Happy 2013 everyone!! I hope everyone had a nice safe evening to ring in the New Year last night.  We had a nice low-key evening at home with lots of food. 🙂  I am back on the healthy food wagon after a few months of naughty holiday eating.  AND I am starting out the first day of the year right…with a blog post!

Seems Monique of Open Gate Quilts is hosting a little block of the month sew-a-long!!  You can see all the details and instructions on her blog here.  Oh and did I mention it is free!!  How fun!!!  I LOVE Monique’s patterns and rulers, so I knew this would be something I would LOVE to participate in.  I don’t really have a lot of free time, so any stitching time I have is like precious gold.  After reading Monique’s instructions, I realized there was a smaller 6 block quilt option.  I thought “even I have time for that!”  So off I went last night to make the first block!!  The only restrictions I placed on myself is that I HAVE to use fabric from my stash.  For most people this would not be difficult, but for my measly stash (although it is getting better) this could be a challenge.  BUT then I remembered some fabric…a lot of fabric I recently incorporated from a former BOM I chose not to finish after a few months.  I loved the quilt and I LOVED the fabric, just lost interest in piecing it.   Life is too short to stitch something if your heart is not really into it!  Anyways, I have all this gorgeous fabric.  I knew as soon as I saw Monique’s quilt that I would use a lot of the those fabrics in it.

My first block! 

My version of the quilt will all be made out of a variety of reproduction fabric.  There is a lot of light background fabric in the pattern, so it will really help to showcase the beautiful fabric!!

I will be piecing one block each month, but if you are making the 12 block option quilt, then you would be making 2 versions of the same block each month.  Monique’s piecing instructions are wonderful.  Clear and concise.  She also includes pressing instructions, so your block goes together like butter!!  The majority of the content of my blog is machine quilting, but you may not realize I love to piece too.  AND I am just as particular about my piecing as I am my machine quilting.  I like my piecing to be very accurate, so my blocks come out very accurate. 🙂

LOL!!!  I like the backs of my blocks to look just as nice as the front!!!  Just like when I quilt. 🙂

I used Monique’s Fit To Be Geese Ruler...LOVE that ruler!!  Makes all my Flying Geese come out perfectly!

This was such a fun block to piece!  I cannot wait for the next one!!! 

I hope some of you will join in too!  There is also a Flickr Group here to share blocks on.  It is fun to see the blocks in different fabrics.  Fabric changes the look so much!


  • mary truax says:

    good work! beautiful piecing. love the fabrics.

  • Lynette says:

    Very nice block. Love the traditional fabrics in it.

  • Darlene D says:

    Your block looks great! I'm thinking of joining too!

  • Sue says:

    Beautiful block and perfect piecing. Happy New Year to you and your family and thank you for letting us all know about the BOM!

  • Jeanette says:

    Beautiful block. Happy New Year. Hugs,xx.

  • Cindy says:

    Beautiful fabrics. I'm a "Back looks good" kind of girl too.

  • Melia Mae Quilting says:


  • WoolenSails says:

    That is a beautiful block and you did a beautiful job on the piecing.


  • Mama Pea says:

    I love your block! Looks like fun. I like to be accurate and have the back look as good as the front, but it doesn't always work out that way for me. LOL. Did I tell you I won one of these rulers from Monique? I still need to try it someday! too busy latelly!

  • Lesley says:

    Gorgeous blocks! Love your fabrics and your perfect piecing!

  • Phyllis says:

    What a great project, mmmmm, I already have too many projects going on else I would join in, but I will be following you and other bloggers on this. Love your block and your piecing is admirable. Did not know this ruler yet, maybe a purchase I can make during another visit to the Houston Quilt Festival…:-) ?!

  • Abby and Stephanie says:

    You are definitely meticulous with your work and it's always gorgeous. Love the block. Have fun.

  • Nicole says:

    So glad you are sewing along with us! Love your block.

  • Candace says:

    Happy New Year, Linda! Your block is gorgeous! Can't wait to see the rest of them!

  • Yvette says:

    Happy New Year!

    What a beautiful block. I need to go check out that ruler.

  • Sinta Renee says:

    Yumm! Your block is gorgeous Linda! I can't wait to make my next one! I really like the other blocks you have been making from Lisa B. blog. Beautiful.
    I am really liking the reproduction fabrics!

  • Jacqueline Bahí says:

    Impresionante por delante y por detras. Muy bien.

  • Nancy says:

    I came to see this block from pinterest. It is fabulous! It reminds me of Sister's Choice, but even better. Thanks for sharing.