Oh, do I ever have another gorgeous quilt to share!!!  It is actually a quilt that I quilted last year…Aug/Sept.

Applique Affair by Edyta Sitar.  A wool on flannel version.  This gorgeous quilt was beautifully appliqued by Yvette of BOM Quilter blog.  Yvette did an amazing job!!  I have always loved Applique Affair.  This version is my all time favorite because of the wool.  I was so nervous to quilt it.  I didn’t have any experience with quilting applique or wool…heck I didn’t have that much experience quilting in general at the time!!! LOL!!!  Yvette left the quilting up to me, so I decided I would create lots of texture and movement by adding a wavy echo around the applique.

 I love how the quilting added movement, but really let the applique pop!!  I like how the continuous quilting made the background look like one piece.  I used Hobbs Wool, which I think really gave the quilting a lot of definition.

I couldn’t decide which applique block was my favorite…they all were!!

  I have to admit this quilt looked right at home at my house! 🙂
Before quilting.

You could really see the texture of the quilting on the back.  Beautiful.  I used a cream So Fine Thread top and bobbin.

I am so happy Yvette loves her quilt.  I do too. 🙂