Happy Halloween! And what better way to celebrate than a special treat! Today is the day for the Moda Stitch Pink Quilt reveal! Wow did this month just fly by. This sew-along was the best sew-along I have ever participated in or finished on time. 🙂 I ended up with an amazing quilt and if you make it until the end of this post, you will see what I did with my quilt. 

Such a beautiful quilt! 

A few photos of it before I quilted it. 

I was not sure initially if I would set my blocks just like the original pattern, but when I saw the blocks laid out together, I just fell in love. 

I quilted it on my Innova with the an edge-to-edge computerized design called Deb’s Feathers.  Edge-to-Edge quilting service info available here


Perfect little stitches. Love how it looks quilted!

Moda Stitch Pink quilt is in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Moda is donating a portion of the Grunge kits/fabric proceeds made with this quilt towards Breast Cancer Research. When Carrie at Moda (the genius behind this gorgeous quilt pattern) asked if I would participate, I knew just what I would do with my quilt. If you have followed me the last 10 years, you know I have mentioned a very dear friend that also quilts, Patti. Well, Patti is a FOUR yes FOUR time cancer survivor, including breast cancer as well as three other cancers. Good friends are hard to come by and she is a once in a lifetime kind of friend. I completely surprised her. She stopped by my studio and saw the quilt and of course she knew I had been working on. She’s been contemplating making it herself after seeing mine. I mentioned that I made a special label for it and told her to check it out. 

She read it with tears. Herself a quilter, it’s the first time she’s ever received a quilt except for her wedding which inspired her to learn to quilt. Although, I loved the quilt so much…giving it to Patti was a feeling I will never forget. The best feeling. Zero regrets.

I told her if we ever divorce…I get the quilt in the divorce. LOLOLOL!  Finishing directions for the quilt here.

Now lets get caught up on those last for blocks. Block 27 – Give Me Wings 

I love the name of the block! Larger pieces…stitched up quickly. A nice change of pace. I also used Triangle Paper for the half-square triangles. Directions for Block 27 here.

Block 28 – Groovy Granny 

Another scrappy version for me. I love using those leftover pieces. These last few blocks were some of my favorites. I just love this one. Direcetions for Block 28 here.

Block 29 – Twinkle Twinkle 

Okay, this one is my favorite. 🙂 For real this time. Lots of pieces. Another scrappy version. Starch and triangle paper helped aid me in getting this one stitched with ease. I just took my time and laid all the pieces out first.  The Triangle Papers, Folded Corner Ruler and Flying Geese Ruler I used throughout the quilt are now available in my shop here. Directions for Block 29 here.

Block 30 – Mother Hen 

The last block. I was sad to piece the last one. However, lucky for me it was another great block to use leftover pieces. The scrappier the merrier, I say! Lots of pieces, but it stitched up easily. I also refer to this block as Anniversary Block. My wedding anniversary is on Oct. 30 AND I started this blog 10 years ago. Happy Anniversary, Friends! So how about a little giveaway! Just leave me a comment here telling me your favorite Halloween treat or your favorite treat in general or favorite quilt block. I will announce a winner Monday, November 2. Directions for Block 30 here.

If you’d like a second chance to win, I am giving a basket of goodies on my Instagram as well here.

Hope you all enjoyed this sew-along as much as I did!


  • Monie says:

    Great job, great story, lovely friend💗. My favorite Halloween treat is the free burrito at chipotle!

  • Patty Sliney says:

    Oh my gosh, what a beautiful blog post. The quilt is so beautiful and to give it away to someone so deserving. Brought tears to my eyes as a quilter and a nurse. So, my favorite Halloween candy is Candy Corn, always! And favorite treat in general would be a rich, soft, chewy, warm brownie with an ice-cold glass of milk! ~ Patty S.

  • Cheryl says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. Patti a four time cancer survivor, God Bless You. Patti has a great friend in you Linda. My favorite Halloween candy is anything chocolate. Happy Halloween.

  • Judy says:

    What a beautiful quilt! I think Twinkle Twinkle is my favorite block. My favorite Halloween treat is a Butterfinger. Yum, yum!

  • Jean says:

    This quilt is absolutely gorgeous! I’m sure Patti will cherish it!

