After all the craziness with Sarge being skunked on Friday night, I was in some serious need of sewing therapy!  I took refuge in beginning “Plan C” from Schnibbles Times Two by Carrie Nelson with my newly acquired Layer Cakes of Bliss fabric.  It was exactly what I needed!

52 flying geese done!  Actually, I still need to trim them up.  I chose “Plan C” because it had so many flying geese.  I have a fear of flying…flying geese that is!  I usually stay away from patterns using flying geese because I have the worst time E-V-E-R trying to create perfect flying geese.  I have tried every method out there.  My favorite method is using the Fit To Be Geese Ruler by Monique from Open Gate Quilts.  I love that ruler and method.  It has really helped me conquer my fear.  Of course, I couldn’t use it because these flying geese are quite large.  The next method I like is where you sew two squares on one large square, etc.  Problem was I spray sized my layer cakes and the sizing shrunk the fabric up just enough that I didn’t have enough to cut the smaller squares.  By the way, I spray size anything that stands still for 5 minutes in my sewing room, including charm packs and layer cakes!  So this is what I did… I cut  52 white rectangles the correct size.  I cut the two squares that were forming the “sky” a 1/4″ larger.  I used Eleanor Burns Large Flying Geese Ruler to square them up.  I actually got 52 perfect flying geese!  Here’s how I did it…

I stitched a thread’s width outside my drawn line.

I trimmed the excess fabric from behind the “sky” portion.

Repeat on the other side. Then I squared them up!

Here’s the best part, I made half-square triangles with the scraps I cut off!  I will need to square them up, but I got 104 HST from my scraps!  No waste!  I am thinking I have enough for my own little Schnibbles design!

I wanted to thank everyone for all the advice and kind words of sympathy regarding Sarge’s date with the skunk!  Our house smells 1000 times better today!  That concoction worked!  There’s still a faint scent of skunk, but it’s tolerable.  The first night was the worst!  I haven’t slept that bad since the first night we brought our daughters home from the hospital!


  • Patti says:

    What gorgeous fabrics, and all those HST to boot!

  • Lainee says:

    I haven't tried flying geese yet…I'm having trouble with accuracy(undersized) on my HSTs…no matter what method I use. Will remember to sew outside the marked line and not on it!

  • Darlene says:

    Love,love your flying geese with Bliss. Plan C is going to be so sweet.

  • Ida from Central PA says:

    I took a class with Pat Speth (Nickel Quilts), and she calls those little left over half-square triangle units from making Flying Geese "Goose Poop" — because it's what's left after the goose is gone. 😀 [If you have geese around you, you can certainly understand that! OY!]

    She has a few 'goose poop' quilts made from just leftover HST's. 😀

    Just thought I'd share!

  • Terry says:

    Love your flying geese! Bliss is so beautiful! :0)

  • Ida from Central PA says:

    Here's a bit more on those 'extra' quilts from Pat:

  • Nicole says:

    Now you have given me a great idea of what I could do with my fat quarters of Bliss!

  • Maria says:

    I love your flying geese and the fabric! When I do geese I use the smaller square on bigger square method and now I've seen a ruler that actually tells you the measurements for various sized geese. I am getting said ruler so I don't need to do the math every time!

  • Carol says:

    Oh I'm glad Sarge is smelling better! Love those flying geese! I have Eleanor Burns' ruler and never think to use it…that worked great!