I have meaning to sit down and write this post for like 2 weeks!  I guess I will have to make it worth the wait!  That is code for “tons of photos.”  Grandma’s Bunnies is a quilt I did for my dear friend Rita.  Rita is one of my local clients and friend.  She was one of my very first customers.  🙂  Before I get to the eye candy, I want to get the specifics out of the way…Grandma’s Bunnies is by Darcy Ashton.  Double layer of batting – Dream Blend with Dream Orient on top by Quilter’s Dream Batting.  Monopoly monofilament and So Fine Threads, both from Superior Threads.  All quilting is freehand with rulers.  Lastly, Rita LOVED how her quilt turned out.  Thrilled!  I was pretty happy with it too. 🙂

Quilts at the Marshall House (my LQS) has the pattern and they have a new Facebook page here.  Over the years, I have seen this quilt done several times and on display at the shop.  I wanted to come up with something different than what I had typically seen in the past with the quilting.  A lot of crosshatching mostly.  

 The borders are kind of narrow in relation to the blocks.  I wanted to make the most of the space with a design that would elegantly frame the quilt.  Naturally that design would include feathers.  All kinds of feathers in this quilt!  I love straight lines mixed with the curvy shape of the feathers.  Visual contrast creates awesome texture!

  Each of the 20 bunny blocks has its own design.  These are not shown in any special order.  I think I have them all pictured in some way or another.

Above is one of my favorites.  Bunny nibbling on some ferny feathers while a butterfly rests on them.

I did not pre-plan any of the designs.  No special process.  I “figured it out” as I went along.  I let each block “speak” to me as how it should be quilted.

I quilted on each bunny applique with Monopoly monofilament thread.  It is clear in color, making it a wonderful choice for applique.

Bunny in a garden arbor. 🙂

 A little flower quilted in the background for the butterfly.

 Lots of swirly feather flowers quilted to look like lots of butterflies swirling around.

 This one reminds my friend Patti of an Easter Egg. 🙂

 Curly feather filler.

 Cobble stone path and if you look closely there is a dragonfly quilted above the bunny. 🙂

Some closeups.

And the back…may just be as beautiful as the front!

I could have posted a pic of each block from the back…but I didn’t.

Sorry for the long post and ALL the photos.  Probably could have made this a mini-series, but was afraid I would not post again.  I want to thank Rita for giving me such a beautiful canvas to quilt.  Rita was so grateful for her quilt.  I cannot tell you how that makes me feel.  Seriously, I get a lump in my throat just thinking about it. 

One last thing….this is really cool!!!  My good friend Karen Of “…laugh yourself into Stitches” has just published some of her original designs!!!  It is so exciting!!  She is UBER talented!!!  Her patterns are available on Craftsy here.   I purchased her first pattern Pumpkin Spice.  I cannot wait to make it!!!  Then Karen gifted me the pattern for CandyCorn Pumpkins and CandyCorn Pinwheels.  Same pattern makes 2 runners!!!!  You know I love me some runners!!  Karen is having a giveaway this weekend on her blog here.  She is giving away several patterns!!!  Stop over and take a look!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  • BillieBee (billiemick) says:

    Your quilting is stunning!

  • Abby and Stephanie says:

    Rita's bunnies are darling and you brought them to life. I love how your quilting gives them motion. A true treasure.

  • Marj says:

    I have that pattern and your quilting inspires me.

  • Patti says:

    You know I love, love, love this quilt. While looking at the photos I was trying to decide which is my fav. I have two. The dragonfly and (gasp) one without feathers, the one that has the butterflies allover it. Love that one. Again, it's your best work yet. You have such vision to create such a masterpiece.

  • Judy says:

    Stunning! Your quilting is just amazing!!

  • julieQ says:

    I think this is the most amazing quilting I have ever seen. You are such a wonderful talent!!

  • Tina says:

    Oh WOW!!! I love, love, love how this quilting turned out! I think this is the best one of all that you have posted on your blog. Just beautiful! I would love to know if you do quilting for out-of-state people…?

  • janice says:

    All I can say is WOW!

  • Janelle says:

    This is truly amazing! I love all the quilting you do and you are so inspiring. The back really is impressive and just as beautiful. Importantly I love how your quilting is so amazing, yet it doesn't take away from the quilt itself as some amazing quilting can, it really just enhances. Great work!

  • JoAnne says:

    Holy Cow! You just get better and better! The texture and dimension that you got in this quilt is just amazing!

  • Leeanne says:

    Stunning! Your best work yet!
    I too have Karen's patterns, they are wonderful, I linked to the giveaway too.
    Thanks again for the mini series, it was awesome!

  • Sharon E says:

    Linda, I don't believe I've seen such spectacular quilting in my life. You certainly are top in the field. Nice job!

  • Jeanette says:

    Stunning quilting on a beautiful quilt. Love what you did. Hugs,xx

  • Queenie Believe says:

    Mercy me oh my, don't ever apologize for a long post full of photos of amazing quilting! Absolutely beautiful, so full and personality and perfections. I love all the individualization for each bunny. Spectacular work!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  • Raylene Smith says:

    It looks beautiful…LOVE the texture…I enjoy seeing your work…you quilt to compliment and highlight the quilt…which is what it is all about.. well done, Linda.

