Yes, finally!  Big time Happy Dance going on here!!  I am thrilled and happy to report that the 30s quilt is ready for binding!!  I will always refer to this quilt as “The Great Teacher.”  This quilt taught me so much through trial and error.  It shouldn’t have been a difficult quilt to quilt, but I was being the stubborn student and wanting to take the l-o-n-g way.  LOL!! There were times when I thought, “There is no way I’m showing this quilt to to anyone again.”  BUT I couldn’t be happier with how it looks and am more than happy to show it off.

 I pretty much could have been blindfolded when I quilted the borders because I couldn’t see the thread at all on that fabric while I was quilting.  No joke.

 I tried a new all over design in the center.  Kind of a feathery swirl.  Everything is freehand.  I did mark for spacing on the sashing.

And finally the whole quilt.  Well sort of…my photo skills are pathetic.  🙂

Scott loved how the borders came out.  He was very impressed and loves this quilt now too!

I am loving every second of this quilting journey.  Even the little “learning bumps” every now and then.  
Hope everyone has a great day!