Cart Those of you who “know” me, know that when I take a blogging break it usually means that I will come back with something worth the wait.   And you are correct!!!  In the Midwest, we are having a particularly cool summer.  Truthfully, it is far too cool than I prefer.  I had to put a hoodie on today!!!  Yuck!!!  On the bright side, the super cool mornings have been perfect for running.  Nice and cool.  So in honor of this cooler weather, it only seems appropriate to share the work of my amazing client, Vickie buy Pregabalin Lyrica online .  Glacier Star is a pattern by Judy Niemeyer here.  Vickie is also sharing on her blog, Vickie Quilts here.

There will be no shortage of photos, so get comfortable and enjoy!!  Remember to click on the photos to enlarge. 🙂

The quilting designs create the look of a medallion in the center of the star.  Love.

Curved lines help divide up the space and create a secondary design.  Fillers and pebbles create texture and dimension.  I used a gold thread from Glide, So Fine and Bottom Line from Superior and a monofilament from YLI.

Vickie’s workmanship was perfection, which makes quilting a quilt like this a much easier task. 🙂  LOTS of points, SID and ruler work.

Progress photo.  Its amazing how seeing how much the quilting changes the look.

 The gold thread created such striking visual contrast.  It was my favorite!  Especially on the black fabric.  I immediately knew some feathers would be occupying the space!! 🙂

I wanted to create the illusion of a sun almost rising in this space…a glow.

 Soft loops fill the flying geese border and feathers in the outer border.

 The back was gorgeous with all the texture from the quilting!

Double layer of batting in order to emphasize the quilting.  Quilters Dream Cotton with Dream Orient on top.

Before and After.

Glacier Star is actually the third quilt I have quilted for Vickie.  You can see another one of her gorgeous quilts here.  I wanted to thank Vickie again for being such a wonderful client and the opportunity to quilt for her.