Happy 2019! Long time no blogging! After much consideration, I have realized how MUCH I missed connecting and sharing on my blog. Yes, I have spent much time on Instagram and my Facebook page, but it is not the same. FB and IG have become impersonal forms of social media to me. I once welcomed it, as I have always felt my blog was very personal because it was not just quilting, but a reflection of my life/journey aka piecing, working on projects, family, events, random daily things…AND machine quilting. Personal is not always easy for me. Some of you may recall from the early years of this blog, my dear Sarge (dog) was my profile pic for many years. Soooo, I am back to blogging more. YAY!! I am not leaving IG or FB, just adding blogging back too. FYI, My blog, I have noticed a few issues with the tab bar missing for example, although you can click on it, the tabs are “hidden.” I will work on getting that fixed.

Christmas came and went, as did 2018. I did manage to complete some projects of my own.

Swell runner….oh how I love thee. I have coveted (mini hoarded) Swell Christmas fabric by Urban Chiks for Moda since it’s release. I love the retro look of it. I mean, how can you not love that Santa?? And remember, I never met a fabric I didn’t like. 🙂 I finally got around to getting a little “fix” by making this runner. I believe it measures 18″ x 57″ or so. I used one charm pack, some Moda Bella Solids for the background and some Swell yardage for the borders.
I used the Moda Cupcake Recipe Mix #4 from Genius, Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. to piece the (gazillion) HSTs. Pretty sure I can easily make another runner with the HSTs I have left over OR a mini quilt. Have you tried those Cupcake Mixes yet?? Oh my, super fun!! And yes, all my HSTs are not going in the right direction in the block photo, but I caught it before I stitched it up.
I machine quilted it with an edge to edge on my Innova with the digital pattern called Squared by Leisha Farnsworth. I love this design on quilts! I just added it to my machine pattern library recently and I swear I have quilted it over a dozen times! Also, did you know you can send quilts to me for computerized edge to edge quilting?? Oh yes! I am running a very good special, flat rate pricing with free return shipping! Check out the designs and details here.
Love how it turned out!

Naturally, no binding…yet. Hopefully, by next Christmas. 🙂

Also, in celebration of me blogging again, I have extended my holiday sale of my QP Curve Templates, Rulers and Quilt DVD, shop link here, through Monday January 21 2019. Regular prices will resume on Tuesday January 22 2019. NOT only that, I am adding a discount code for blog readers. Use the code BLOG in the discount box for an additional $10 off any bundle, set or DVD. Cannot be combined with any other codes or previous discounts.

Here’s to wonderful 2019…with more blogging, Friends!


  • Kathy Schwartz says:

    Sweet Runner and perfect quilting design for it! Welcome back to blogland! 🙂

  • Patti says:

    Yay!! I have missed your blog!! Love the table runner it’s gorgeous!!! I miss Carrie and her patterns. I made a schnibble for Christmas this year for my table. Happy New Year.

  • Kristy says:

    Hooray, you are back!! I look forward to reading your posts again.

  • Janet O. says:

    I have missed you, Linda!
    What a sweet runner, and I do like the design you used.
    It will be so good to have you back!

  • Janan Doster says:

    Yay! I love to read blogs and I'm sure yours will be a new favorite!

  • Phyllis says:

    So glad you are back here, I love reading your blogposts. I feel the same as you, although I never liked FB and hardly use it (but you do miss things when you are not on FB so there you go) and IG is a little quick (although I really enjoy IG). Blogging is just different and it is good to see you back here. The runner is lovely I particularly love how the Xmas fabrics pop up against the background and I am totally in love with that border fabric. Hope to see you again here soon!

  • Amy, a redeemed sheep says:

    I am so glad to see people coming back to their blogs! You are correct, Instagram is far less personal and it's harder to catch what people are sharing. I am grateful to see you back!!

  • Janet D says:

    Yeah, so glad you're blogging again. The runner is very cute, that has been a great line of fabric.

  • Earth Mama says:

    So glad to see the notification about your blog! Yes, the interaction on a blog is more satisfying than FB or IG.
    Love your table runner! I look forward to more of your creations!

  • barbara woods says:

    beautiful, I love Christmas fabric

  • Laugh Yourself into Stitches says:

    Hi Linda! Welcome to 2019! Love the 'no binding'… I totally get that one! Lol
    We both started blogging in 2010, fell off the blog wagon somewhere along the road…and i was pleased to see you coming back! I too am making a blog come back! There is something deeper here than in facebook or instagram. And I miss Sarge. :/ Here's to a great blogging year!
    Your pal, ~karen

  • kupton52 says:

    Yay! So good to hear from you again. You have NO idea how excited I got when I saw my email notification that The Quilted Pineapple had a new post! Your runner is gorgeous- not only is the fabric beautiful but the quilting really takes it to the next level. I'm so happy you're blogging again. Happy New Year….I hope 2019 is peaceful, pieceful and prosperous for you!

  • Dar says:

    Welcome back Linda. I missed following your blog and seeing all your lovely quilting ideas too. I do not do FB or IG so this is the only place I can follow along on your life. I have gotten way behind on my own blogging, but I really miss the interaction with other bloggers. Maybe 2019 will be a return for me also.

  • M and M plus 3 says:

    Love your table runner and fabric even though I resisted buying any. I’m happy to see your return to blogging. I have a few cyber friends through blogging, easier to get to know than IG and FB.

  • Ann says:

    I am so happy you are back to blogging. Love reading your blog and seeing what you are doing. Love the tablerunner. I hope to send one or two quilts to you. Would feel honored to have you quilt something for me.