New The QP Flex Special Set + DVD Combo


We offer a streaming version of the DVD box set that is accessible from your account page. Includes the worksheet templates in PDF format. Internet access and a Quilted Pineapple account is required to view the videos online.

Introducing The QP Flex! I thought I would love to take my Original QP Curves “flex” them to make an elliptical curve, so that is exactly what I did! The QP Flex gives a deeper curve in comparison to the more gentle curve of the Original QP Curves. All the things you love in the QP Curves, but with a new elliptical design!
These are great for swag designs! Graduated 1/4” lines to echo the elliptical shape. Amazing for crosshatching! 5 wonderful sizes for both blocks and borders. Borders made easy with the same degree curve on the outer curve and inner curve.
-For use with a longarm and/or sit-down/domestic machine.
-1/4″ thick acrylic templates for creating curved elliptical quilt designs.
-The set contains my 5 go-to sizes. Everything I would ever need for endless elliptical design possibilities.
-Each template has the same degree curve on the inside curve as well as the outside curve. This allows for easy quilting and avoids the awkward reach while quilting out designs. Just flip the template over as needed.
-Easy to read lines with graduated 1/4″ spacing echoing the elliptical curve. All templates are 2.5” wide in the center.
-Green edge acrylic increases their visibility on your quilt top.
-Templates can be purchased as a set or individually.  Set special $145 ($164 if purchased individually) FREE SHIPPING on all orders to US addresses. . International shipping available, multiple sets may require additional shipping costs.
-Set includes:
The QP Flex E   $38  Approx 13”w x 8”h
The QP Flex D   $36                 11”w x 7.5”h
The QP Flex C   $34                 10”w x 7”h
The QP Flex B   $30                  8”w x 6”h

The QP Flex A   $26                  6”w x 5”h

DVD Set or Online Digital Streaming option

Join Linda as she shares with you her key ingredients to free motion quilting. A workshop with Linda in the comfort of your own home! Step-by-step instructions featuring many of Linda’s favorite designs. Linda will take you through each design beginning at the drawing board and then move over to the machine as she stitches each design for you. The Series begins with free motion fillers, designs and builds to more complex designs with ruler work. And no dvd would be complete without a little blooper reel. A little bit of everything, just like a pineapple upside down cake! Train your brain and muscle memory with drawing the designs first, then take your skills to the machine. Leave with inspiration. Never fear free motion quilting again! Remember the most important part, have fun!

-Quilting workshop features 4 discs.
-3 discs of instruction.
-1 slider disc with printable practice sheets featuring designs. Disc 4, the slider disc is not a DVD.

*PLEASE NOTE: DVDs are designed for dvd players. They may be viewed on a computer with proper capabilities. You are responsible for finding a dvd player or compatible device to view dvds.

**Although not required, The QP Curve Templates and Edge Rulers are used to create designs featured.

After purchase, the three part video series and supplemental PDF will appear in your account.
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Weight 40 oz
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 3 in