animals. At some point, the rope and the chalkboard part broke.  Patti brought it to me and thought I could swap the chalkboard part out and use it.  Well, upon close inspection and cleaning it, I realized the chalkboard was a solid piece of slate.  The back side was rough.  I asked Scott if he could "glue or something" it back together.  And he did!!!  I wanted to keep it as close to its original form as possible.  Hence there is a little piece missing and the broken rope is still attached.  Scott securely attached it to the wall cuz it weighs a ton.  As you can see, the girls like to leave little notes too. :-)  I feel very fortunate to have such a sentimental gift from my friend.

Oh the show isn't over yet!  Redville has a twin!  Greenville!  LOL.  Greenville is actually the original.
Greenville is named after a family vacation to the South, where we spent some time in Greenville South Carolina.  We took in some Civil War history while we were there.  Since I already had a Greenville, I thought Redville was only appropriate. :-)
The back.  I forgot to take pics of it all washed and bound before I sent it off on its travels.  You may see Greenville if you go to the Primitive Gatherings Booth at a show.  Greenville is on a national tour!!!  I spotted Greenville in Lisa's latest blog post here.  Primitive Gatherings has an amazing selection of reproduction precuts here.  Both quilts are a great examples of making a little quilt with some precuts and fabric.  A couple of hours later, you have an awesome mini quilt or 2!!

Back to work for me!!