Applique Affair

June 27, 2012

Oh, do I ever have another gorgeous quilt to share!!!  It is actually a quilt that I quilted last year...Aug/Sept.
Applique Affair by Edyta Sitar.  A wool on flannel version.  This gorgeous quilt was beautifully appliqued by Yvette of BOM Quilter blog.  Yvette did an amazing job!!  I have always loved Applique Affair.  This version is my all time favorite because of the wool.  I was so nervous to quilt it.  I didn't have any experience with quilting applique or wool...heck I didn't have that much experience quilting in general at the time!!! LOL!!!  Yvette left the quilting up to me, so I decided I would create lots of texture and movement by adding a wavy echo around the applique.
 I love how the quilting added movement, but really let the applique pop!!  I like how the continuous quilting made the background look like one piece.  I used Hobbs Wool, which I think really gave the quilting a lot of definition.

I couldn't decide which applique block was my favorite...they all were!!

  I have to admit this quilt looked right at home at my house! :-)
Before quilting.
You could really see the texture of the quilting on the back.  Beautiful.  I used a cream So Fine Thread top and bobbin.
I am so happy Yvette loves her quilt.  I do too. :-)


June 25, 2012

I am doing the Happy Dance or should I say the Bounce Dance because I finally can share Bounce...a GORGEOUS new quilt pattern from the talented Carrie Nelson of  Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have to first thank Thelma of Cupcakes 'n Daisies for this incredible opportunity.  Thelma first contacted me that she was going to piece one of Carrie's new patterns and wanted to know if I would be interested in quilting it.  Ummmmm, yeah, like "YES!"  What a HUGE honor!!!!!  Thelma is an amazing, talented  quilter and you all know I love me some Carrie Nelson!!!! LOL!!!  Again, I just have to pinch myself.  :-)
 No shortage of photos here. :-)  Carrie designed an awesome quilt.  Thelma did an amazing job on the piecing!
Bounce is such an awesome pattern.   Great piecing coupled with great space for quilting! :-)
I love how the stars "bounce" around on the top.  I quilted lots of different sizes of swirls to enhance the movement and bouncing of the stars.
The staggered piano key border is awesome.  I had a lot of fun with the quilting!!!  Some new quilting designs too.  The white, narrow inner border,  I played around and came up with some "bouncing circles.  The outer border was created with a curved crosshatch ruler.  Kathy was kind enough to give some guidance on how to create the design.  Thank you Kathy! :-)

I try to take photos as I quilt down the quilt.  Sometimes it helps me read the quilt better.  Here's some getting started photos.  Before quilting.
 Just getting started.  Making sure the quilt is loaded nice and square.
 Starting to quilt.
And finishing.
I should have taken more photos of the back.  It looked super cool too.
Specifics...Threads were Glide top and bobbin.  I used white throughout the quilt except for the staggered piano key border.  There I used a gold Glide thread.  Batting is Dream Cotton in the bleached white, Select loft.  All quilting is freehand.  I used my straight ruler and Deloa's Boomerang for the curved border.  My dear friend Patti prepped the binding for me, so when I was done quilting, I was ready to stitch it on.  Thank you Patti!!

 The fabric is soooo pretty.  It is Hope Valley by Denyse Schmidt for Free Spirit Fabrics.  My girls would have liked to keep this quilt for themselves. :-)  This pattern is so versatile, you could use any fabric you wanted and it would look amazing.  Like some red, white and blue Old Glory fabric coming out this fall.  :-)

I love looking at photos of this quilt, especially the pattern cover!!!!!  Carrie actually has two versions of Bounce, but guess which one is on the pattern cover???? :-)
Make sure you stop by Thelma's blog to hear all about piecing Bounce.  Bounce is available on Carrie's website here.  Big THANK YOU to Thelma and Carrie!! :-)

Summer Time - Pink Lemonade Quilt

June 22, 2012

Lots keeping me busy.  Nothing new there.  Blogging Slacker is my name.  I need to post just quick posts more often, that way I don't feel like I don't know where to begin when I do post!!  Girls have been out of school for nearly three weeks.  We have had so much going on, including their dance recital last weekend.  It was awesome.  By the end of the weekend, I had watched it 3 times!!  Between dance competitions, rehearsal and two shows this year...that is a lot of dancing.  Of course, I never get tired of watching my girls, but the prep is killer.  In between running around, dance and quilting, I managed to do some summer decorating.  I need to post those next, but I will post a quilt that I peeked last.

