Block 2.  It was fun and fast, not quite as challenging as the first block.  Block 2 is brought to you by Sherri at A Quilting Life, instructions here.
12″ block. 
 I stuck with the same fabric groups…Urban Farmhouse Gatherings and Little Gatherings by Lisa Bongean and Off White Bella Solid. I love the soothing feel of the colors. Looking forward to making this a quilt!

Now the block is comprised of 12 half-square triangles. You can pick your poison on how you want to make them. The pattern also provides a method. If I was making one of the smaller sized blocks, especially the 4″ that Lisa Bongean is doing, then I would use triangle papers…you have to really…or commit to going crazy. ๐Ÿ™‚ However, since I am making 12″ blocks, I went with making my HSTs a bit oversized and then trimming them down using the Bloc-Loc ruler.

I love these rulers for HSTs or Flying Geese blocks. The size I needed was 3.5″ unfinished HSTs. There is a ruler that is that exact size, but I prefer to go with the ruler a size bigger.

I just find the 3.5″ markings on the ruler. I find I have the best results this way because my HSTs stays put under a bit bigger ruler as I am trimming the excess.

I use my pinky finger and thumb to help keep my ruler in place. No teetering or sliding around. That seems to work best for me.

I trim 2 sides and then rotate my block around and trim the remaining two sides.

I end up with a perfect 3.5″ HSTs. Again, I have starched my fabric, air dry completely then steam iron PRIOR to any cutting. Makes the fabric so easy to work with. The blocks end up accurate and not wonky.

I always use a ton of steam when I am pressing blocks too.

I love my wool mat for pressing. My current favorite iron of choice is the Velocity. A friend had one I tried at a retreat and I fell in love. I have had it nearly a year and so far, so good. I do not leave water in it overnight. I also have a smaller wool mat for quick pressing right next to where I am sewing or to carry blocks to my larger pressing area.

Last, but certainly not least, it is my baby girls’ birthday today! 19 years old! This is their first birthday we are not spending with them as they are away in their Freshman year of college and busy doing college-y things. ๐Ÿ™‚ We will celebrate on another day. Those of you that have been here from the beginning, may remember that when I started here they were in elementary school! 4th grade…time flies! I thought I would share a few pics from their Senior pics taken on a few of my antique red and white quilts.

I have seen many friends joining in on the Blockhead fun!


  • llswink says:

    You are the second person in recent months to have mentioned letting your spray starched block dry completely before ironing. So I am curious, what does this practice do for your block?

    And, although your work is quite lovely, I have to say your girls steal the show! You are truly blessed.

  • Janet O. says:

    I like the soft color palette you have chosen, Linda. Your block looks as perfect as it can get!
    What beautiful girls–I love that you had antique quilts in their photo shoot. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Farm Quilter says:

    At home I have a wonderful clothesline where I hang all my fabric to dry after I have washed it. I also spray the heck out of it with starch, while it is damp with the water, and let it dry. I know that if you live where there are silverfish and other nasty bugs, you don't want starch on stored fabrics. I usually only starch the fabric I am going to be using immediately. Love what you doing with your bonus HSTs!! Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughters!! My oldest daughter's birthday was yesterday…good time to have a baby!

  • P Jarvis says:

    The Bloc Loc ruler is really the best, isn't it? The girls are just gorgeous. Since I'm just catching up on your blog, mine is 21 today. gah!