  • Bonnie58 says:

    I love your quilt Linda. It is beautiful and an awesome testament to all cancer survivors. I am like you, every new block is my new favourite. I really cannot narrow it down. Thanks for the progress reports

  • ladawnrae says:

    Such a fabulous quilt with a beautiful story! I just finished breast cancer treatment myself, and I know what the love and support of special friends means. ❤❤❤

  • Diane says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous quilt! You do such amazing work! Thanks for sharing ❤️❤️

  • Linda Futrell Rogers says:

    What an absolutely stunning quilt!! It is amazing and special that you gave it to your friend who is a 4X cancer survivor. Incredible. I confess – I copied your design as much as I could and the quilt is for me because I am a breast cancer survivor. I think having this quilt for the month was incredible and am so glad that Moda did it. I am still behind – working on Block 17 now – but I plan on getting this finished before I do anything else. I was originally planning on adding some borders in between each block, but after seeing yours I don't think that it needs that.
    Thanks for showing your pictures daily. You are a great inspiration!

  • qubasket says:

    I’m sure your friend will cherish her quilt especially since it came from you and because it is so beautiful. I received a pink breast cancer quilt from one of my quilting bee group 15 years ago. I cherish it and it is still on my bed. Reese’s is my favorite Halloween candy, actually my favorite anytime.

  • Unknown says:

    This is such an inspiration to get this project done. Beautiful.

  • Mary Moore says:

    Linda your quilt is inspiring. I absolutely love everything about it, from the fabric that you chose down to the final quilting using the feathers. What warmed my heart the most is that you gave your beautiful creation to Patti. Patti I pray you never get this again and congratulations for beating this cancer four times. My favorite Halloween treat this year is the extra hour of "sleep" that we will get tonight! Happy Anniversary!

    • P Jarvis says:

      Just to clarify, I had breast cancer once. The other three were bonus cancers of different flavors. It too warmed my heart and I tear up every time I think of it. 🙂

  • Chelle (Dana) says:

    You made such a beautiful quilt! It was a very wonderful and loving gift to your friend. I'm sure she will cherish it forever. My favorite treat (candy) would be chocolate covered caramel. Love it, but can't always find it.

  • With Love from the Heart of Our Home says:

    Wow! What a beautiful, beautiful gift from the heart! Pattie sure is a strong and blessed friend! The quilt is just gorgeous and I have really enjoyed seeing each of your blocks everyday! Loved seeing this work of art all pieced and quilted up by you!
    Favorite candy: Reese’s pieces and favorite block: Jersey Girl ♥️ Thanks for sharing your talents!

  • Cheryl Gherna says:

    I’ve loved every day’s favorite block, and the quilt is outstanding! And what a lovely gift it is. Another quilter truly appreciates the love put into making one. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Donna wells says:

    Beautiful quilt.

  • Unknown says:

    What a treasure this quilt is. It's not only beautiful but it has a beautiful story too.

  • Jamie says:

    Love this beautiful story and of course the gorgeous quilt!❤ My favorite treat is a hot fudge brownie sunday!

  • Margaret says:

    The quilt you made for your friend is beautiful and heartfelt, and I had tears in my eyes when I read the label. I hope she uses it in good health for many, many years! I’m glad you’re blogging again. I know it’s a challenge to do it, but I so enjoy looking at your gorgeous quilts, your lovely daughters and your adorable pets. My favorite trick or treat today would be a visit from a certain little 3 year old shark and 5 year old alligator. That would be a great treat.!

  • antique quilter says:

    how kind of you, but I am not surprised at all. We know she will love that quilt and treasure it. I love pumpkin bread/muffins and always make pumpkin muffins on halloween for breakfast!

  • Luvsbball says:

    You are such an inspiration❣️ Have loved watching this quilt come together and the Redwork Gatherings adds to the beauty! Tears came when I read your label, the icing on the cake to give the quilt to a dear friend, a cancer survivor.💕.
    Almond Joys is my favorite candy, anytime of the year!❤️

  • Marianne says:

    Favourite treat has to be Kit Kat!…such a fabulous quilt!! Thanks for the chance to win some goodies 😊

  • bluebird says:

    Oh my gosh! What a beautiful quilt you made for a special friend! I’m sure she will treasure it ❤️ Congratulations to her for being a cancer survivor! I have a dear friend who has been suffering from stage four cancer for the past ten years! These people are such an inspiration to us!

