Love Grows

February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! So I have a new found love for pre-printed quilt panels. The reason...I love to use them on my front porch. I love to hang quilts out there, but unfortunately because they are exposed to the elements (as you can see from the snow on my hydrangeas), it takes a toll on their appearance.
 Hence, a quilt panel is perfect! They are cute and inexpensive. Typically I add a border, quilt it up, binding, hanging sleeve and viola...I have an almost instant quilt that I can decorate with and it won't break my heart if it suffers from the outdoor elements!

Love Grows panel is from Deb Strain's line of Love Grows line of fabric from Moda. Perfect for February.
I machine quilted the pattern hearts and flowers. Normally,  I am not a big quilted hearts and flowers quilting kind of gal, but it just matched this perfect! I used another leftover Moda fabric in the border from one of Alyssa's quilts and a leftover backing from another quilt for the backing.

I used Innovatech Thread on the new favorite, Magna-Glide prewound magnetic bobbins and Hobbs 80/20 batting.

In honor of Valentine's Day, I am offering $14 off any order of rulers, templates or DVDs of $75 or more by using the code HEARTS on my website here.  *Offer excludes machine quilting as that is already on special.

I think I have blogged more in 2019, than I did the last few years. Cheers everyone!

Valentine's and Red and White Quilts

February 13, 2019

Okay, how stinkin' cute is this quilt??
Seriously. And it was fast and easy to whip up! So much so, I made THREE!
I had a gift exchange recently and it worked out perfectly! I machine quilted them all up at the same time on the same backing which worked out great! Pattern is a freebie called Box of Chocolates from Temecula Quilt Co. here.
The machine quilting pattern, I thought was a great complement to the design. It is called Clamshell Bokkusu. Speaking of machine quilting, I received a few questions regarding it. If you click on any one of the patterns here, all the info on pricing and such comes up. Also, you can find the info under INFO/Quilting services here.

I typically leave the red and white/valentine's decor up through the month of February.
I do not think I'll ever put my red and white snowball quilt away. Thats a year around quilt for sure!! Pattern for snowball quilt that I loosely followed can be found here.

Since after Christmas, I have a mix of spring and red and white.
The Love pillow case is from Amazon and the H pillow is from Kirkland's.
The red and white quilts stay around all year pretty much, I just move them around. :-)
Red and white antique quilts. You can never go wrong there! Look at all those tiny hourglass blocks. I think they finish at 1"!!  And that square in a square block quilt has 2" blocks! I feel fortunate to have stumbled across those quilts!
Even a little nine patch hangs on my front door.
Much as many in the US, Michigan is experiencing all of Winter. I think the girls have spent more time at home than in school since returning from Christmas break. Snow and ice have been nearly a daily occurrence. Still my hydrangeas look good...wink. :-)

Red and White Snowball Quilt

February 11, 2019

I have had a red and white snowball quilt on my quilt wish list to make since like forever. Finally, I did it!
I started in February 2018 after Temecula Quilt Co. posted a scrappy snowball a-long, I decided to make mine scrappy red and whites. I could not be happier with how it turned out!
I still need to add the binding. :-) I tried to make blocks here and there throughout 2018 with a goal of having it finished by Christmas. Well, that did not happen. I knew it was a lofty goal, but I was determined to not allow this to become another longterm UFO. So, I set my next goal to Valentine's Day, which I have all but made sans the binding, which I can deal with.
 If you have followed me on IG or FB, I have posted pics of progress here and there.
Progress on my design wall. It was awesome when I was vacuuming my studio and I blew half of my blocks off...or not.

-I machine quilted on my Innova using the Sunrise Clam computerized pattern. I do offer computerized machine quilting at a special price here.
-I used Superior's Omni thread on the top and Magna-glide prewound bobbins. Batting is a ton of leftover quilt finishes at about 73.5" x 73.5".
-I made my quilt 18 blocks across by 18 down. 324 blocks total, 1620 pieces!
-I tried to use fabrics from my stash and scraps, but I did buy a few fabrics to add too. Naturally.
-It was a fun project to work on! Mostly now I like to just stand back and admire it. lol
Now to get that binding on!

