Just a quick post.  Today, I’m off for a recheck at the dr. office and then off to work at the shop.  Anyways, did you know that I “heart” feathers???  Of course you do!  Cuz I’m a little obsessed.  This is a little peek at a beautiful quilt I’ve been working on.  Actually, I’ve spent far more time picking quilting out of it than putting quilting in it.  No joke.  Thank goodness Scott loves me a lot because he’s been picking out too.  Everything I’ve quilted on it, I hated.   It’s like I’m in one of those moods like if you’ve ever been shopping and you try on a ton of clothes and nothing looks good.  That’s how I’ve felt about my quilting.  Finally, I decided to “try on” some good old fashioned feathers.  DING-DING…we have a winner!!!  Knowing I have feathers on the brain, why didn’t I just go with that to begin with???? 

Feathers make everything better.