  • quilter says:

    Chocolate, chocolate… You get the idea, lol


    This made me cry. Beautiful story, wonderful friend and impeccable quilter. My favorite treat are peanut butter cups

  • Karen Ritter says:

    Such a thoughtful gift to your friend Patti! And the quilting is lovely. I love that you used Redwork Gatherings. You’ve given me some ideas for how to use my FQ bundle. My favorite Halloween treat is fabric!

  • Melanie says:

    Reese Halloween Peanut butter cups…. At work we used to call them Crack… So addicting…. Beautiful quilt. The feathers are perfect for it….

  • barbara says:

    My favorite block is the pineapple.

  • Dixiequilter says:

    I have “stalked” followed you for years. I have an entire Pinterest of your work. It wasn’t until lately getting to know you thru Lisa’s lives that I felt like I now “ know you” haha! You are an amazing quilter but, also an amazing woman and friend. What a nice gift to give from your heart to hers. I have enjoyed following you as you made this quilt. My favorite candy for Halloween is Twix.

  • Shirley says:

    Thank you for sharing this small quilt journey with us! My favorite Halloween treat is Mounds, gotta love chocolate and coconut!

  • Diana Rosenthal says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Unknown says:

    LOVE the quilt and the sew a long was great fun! love your fabrics and the special label.

    my favorite Halloween candy is Reese's Peanut butter cups.

  • Brenda says:

    Beautiful Quilt. Beautiful quilting. I really admire your work and so wish I could take longarm classes from you! My favorite treat for Halloween is corn candy!

  • Diana Rosenthal says:

    This has been an Inspirational Journey following along with you. The fabric is beautiful and your quilting has made it breath taking. You have touched your friends heart with this gift.

  • Kelly D says:

    The colors you used pull all the blocks together to make a beautiful quilt! Favorite Halloween treat – dark chocolate.

  • Nancy T says:

    I'm making the quilt, but ended up doing cutting/bagging every day with little sewing. I do have blocks 1 – 10 done, and despite my misgivings they went together perfectly!

  • Megan says:

    So beautiful!
    My favorite treat is a Heath bar. Toffee for the win!

  • Megan says:

    So beautiful!
    My favorite treat is a Heath bar. Toffee for the win!

  • Megan says:

    So beautiful!
    My favorite treat is a Heath bar. Toffee for the win!

  • KTQ Lover says:

    I have enjoyed following your progress each day. However the final quilt and feather quilting are the best finishing touches. Love, love, love your quilt. Then there is your heart – you gave it away. Wow!! My favorite Halloween candy is the chocolate candy corn followed by chocolate of any kind!! Thank you for offering your goodie basket

  • Quilt n Queen says:

    Wow…the quilt is stunning! A beautiful story Linda, a beautiful quilt given to a beautiful friend/cancer survivor from a beautiful and caring friend. Through happy tears you make my/our hearts sing. 💕

    Happy belated anniversary, happy blogiversary, and happy Halloween. My favorite Halloween candy is the mini Oh Henry chocolate bars.

  • Norma Jean says:

    Wonderful quilting! Gorgeous! My favorite Halloween candy are pay day candy bars! Yum

  • Tara Z says:

    What a lovely gift!
    Your work is stunning, Linda.

  • joann m says:

    The quilt is beautiful. Such a heartfelt gift for a special friend.

  • Unknown says:

    The Quilt is Sooo Beautiful and giving it to Patti was such a kind and Wonderful gesture. Even tho you would get it in the divorce. I truly believe it would never happen!!! My favorite candy is Almond Joy or Mounds. Sometimes you feel like a nut-sometimes you don't!!! Happy Belated Anniversary!! Bonnie

  • Samantha Neal says:

    Beautiful finished! Can’t wait to finish mine. My favorite Halloween candy are snickers and my favorite quilt block is the card trick.

  • Unknown says:

    The quilt is beautiful and so is the quilting! You are so talented. It is hard to pick one favorite block but if I have to choose, I pick the house block. My favorite treat is a Heath bar.

  • Becky says:

    I love your quilt and what a beautiful gift and tribute for such a special friend. My favorite Halloween treat is Scarecrow Crunch. Lots of recipes for it on the web but you basically mix all kinds of sweet and salty treats in a bowl and dig in!

  • Kathy McIntyre says:

    I truly love this quilt. All of the blocks are beautiful and I couldn’t pick a favorite. Halloween treat is Snickers. Thank you for doing this quilt and being an inspiration, especially in a time where we all need inspiration.

