And just like that Fall is in the air here in Michigan. Have you started decorating for Fall yet? I have a confession…I had pumpkins out by the end of August. It is my favorite season! 

Moda Stitch Pink Block 2, On the Rise.

Directions here

Block 1 and 2. I love these so much! It is going to be a gorgeous quilt. Again I am using all fabric from Redwork Gatherings available here I posted a ton of details in my previous post.

I have pumpkins sprinkled throught the house. Fall quilts are on display as well. Although, I realized I need way more Fall quilts. I mean “I have too many quilts.” Said no quilter EVER! 🙂

Plaid Pumpkins runner. I am thinking I need a lap quilt size too! Pattern is from Center Street Quilts available here I quilted it with an edge to edge design on my Innova. Did you know you can send me quilts for edge to edge quilting? Fast turnaround and very affordable at .02 a square inch and free return shipping. Info here Feel free to contact me.  I would love to finish your treasures.Christmas is right around the corner…yikes.  

I picked this tiered serving stand at Was-Mart yesterday for $15. Great find! I measured it in store to see if a pie plate would fit and it does. Perfect for holiday entertaining.

Morning sun is my favorite.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend. I will do a recap of the next few blocks on Monday on my blog. However, I will be posting them daily on my Instagram here Be sure to follow me there.