Grandma's Bunnies

September 27, 2013

I have meaning to sit down and write this post for like 2 weeks!  I guess I will have to make it worth the wait!  That is code for "tons of photos."  Grandma's Bunnies is a quilt I did for my dear friend Rita.  Rita is one of my local clients and friend.  She was one of my very first customers.  :-)  Before I get to the eye candy, I want to get the specifics out of the way...Grandma's Bunnies is by Darcy Ashton.  Double layer of batting - Dream Blend with Dream Orient on top by Quilter's Dream Batting.  Monopoly monofilament and So Fine Threads, both from Superior Threads.  All quilting is freehand with rulers.  Lastly, Rita LOVED how her quilt turned out.  Thrilled!  I was pretty happy with it too. :-)
Quilts at the Marshall House (my LQS) has the pattern and they have a new Facebook page here.  Over the years, I have seen this quilt done several times and on display at the shop.  I wanted to come up with something different than what I had typically seen in the past with the quilting.  A lot of crosshatching mostly.  
 The borders are kind of narrow in relation to the blocks.  I wanted to make the most of the space with a design that would elegantly frame the quilt.  Naturally that design would include feathers.  All kinds of feathers in this quilt!  I love straight lines mixed with the curvy shape of the feathers.  Visual contrast creates awesome texture!
  Each of the 20 bunny blocks has its own design.  These are not shown in any special order.  I think I have them all pictured in some way or another.
Above is one of my favorites.  Bunny nibbling on some ferny feathers while a butterfly rests on them.
I did not pre-plan any of the designs.  No special process.  I "figured it out" as I went along.  I let each block "speak" to me as how it should be quilted.

I quilted on each bunny applique with Monopoly monofilament thread.  It is clear in color, making it a wonderful choice for applique.
Bunny in a garden arbor. :-)
 A little flower quilted in the background for the butterfly.
 Lots of swirly feather flowers quilted to look like lots of butterflies swirling around.
 This one reminds my friend Patti of an Easter Egg. :-)
 Curly feather filler.
 Cobble stone path and if you look closely there is a dragonfly quilted above the bunny. :-)
Some closeups.
And the back...may just be as beautiful as the front!
I could have posted a pic of each block from the back...but I didn't.
Sorry for the long post and ALL the photos.  Probably could have made this a mini-series, but was afraid I would not post again.  I want to thank Rita for giving me such a beautiful canvas to quilt.  Rita was so grateful for her quilt.  I cannot tell you how that makes me feel.  Seriously, I get a lump in my throat just thinking about it. 

One last thing....this is really cool!!!  My good friend Karen Of "...laugh yourself into Stitches" has just published some of her original designs!!!  It is so exciting!!  She is UBER talented!!!  Her patterns are available on Craftsy here.   I purchased her first pattern Pumpkin Spice.  I cannot wait to make it!!!  Then Karen gifted me the pattern for CandyCorn Pumpkins and CandyCorn Pinwheels.  Same pattern makes 2 runners!!!!  You know I love me some runners!!  Karen is having a giveaway this weekend on her blog here.  She is giving away several patterns!!!  Stop over and take a look!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Summer Blooms, Primitive Gatherings 2013 Summer Freebie and 2012 Summer Pieced Block of the Week

September 4, 2013

Yes, 3 posts in 6 days!  I know it is hard to believe!!  I have not posted that much in 3 months.  And yes, it is ridiculous.

Summer Blooms is/was Primitive Gatherings Freebie Quilt for Summer 2013.  Every summer PG offers a block of the week (wool applique or a pieced quilt).  When you participate you also receive a free block to make a freebie quilt or you receive the block with a qualifying  purchase every week.  This year the blocks finished at 4".  Many of you participated, so I am sure you would like to see how the sample is quilted.  Boy, oh boy, it is one beautiful quilt!
 I quilted a beautiful feather around the blocks in the red.  Some micro stipple around the outer wool applique and straight lines to provide some nice visual contrast.
I soooooo wish this was mine!!!!!!  I did not participate this summer.  I do have a few blocks from purchases I made but not the whole quilt. Can you believe I never took any photos of this beauty off my machine???  Ugh, I was so busy I completely forgot!!!  I am so mad at myself!  When I go to Houston, I will take much better photos.
I simply stitched in the ditch and around the wool applique.  No need to over quilt this one.  I did do some decorative stitching on some of the wool flowers or leaves if you look closely.  I used So Fine Threads from Superior and monofilament around the applique and the stitch in the ditch.  Batting is Dream Orient.
Before quilting photo.  I believe you will be able to purchase this now or soon as a pattern and/or a full kit if you missed out on getting the freebie.

Speaking of Summer Blocks of the Week, I participated in the Pieced 2012 Summer Block of the Week, Rocky Mountain Puzzle.  AND finished piecing it THIS year.  lol
Oh and do I LOVE it!!!!!!!  Super scrappy.  ALL reproductions.  I changed mine from the original a bit.  I added a larger green border, made my cornerstones scrappy blacks and did not piece my setting triangles.  Here is the original...
I liked the original, but sometimes it is fun to make it your own.
There were a ton of HSTs, so Thangles was the suggested method.  They worked out perfectly!  Once you were done with that part, it was so much fun to piece the blocks!
If you look closely even some of my setting triangles are actually two fabrics.  I wanted to use the fabric they sent (not from stash), so in order to do so I needed to make do.  Just like you see in antique quilts.
All laid out and ready to piece.
Pieced and ready for borders.
You can see how wonderfully scrappy it is!
LOL.  And you can see how small the basket block is from the Temecula Quilt Co. 
Seems to pass the Scooter Test. :-)


September 1, 2013

So I am pretty sure I am on a basket kick!  I could not resist Carrie Nelson's new Schnibbles pattern, Canasta (available here) after I saw it was the choice for the August Schnibbles Parade hosted by Sherri and Sinta! Carrie's pattern offers two sizes, I opted for the smaller version.  I thought it would be a wonderful quilt for some reproduction reds.  I have been longing to make a 2 color quilt for some time and Canasta fit the bill.
I love the old fashioned look of it! There is a scrappy inner border option.  I have not yet decided on it or if I will just finish it with a red binding.
I used a variety of reds from my stash with the same shirting fabric for the background.
I love it!  Not sure how I will quilt it eventually.  It will make a wonderful year around quilt.  Another genius design from Carrie. :-)
Remember in my last post I mentioned that Kristin and I were headed Friday night to the Michigan State Football game??  First, we had the best time!  However, we missed the memo on a strong possibility of severe weather. :-) 
 We started out with a beautiful evening for football.
Then the skies turned to this...
No joke.  A red sky.  Eerie.  Calm before the storm. 
 From soaked to SOAKED!!!  LOL!!! 
The stadium was evacuated.   We sat and waited for the exits to clear.  No sense in standing and waiting.  Then they made the announcement that they were allowing fans back and the game would resume at 10 PM.  Perfect...we never left!!!  We figured we were already soaked...just sit and enjoy!!!  Hard core fans!!!!  Or just plain crazy???  Our clothes were still wet the next day.