  • Lillie H says:

    Beautiful quilt! On my bucket list! I love anything stars. Favorite block is twinkle twinkle! Snickers is my favorite candy!

  • Lillie H says:

    Beautiful quilt! On my bucket list! I love anything stars. Favorite block is twinkle twinkle! Snickers is my favorite candy!

  • Kristy says:

    What touching story about you and Patti and your gorgous quilt. Truly what life is all about! I can't have any of the traditional treats for Halloween due to my food restrictions……..but the absolute best treat for me any day is to see and chat with my grandchildren. They light up my life!

  • Caro says:

    Your quilt is just stunning! Fabric selection perfection too! Thank you for a chance to win your giveaway.

  • Debbie Stinson says:

    Love this and all your quilting. I have red work on order so hopefully able to start soon!!

  • Unknown says:

    Anything pumpkin is probably my favorite Halloween (fall) treat…pumpkin brownies, sweet cinnamon pumpkin candles, pumpkin colored quilts, wool applique pumpkin table runners….

  • Sorcha girl says:

    What a beautiful quilt!! Thank you for your story about your friendship with Patti. It brought a tear to my eye. I, too, enjoyed the sew along and look forward to a finish.

  • 56beachgirl says:

    Thank you so much for your touching story, Ive been saving pictures of your quilts to admire over the years but this year I’ve started on this quilt with the same fabric. I love reds.

  • Margaret says:

    This makes my heart so full.

  • skquinn23 says:

    My favorite part of Halloween is the extra candy that the trick or treaters didnt get

  • Frog Quilter says:

    I am also doing this top for a cancer patient. So worth while. I also make and give away quilts for cancer patients going through chemotherapy. This is my favorite Halloween treat and all year round.

  • Melissa Shaver says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this story. That’s part of what makes a quilt absolutely priceless – the stories behind each one.

  • Gail says:

    That is a lovely quilt and I think giving it to a person who quilts will mean that it is appreciated lots more than giving it to a non-quilter! She will know all the time, money and love that went into it as well as appreciating the special connection as a 4-time (WOW!) cancer survivor!
    My favorite treat is milk chocolate with sea salt and my favorite quilt blocks are currently appliqué, but that changes, depending what I’m working on!

  • SallyC says:

    Such a great quilt and story! I love any treat that is dark chocolate.

  • Kathy Conway says:

    I loved your story and your beautiful quilt! My favorite treat is Snickers and I am not sure I can decide on just one favorite quilt block. I love them all! Happy anniversary, its also my granddaughter’s birthday, she is 10! My email is Thank you!

  • Jane N says:

    Love your quilt!! I’m getting a late start because of family health issues, but it’s gonna be fun. Using all kinds of grunge pink with a silver gray background. So happy Moda did a QAL to honor breast cancer awareness month.

  • Angie W says:

    Love how your quilt turned out!

    When I was young we lived way out in the country so only Trick or Treated at a few houses. My favorite was going to Loralie she was an older lady that gave out homemade cookies and popcorn balls.

  • Unknown says:

    Your quilt is stunning! Have downloaded the blocks and hope to make this soon. My favorite treat is Payday candy bars. Oh my…

  • Kelly Hunsberger says:

    Your quilt is beautiful and such a blessing to your friend! Four year ago this month I shaved my head for a dear friend going through breast cancer. That may not be a treat, but it was the best treat I ever gave out at this time of year.

  • Karen N. says:

    Your quilt is gorgeous!! I cried too when I read the label. What a beautiful gift. What an amazing friend and friendship. My favorite Halloween treat would be Milky Way Bars. Of course, there's always pumpkin bread and cookies in the fall!! =:) Thank you for taking us along on your sew along!! Loved all the blocks and your hints.

  • Carolyn says:

    I love the feathered star block. Love your quilt and I will get right on it

  • Unknown says:

    I love your quilt & the fabric! What a precious gift for your friend. I love log cabin blocks. My eye always goes right to them. Someday I'm going to make a log cabin quilt.

  • Janetnstar says:

    Your quilt is red-iculously lovely! My favorite Halloween treat is homemade pumpkin roll! Thanks!

  • Janetnstar says:

    Your quilt is red-iculously lovely! My favorite Halloween treat is homemade pumpkin roll! Thanks!

  • Janetnstar says:

    Your quilt is red-iculously lovely! My favorite Halloween treat is homemade pumpkin roll! