I had a woolwind, I mean whirlwind weekend!  I worked my makeup artist job this weekend.  I worked all day Friday at a location, came home and packed the family, including Sarge and headed to two hours to my in-laws’ house for the weekend.  I had to work Saturday at a store near their house.  Saturday night we all attended a birthday party for one of my husband’s best childhood friend’s 40th.  I did manage to find time to make the snowman mat!  Fortunately, the two hour ride home gave me time to stitch it up.  I love how the back is finished off with a piece of Primitive Gatherings line of homespun fabric.  It hides all the ugly stitches from the back and gives a finished look to the project.

The key to finishing off the back is to use Fray Check around the edges of the homespun.  The wool they sent me for the snowmen in this kit was a bit more marbled and gave it a more prim look.  I love the results.  The one I am giving as a gift is on the left.

I actually attatched one of the carrots facing the wrong way after I had stitched it!  LOL!  I couldn’t believe I didn’t notice until I was almost done, so I fixed it.  It was a long weekend!

Packing up Friday night was kind of crazy.  It always is when you’re in a hurry. We  almost forgot to put the girls’ suitcase in the van, but we it caught while still in our driveway.  Well, I was getting ready for bed Friday night around 11:30 and couldn’t find our overnight bag which holds all of my hair and makeup stuff, toiletries, Scott’s contact stuff, etc.  So I asked Scott if it was still in the van and the look of horror came across his face as he told me he was sure he left the bag in our bathroom…two hours away!!  Normally, I wouldn’t really think it was too big of a deal, EXCEPT one small, minor detail…  Saturday I was working a big fashion and trend show at Nordstrom’s.  Kind of important for a makeup artist to have makeup on and look professional for the big event, not to mention presentable hair.  Unfortunately, my MIL is not a makeup girl, so that option was out.  I sent a text to my boss early Saturday and told her I was coming in extra early to do my makeup there.  She was super understanding.  My hair was another story.  I did not wash it because no flat iron meant I would have had big frizzy hair.  So instead I had a dirty, bad hair day!!  It all worked out.  Initially, I felt like it was one of those dreams where you are standing there in public in your underwear!  Good times.  There is really only one thing that can make you feel so much better in a situation like that…retail therapy.

I picked up some new ornaments at Nordstrom.  They had several new styles I didn’t have.  Nordstrom is where I bought my first ornaments several years ago.  Scott was super sweet to buy them for me because he felt sooooo bad for leaving the bag at home.  He just didn’t know he bought them for me until I got home from work!


  • Darlene says:

    Wow, you did have a whirlwind week end! As I was reading I thought for sure someone was going to have to drive home – whew – everything worked out in the end. 🙂

    Love the snowman mat – very cute!

  • Lori says:

    It sounds like a busy but fun weekend!! I never thought about using fraycheck on the fabric backing. What a terrific idea.

  • Yvette says:

    Those look fantastic!
    What a great idea to put a backing on the candle mat's. I have to remember that when I attempt my first one.

  • QuiltSue says:

    That's the stuff of nightmares isn't it? I'm glad it all worked out OK, and it was sooo thoughtful of your husband to buy those ornaments for you.

  • Nicole says:

    Leaving behind something critical is so easy to do! What a disaster! Thank goodness you work in a field that has plenty of product you can use in a pinch.

  • SewSew says:

    What a nightmare but what a hoot of a story–and it ended well—with 'new shoes and handbags'!!
    You made me laugh. Woow—now we know you have curley hair!! Thanks for a good morning chuckle.
    Oh, I remember leaving my dh's dress clothes bag when we went to his companie's weekend retreat. He received an award that year, in his shirt sleeves. Good thing he was tidy. He had to wear the same slacks all weekend. Have a good day. Loved your candle mats.

  • Joanne says:

    Great candle mats!
    Sounds like you had an exciting weekend! Made me laugh too.♥

  • Thelma says:

    Frey Check, who knew…thanks! I love the snowman mats. You have a wide variety of talents and interests. I'm enjoying your blog immensely!

  • Maria says:

    Oh I hate when that happens. You think you have packed everything you need or that your hubby has but then, horror, when you realize that you've forgotten it. This is why I keep a fully stocked overnight bag at my in-laws in England. I keep it in the bedside table drawer in the guest room. It is such a relief to know I have everything there and don't need to fret about forgetting something important. Sounded like your weekend turned out good anyway. Didn't know you have curly hair. Mine is as straight as anything but wish it wasn't. Shame we cant swap!

  • Carol says:

    Love those snowman mats…you did an awesome job…love how you did the back.

  • Candace says:

    You know I've always wondered if fray check works – now I do thanks to you, Linda! I'm laughing so hard at your makeup story! Can't tell you how many times that has happened to me! But look what it got you – more of those adorable ornaments!!! Way to go!

  • Mama Pea says:

    LOL. That's quite a weekend you had! Glad you figured out the make up! You did what I would have done and just gone early and used some of their makeup! Ha!