Sorry! But some eye candy

August 7, 2017

Hello Everyone! I apologize for my abscence and also with these photobucket ads everywhere. Trying to sort out what's going on. Seems they are holding my photos and background ransom for $400. Apparently they are no longer a free service! Ugh. Seems illegal. Please you can still shop, find me on IG and my FB page.  Just click on the links. Here is a little eye candy.  I have more pics post on Instagram and Facebook page, you do not need accounts to see. Just click the links provided above.
*Problem fixed! Yay!! The ads are gone. Apparently, when I hired Cutest Blog on the Block to design a custom background and signature, they used Photo Bucket. Photo Bucket recently changed their terms of service with virtually zero notification, charging $400. I read 100s of thousands blogs are effected. Many bloggers losing 10 years of photos!! I never used Photo Bucket or had an account with them which makes what happened even more frustrating. Alas, the code has been removed for the background and signature, therefore eliminating Photo Bucket from my space here and their requests for money i.e. Extortion!