I am making some progress on “Toulouse” by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co.  Elaina was very excited yesterday to come from school and find me working on her quilt.  This quilt has a-lot-o-pieces! Nicole mentioned to me that there was a lot of piecing and she wasn’t kidding!  I believe Thelma recently noted on her blog that “Toulouse” had nearly 1600 pieces!  Nicole also mentioned to me what a fun quilt it was to make!  I am having a good time sewing all the pieces together.  Carrie suggests to achieve a very scrappy 9-patch and rail-fence block, piece these blocks individually.  So no quick strip piecing here.  It makes it a bit longer process, but worth it in the end.  So far I have cut A LOT of squares and rectangles!!  I have one test block done.  By the way, my block came out perfect.  Carrie Nelson is a genius pattern designer!

I am using the Bliss collection from Bonnie and Camille.  The same fabric collection I used on Alyssa’s “Plan C” quilt.  I decided instead of using red in the rail-fence, I would use the pink from the collection.  Here is Carrie’s original version with the red in the rail-fence.

I think the pink looks beautiful.  I believe it will give the quilt an even scrappier look.  Elaina really likes it too!  What 9 year old girl doesn’t love more pink??

Yikes! Look at all those squares and rectangles!  Hundreds!  Lots of piecing yet to be done.  Yesterday I got all my HSTs pieced.  Now I need to begin work on making all my 9-patch and rail-fence blocks.  I will keep plugging along on Elaina’s quilt, but as many of you already know I will be having a bit of an interruption tomorrow…Jamie Wallen is coming over tomorrow morning to set-up my A-1!!  Yippeee!!!  I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it! : – )


  • Anne Ida says:

    Your block is beautiful! No wonder Elaina is excited! 1600 are a lot of pieces, but tackling a Carrie-pattern you really have to be prepared for that *lol* And you're right about those pinks, they work very well in the rail fence blocks.

    Wishing you heaps and heaps of fun tomorrow!

  • Lori says:

    The quilt is looking awesome!!

  • Terry says:

    Your block looks great! I think this is one of those quilts I'm going to wait to make until my piecing is better! And 1600 pieces right now would make me crazy! LOL

  • QuiltSue says:

    The block looks beautiful in the Bliss fabrics.

    It's nearly tomorrow!

  • Lainee says:

    1600 pcs!…I would have to do a small wall quilt!

  • WoolenSails says:

    That is going to be a beautiful quilt. I find piecing and sewing very relaxing, can't wait to get back to my larger quilts.


  • Donna says:

    Gorgeous! It is just stunning with the fabrics you used πŸ™‚
    Makes me want to make one just like it!!

  • Joanne says:

    The quilt is going to be amazing – love the scrappy look.
    Have fun tomorrow!

  • Jennifer Gail says:

    That is really pretty.

  • Nicole says:

    Little by little, you will get it done! You will love it. The Bliss fabric is just perfect for that pattern.

  • mary pernula says:

    The colors are fabulous…….Yes you are right about the pieces……….looks like you have a nice work table to leave your work in progress alone…………..HUGS MARY

  • Mama Pea says:

    The quilt looks awesome! I love the pink in the rails. What a great idea to make both quilts out of Bliss, but in a different pattern. Do the girls share a room? If so, that will look great.

    I'm surprised you can't strip piece the 9-patch units. With the one I just did, I took two WOF strips and she had me cut them into 6.5" lengths. This produced three dark strips and three light strips. I sewed a dark and a light together and then repeated that, leaving me one dark and one light. I took one dark and sewed it to one of the strip sets (so it went dark-light-dark) and the light to the other (so it went light-dark-light). Then, I cut those into strips and the result was two blocks with the same fabrics, but one had dark on the corners and the other had light on the corners. Now, yours are all dark on the corner, but you have four of them in the same block (and they look all the same to me). Seems like you could do a little strip piecing there. But, you've already cut everything out so, it's fine!

    It's going to be beautiful! I can't wait to see how it turns out! Lovin' it!

    I am so excited for you to have Jamie coming over! I get butterflies, too! πŸ™‚

  • Brandie says:

    What a good Mommy you are! My kids are still waiting to recieve real quilts from me. Maybe when they get married…

  • Yvette says:

    I love zillions of pieces in quilts. This is going to be just too delicious.

  • Michele says:

    It looks great! Challenging quilts are so much fun…….especially when you are finished πŸ™‚ most of the time I don't chain piece to get the scrappy look……it takes longer but I think it's worth it. Have fun tomorrow……I recently got a new machine and quilt frame and I love it! Enjoy!

  • West Michigan Quilter says:

    I love your block. The colors you are using, red/pink/green with that touch of teal are awesome. It's going to be a beautiful quilt.

  • Joy McD says:

    It is going to be just beautiful! And then to quilt it on your new baby… ah! What bliss!

  • Carol says:

    Your Toulouse is going to be FANTASTIC!

  • Wendy says:

    The pink is a nice added touch. I love scrappy quilts and yours is turning out wonderful.

  • Quilts And Pieces says:

    Oh it will be soooo wonderful!

  • Darlene says:

    Oh, it's beautiful. I'm working with Bliss right now and having lots of fun. πŸ™‚

  • Thelma says:

    Bliss is a perfect family of fabrics for Toulouse, I love what you've pieced so far! The pink split rails next to the red and white nine patches look great, I love it! It's easy to see why your daughter is so excited!

  • Linda says:

    Wow! I can't wait to see it finished. Looks lovely.

  • Denise in PA says:

    Looks like you're going to be WAY ahead of me on the Toulouse (I have to finish this now overdue baby quilt before I can think about anything else at this point). But, I'll let you know when I've started!! o:)