 This gorgeous quilt was pieced by Vickie of Vickie Quilts blog.  Vickie did a beautiful job!!!  The quilt is called Pink Lemonade.  It will be a raffle quilt to raise money for The American Heart Association.  You can read all about it here.  It is a wonderful story.  The quilt is from Evelyn Sloppy's book 40 Fabulous Quick-Cut Quilts and the pattern is "Honeyberries."  It is actually the quilt on the cover. 
I will let the photos do all the talking.  :-)

I love how it turned out.  I am very pleased to say the least because this quilt was super challenging for me...mentally.  Vickie wanted custom quilting.  Due to the striking and scrappy design...a custom design wasn't jumping out at me. Meaning, there isn't a lot of open areas, which are usually no-brainers for some custom quilting.  It forced me to think "outside the box."  Before quilting pic.
Now, when I look at it, I cannot imagine it quilted any other way. :-)  I really love the way the fern/leafy feather turned out.  Curved cross it too!!!   I used Glide thread throughout most of the quilt and Isacord in the outer and piano key border.  Batting is Dream Cotton Blend.  The back...
It is also beautiful, although I had a hard time capturing the texture of the quilting in the photos.  I know this quilt will be loved by some lucky winner!!!

I am catching up on comments and emails, so I apologize for my slow response.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Guiding Stars Quilt and Quilters' Digest

June 6, 2012

In between quilting custom quilts, I try to always quilt a few allover type quilts.  It is a nice break from the concentration it requires to get a custom quilt done.  I love the creativity in custom quilting, but it can be mentally and physically exhausting.  Doing a few allovers before starting my next custom job really helps to re-motivate and re-energize me.  I had the pleasure to quilt a very inspirational quilt for Pam.  She was gifting it to someone who had lost a loved one far too soon.
The pattern is called Guiding Stars.   In the white blocks, there are verses from the book of Psalms.

Pam did a wonderful job on the piecing with all those points!  The fabric is beautiful.  I love how it turned out.  The quilting added texture and movement without taking away from the quilt.  A simple allover swirl fit the bill for the quilting.  The thread is Vegas Gold from Glide, top and bobbin.  Batting is Quilters Dream Cotton in the mid loft. 
Pretty back!  What a beautiful gift.

On a side note, I was contacted back in March by Vickie Gillespie, the Publisher and Editor-in-chief of Quilters' Digest to see if I was interested in submitting some of my work for publication.  What a surprise!!!  Of course I was!!!! Quilters' Digest is an awesome publication that is available only at your local quilt shop...if they carry it.  It is a quarterly publication.  I highly recommend it!!!  It is a wealth of quilting knowledge and tips!!
I was a little busy this spring :-) and kind of forgot about it, so it was doubly exciting and surprising when Vickie kindly mailed me the latest issue!!!
Featuring the quilt I quilted for Thelma of Cupcakes 'n' Daisies.  Thelma's gorgeous Baby Swoon based on the pattern Swoon by Camille Roskelley. Super cool...super fun!!!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Random Stuff

June 1, 2012

June 1st!!!  Hard to believe.  May went by sooooo fast.  So fast, it was a complete blur!!!  Lots going on to keep me busy.  Plenty of little changes here too.  A little shopping too. :-)  I have lots to share.  Have any of you been to Julie's site, Me and My Stitches?  Julie makes gorgeous quilt themed jewelry, items and patterns.  She is super talented!!  I asked her if she could do a custom piece for me and of course she could...
 She made a bracelet with a Pineapple block using the red and green Seasonal Little Gatherings fabrics that were used on the Christmas applique quilt I quilted for Lisa Bongean.  I LOVE how it turned out!!!!  LOVE.  I wear it ALL the time.  On the same day I received the bracelet, I received an unexpected surprise from JoAnne...
And look at the back.
If you remember, I quilted this quilt for JoAnne here.  What a sweet and thoughtful gift!!!  Took my breath away, that JoAnne would send me such a beautiful gift from Hawaii.  I use it to hold my jewelry.  LOVE it!!!!  I will always think of JoAnne every time I see it.  Thank you, JoAnne.

School is almost done.  The girls received several academic awards.  They were even honored a few weeks ago with an American Legion Award.  We couldn't be more proud!!
The girls finished up their first year of competitive dance.  They did so well.  Even scoring highest marks.  I am always amazed at how they can dance like that.  I couldn't do it that is for sure!!  All glitzed up for dance competition.
Let's see...I have started decorating with some red, white and blue for summer.  I have some new goodies to share, but I haven't quite got them all situated yet.  I'll share those soon.

I finally made a little time for myself and made a hair appointment!!!  Now, that I am a quilting recluse, I went a little slack on my hair.  I had quite the little gray hair thing going on.  Not LOL.  I needed a change, so I went darker.  Probably more my natural color, although it's been so long since I have seen it!! LOL!!!
 Let see what else....?  Oh, I got a new vehicle!!  For the first time in nearly 12 years, I am not driving a minivan.  I loved the minivan when the girls were little, but I think we are all ready for a change.
I think the girls love it more than me.   Well, maybe.  When we went out last night, I wouldn't take it because it was raining!!!! LOL!!!  Ridiculous, I know.

Now I need to get back to work to finish this gorgeous quilt up.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!