Fall sure is in the air around here.  I need to get busy decorating.  I had Scott pull out all the boxes of fall decorations, but I have yet to decorate with them.  I usually keep Halloween out until after Thanksgiving because then I take all the fall decor down at one time and start decorating for Christmas.  Scott always gives me a hard time about that.  He made the comment to me last year that “nothing says Thanksgiving like a big hairy spider.”  LOL!  I just reply with “I’m sure there were spiders at the first Thanksgiving.” 🙂

So I recently finished a client quilt.  This quilt scared the wits out of me.  Why???  I seriously didn’t know where to begin on how to quilt it.

This quilt is huge.  My client made it as a wedding gift for her son.  Her son was married at a castle.  He requested a quilt with that theme including a family crest/shield.  It is a very cool idea.  The colors are so striking.  My client really did a beautiful job creating a quilt with those requests.  The hard part for me was…how do I quilt it???  The center with the shield is a large area.  I stared at this quilt on and off for a l-o-n-g time.  It finally came to me.  Thank goodness.

I’ll give you a little peek at what I came up with.

Medieval pebbling.  Can’t wait to show you the rest.  🙂