  • Thelma says:

    Amazing, no one, and I mean no one, can quilt feathers like you do. The whole top is a work of art, but how you bend and shape those feathers is unbelievable. Thanks for all the pictures, I drooled over every one of them.

  • Colleen says:

    Unbelievable! And there can never be too many pictures.

  • Ruth B says:

    What amazing quilting!! Enjoyed every picture so much.

  • Lorette says:

    Breathtaking! What beautiful work you do! It's very inspiring!

  • WoolenSails says:

    I love it! I love the design and I love the gorgeous quilting you did on it. I would love to make something like this.


  • Phyllis says:

    Saw some of this on your IG account. Such cute bunnies and quilted to perfection (as usual)! I am sure it will become an heirloom for your friends family, it should be!

  • Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals says:

    Linda I am in awe of your work! Thanks so much for all the close up shots! I dream of being able to quilt like this! Wow!

  • Jan Hutchison says:

    I can see why Rita would be thrilled – what a beautiful job you did!

  • Yvette says:

    You have left me speechless once again. Your work is amazing. Rita is one lucky girl.

  • karen says:

    Wow, that is the cutest quilt I've ever seen. Your quilting really brought those bunnies to life!

  • Vicki W says:


  • Esther says:

    This is stunning, fun, beautiful, clever, and my list could continue. I love how each bunny has it's own unique background, and the feathers and lines in the border are beautiful. I love your work.

  • Susan Lawson says:

    Oh my!!! This quilt is gorgeous! I didn't want the pictures to end! thank you for sharing, always a treat to read your posts

  • Miss Jean says:

    Your quilting is just amazing! I'm sure Rita was more than thrilled!

  • ELENAVA наслаждаюсь печворком, квилтингом says:

    Очень очень очень понравилось. Великолепно

  • Candace says:

    Oh, Linda – your quilting is simply out of this world! When I saw your first quilts I was so amazed – now I can't even begin to describe what I see! Your genius keeps on shining!

  • Karen in Breezy Point says:

    OMG–you've made an adorable pattern even MORE adorable–charming and beautiful quilting!

  • Beardie Mom says:

    Exquisite UBER quilting! What an inspiration you are!!
    Loved and drooled over each and every picture! Your joy and love of quilting shines through!

  • Unknown says:

    You quilting is stunning. I look forward to seeing your posts and I'm so appreciative of you sharing your beautiful work. I aspire to quilt half as well as you do. Sorry I'm going on and on, but I love your work.

  • J-Quilts says:

    Fantastic quilting… I dread to imagine how many hours you have spent quilting up those gorgeous designs….

  • Anonymous says:

    Oooh! I found your blog and quilting through Pinterest. I had been looking for inspirational quilts using ruler work and your's kept catching my eye!

    I use a sewing machine for my quilting, but have been using rulers along with my free motion quilting. You've given me several ideas.

  • Silvana Vituriano Celistre says:


  • marylouweidman says:

    My goodness every time I visit your blog you seem to have outdone yourself! YOU made a quilt a masterpiece! There is no getting around it that someday when we are all gone and people find your quilts here and there they will just be in awe and I mean that sincerely….you have "IT" girl….I am so impressed with your gift! Thanks for sharing

  • Teresa Silva says:

    This is amazing! Awesome work Linda.

  • Anonymous says:

    WOW!!! Is all I can say. I hope to be as good one day. I do have a few questions. What was the quilting order, and did you do any stabilizing in the borders or blocks before quilting? ,

  • Lynette says:

    WOWZA 😀 Well done, Linda!! From the individuality of each bunny block to the really lovely swag border quilting, this is absolutely marvelous. Makes me have to go hunt down the pattern!! ;D

  • Abby says:

    Amazing! The back is as great as the front! Looks like a quilt all on its own!

  • darlynn says:

    That was the most beautiful quilting i have ever seen!
    my goodness, you are talented.

  • Janet a.k.a. swanlady21 says:

    You have blown me away with this! Amazing. And the back is so beautiful too. Such incredibly neat and consistent stitches.

  • Kats Yoga says:

    Too beautiful for words!!!! I am inspired!,

  • Unknown says:

    Belíssimo seu trabalho ! Coisa de mestra !!! Parabéns !

  • Unknown says:

    OMGosh!!! Your quilting is absolute stunning!!! Beautiful quilt!!!

  • Wild Oak Designs says:

    I aspire to be the half the quilter you are!
    Of course, I do not have a long arm…just not enough room….
    But I do lots of quilting on my machine….
    Your appliqué is amazing….Is it needle turned?? Is the extra batting in the bunnies?? or the two layers together under the top…love the effect!
    I'd love to know more…

  • Pauline says:

    Your Bunnies quilt is wonderful and the quilting is stunning!! It is the most beautiful quilting I have ever seen. I agree with Darlynn above who said the same thing. Your are indeed very talented.
    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  • boltandfrolic says:

    I adore bunnies. This quilt is just gorgeous. Congrats on an exquisite labor of love!!

  • Valerie Geib says:

    Her quilt is lovely. It is a perfect example of how much difference the quilting makes. It was a simple quilt and your quilting made it an heirloom.