I received many messages, emails and comments inquiring about how I hang my quilts outdoors. I now have them listed in my shop for purchase here. Yay! They are easy and inexpensive. No holes, nails or adhesives required!
I use a yard stick in-between the hooks to hold my quilts, but anything similar would work. I use yardsticks ALL the time! I am fortunate to have an abundance of them from my Father-in-Law’s business before it closed years ago. 
In addition to my quilt panel, I also have my quilt called Sample featured on my porch, pattern by Carrie Nelson. Using two mini charm squares from Moda. I custom quilted using my QP templates and rulers. It is winter and this quilt will only hang in February, I am not too worried about sun damage…it’s Michigan…I haven’t seen the sun in days! Plus on this side of the porch is a bit more protected from the outdoor elements.
Description of the hangers:
A set of two outdoor vinyl siding hooks for quilts and more. An easy way to decorate with your quilts outdoors without damage! Designed exclusively to use with vinyl siding.
-a set of two stainless steel hooks.
-made in the USA.
-holds up to 12 pounds.
-no holes, no nails and no adhesives required.
-instructions included on package
Easy Installation-
1. Rock hook between vinyl siding panels. May need to wiggle it a bit to get the hook in.
2. Once in place, you can start decorating.
***If purchased with a ruler/template order, we will refund the shipping charges back for the entire order for FREE shipping.

Looks like another winter storm is coming through for us and many others. Stay warm and stay quilting. 🙂


  • Patti says:

    I can actually leave a comment. I'm on my computer btw. You're a GDG, using those hooks. I have a couple around here and I can do that on my front porch if I want. I need to find that sampler pattern from Carrie. I don't think I have it. But then the other day I was looking for something and found a few of her patterns I didn't know I had, so I may have it. Fingers crossed we have sun in our future.

  • Janet O. says:

    Such a clever hanging method. I wish I had any protection from the elements on my porch, but no such luck. I have the right siding, but the wrong exposure!
    Sample is a very pretty little quilt!