Twin Quilts

January 18, 2019

I had the privilege to quilt for one of my first and dearest blogging friends, Thelma of Cupcakes 'n Daises recently. I was so excited when she contacted me for quilting baby quilts for twin girls. Something very near a dear to my heart for obvious reasons. :-) Also, Thelma is an impeccable piecer, so I knew her quilts would be a joy to quilt.

I could not have loved these quilts more!  So pretty and darling for twin girls.
Love the names Clara and Adelynn. I especially love how Thelma included their names in their quilts!! That is just awesome! 
We talked about quilts designs and both thought Chantilly would be perfect. So pretty! Chantilly is the digital quilt design from Leisha Farnsworth of Quilting It. I love her quilt designs!
I quilted them on my computerized Innova. White batting from Quilter's Dream and Innovatech thread in white. For those not aware, I offer very affordable computerized edge to edge quilting here, or available in my shop. 
Love the back! Minky makes for a wonderful backing for baby quilts, soft and snugly. 
I managed to take a photo right before quilting. Such a pretty quilt! 
This is my favorite photo! My very special quilt holders. I thought it was only appropriate that my twin girls hold up these twin girl quilts. A and E's feet peeking are the best. lol.

I just wanted to thank everyone for the kind comments on my previous post and all the emails. You know how to make someones day! It was nice to reconnect with all of you and hear that you were happy I was blogging again. Me too.

Also, if you missed it in my previous post. I extended my holiday sale on my templates, rulers and dvd through Monday available here or clicking the shop button. IN ADDITION, a bonus code BLOG for an additional $10 off. Be sure to check out my post here for more details.

Thelma is also posting about these darling quilts today, so be sure to read all her details here.

Swell Runner

January 14, 2019

Happy 2019! Long time no blogging! After much consideration, I have realized how MUCH I missed connecting and sharing on my blog. Yes, I have spent much time on Instagram and my Facebook page, but it is not the same. FB and IG have become impersonal forms of social media to me. I once welcomed it, as I have always felt my blog was very personal because it was not just quilting, but a reflection of my life/journey aka piecing, working on projects, family, events, random daily things...AND machine quilting. Personal is not always easy for me. Some of you may recall from the early years of this blog, my dear Sarge (dog) was my profile pic for many years. Soooo, I am back to blogging more. YAY!! I am not leaving IG or FB, just adding blogging back too. FYI, My blog, I have noticed a few issues with the tab bar missing for example, although you can click on it, the tabs are "hidden." I will work on getting that fixed.

Christmas came and went, as did 2018. I did manage to complete some projects of my own.
Swell runner....oh how I love thee. I have coveted (mini hoarded) Swell Christmas fabric by Urban Chiks for Moda since it's release. I love the retro look of it. I mean, how can you not love that Santa?? And remember, I never met a fabric I didn't like. :-) I finally got around to getting a little "fix" by making this runner. I believe it measures 18" x 57" or so. I used one charm pack, some Moda Bella Solids for the background and some Swell yardage for the borders.
I used the Moda Cupcake Recipe Mix #4 from Genius, Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. to piece the (gazillion) HSTs. Pretty sure I can easily make another runner with the HSTs I have left over OR a mini quilt. Have you tried those Cupcake Mixes yet?? Oh my, super fun!! And yes, all my HSTs are not going in the right direction in the block photo, but I caught it before I stitched it up.
I machine quilted it with an edge to edge on my Innova with the digital pattern called Squared by Leisha Farnsworth. I love this design on quilts! I just added it to my machine pattern library recently and I swear I have quilted it over a dozen times! Also, did you know you can send quilts to me for computerized edge to edge quilting?? Oh yes! I am running a very good special, flat rate pricing with free return shipping! Check out the designs and details here.
Love how it turned out!

Naturally, no binding...yet. Hopefully, by next Christmas. :-)
Also, in celebration of me blogging again, I have extended my holiday sale of my QP Curve Templates, Rulers and Quilt DVD, shop link here, through Monday January 21 2019. Regular prices will resume on Tuesday January 22 2019. NOT only that, I am adding a discount code for blog readers. Use the code BLOG in the discount box for an additional $10 off any bundle, set or DVD. Cannot be combined with any other codes or previous discounts.
Here's to wonderful 2019...with more blogging, Friends!