I was able to get quite a bit accomplished the past two weeks on “Hop To It” during my Wooly Wenesday nights.    I finished up Block 8 – “Lily Dreams.”

I love the rich color of the purple wool on this one!  With orange in the center, it makes for a nice contrast against the muted background.  I also finished up Block 9 – “Garden Grace.”

Oh and I love the rich colors in this block too.  Seems I love all the blocks in this quilt!! πŸ™‚

TWO blocks in one week, it’s a record.  I even started stitching around Block 10.  Not sure if I’ll get the last three done before I go on my retreat next Thursday, but it’ll be close.  I have a very busy week before I leave.  I’m not going to worry if I don’t get them all stitched up before, I can always relax work on it while I’m there.

All this hand sewing has really taken a toll on my finger tips.  Unfortunately, I just can’t get used to a thimble.  Does anyone have any good suggestions??

Today is the big day!  I have my eye appointment to get fitted for my glasses this morning.  I’m so excited!  I may see things I’ve never seen before!  How cool.  Hopefully, everything will go well.  Fingers crossed!


  • West Michigan Quilter says:

    Love your blocks. I love the look of wool and those lovely colors, but I don't like working with it. So I can enjoy looking at yours. Lovely.

  • Lori says:

    Seeing your blocks makes me want to start a wool applique project! So pretty!!
    Good luck on the glasses today.

  • Sue says:

    Those are just gorgeous! Where are you going on retreat? That sounds wonderful and like something I would want to do some day.

    I have a hard time with a thimble also. I use the little leather pads that stick to my thimble finger. They are called 'Thimblepad' I love them and they usually last through a small quilt. On a big quilt I would have to use a couple of them. My underneath finger gets poked, but I am practicing with The Thimble Lady's thimble and her way of quilting. Have you seen it? You can go here to watch her videos on it: Not sure though, how that method would work with wool. Anyway, just a thought:)

    Have a great day!

  • Sunnybec says:

    Love them!! They are beautiful, as you know I have just started applique but only machine applique so far, not sure I could sew as neat as you have, but it makes me want to have ago when I see yours. I can't use a thimble either.

  • Impera Magna says:

    I like my leather "thimble" and have had it for probably 20 yrs by now… and need to get replacement. Less than $5 at JoAnn's.

    There are quite a few options for "thimbles" at JoAnn's, including the stick-on finger pads… here's the link:

    I'm thinking about investigating the stick-on pads… I keep sticking my left thumb with the needle when I push it thru the fabric.

    BTW – I love the blocks… so beautiful, lovely colors! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  • Yvette says:

    I love all of those blocks! Wooly goodness.

    An A-1, a Retreat, New Glasses? You have had a big few months. I look forward to seeing your new eyes, I am going Friday to re-check my eyes so I too can get a new pair of glasses. πŸ™‚ Now I need two more new things to catch up to you. LOL!!

  • Darlene says:

    Love these blocks, too. Wabbit one is still my FAV. LOL Like Lori I too am tempted to do a wooly applique project – you're having way too much fun. πŸ™‚

    New peeper today – woohoo!!!

  • WoolenSails says:

    Beautiful blocks and I see I am not the only ones with sore fingers.
    I have tried all different types, but once I put something on my finger, I use the other, just not natural for me. I even poke the dull end through when working thick materials, total abuse, lol.


  • Nicole says:

    That applique quilt will have such a whimsical feeling to it. It will be a real keepsake.
    There is only one thimble, as far as I am concerned. Roxanne's thimbles. You have to try them on to get one that fits you perfectly. They may be sized according to your ring size, I am not sure. Getting a good fit is super important, because they are very expensive ($40) and you will never need another thimble in your lifetime.
    There is a little cut out in the metal for your fingernail for goodness sake. You look like a Goth Girl when you are wearing it, but seriously check it out!

  • Candace says:

    You're going to have one gorgeous quilt, Linda! I have never been able to use a thimble! I use the little stick-on thimble pads – they can be removed several times before they lose their stickiness and you can position them anywhere – depending on what I'm sewing I sometimes use more than one! They come in leather, heavy fabric or there are some that are gel-like. I like the leather best! Have a great time at your retreat!

  • Patty Nordahl says:

    The stick on finger pads are the right thimble for me. You can use them over and over. I just take it off and stick it on the little plastic case my applique pins come in then everything is right there when I need it. Your blocks are beautiful. I wonder how they would look in cotton? As someone else said I like the look but not the feel.

  • Anonymous says:

    What pretty blocks! Love them :o) Good luck at the eye doc!

  • Joan says:

    I love all those blocks too – you are going well! I am looking forward to seeing you in your new glasses too πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Lainee says:

    It's amazing what you've been able to do and yet be in such bad need of glasses…can't wait to see your selection.

  • Mama Pea says:

    Good luck at the doctor. Can't wait to see your new glasses. I love your blocks! I never could get used to a thimble until I forced myself to wear one. My favorite is the little rubber ones they sell in different colors. It's the only one I've ever been able to get used to wearing on my finger. Have you tried one of those?

  • Allie says:

    Linda they are just wonderful – I love the colors in these! I do have some suggestions for you, I can't wear a thimble myself….I use the ThimblePad, it's an adhesive leather dot that you can reuse over and over. Here's a place that sells it with an under thimble, as well.

    I like the leather dot because I don't get poked, and I can still manipulate the needle easily.

    On my index finger, the one that pulls the needle with the thread, I use a rubber finger cot from the office supply store. Especially if what I'm working on is a thicker fabric, or has interfacing.

  • QuiltSue says:

    Well I was going to suggest the stick-on thimble pads too, but that's already been done. I used to be like you and couldn't use a thimble, until I got one that fitted properly. (Well, who knew they came in various sizes?) Now I can't even pick up a needle unless I put my thimble on first!

    Your blocks are wonderful, I love the colours. Where is your retreat? I'd love to go on one one day, but meanwhile I'll just look forward to reading about yours.

    Sorry this is so long, but hopefully you'll be able to read it with your new eyes!

  • Simone de Klerk says:

    Beautiful blocks!!! And what an accomplishment.

  • Kim says:

    Lovely colors in these blocks. πŸ˜€ I would recommend that you try the Clover leather thimble with the metal disc in it. You really just have to wear a thimble and get used to it – so worth the discomfort. Be sure to get the proper size so your thimble fits properly. I love these leather thimbles!

  • Carol says:

    Love your blocks…you've been a very busy girl…can't wait to see your new glasses…OMG, imagine what you'll get done when you can see twice as much…LOL! Hope it went well!

  • Susan @ Blackberry Creek says:

    These blocks are beautiful. I know this is going to be a striking quilt when finished.

  • Michele says:

    I love the beautiful blocks πŸ™‚ Great job!!

  • Carrie P. says:

    Your blocks are just lovely. The purple wool is stunning. I can't use a thimble either but I use these. I cut them in half and put the half on my middle finger just below my needle and use them until they don't stick any more. It will take a little time to get used to it but it works.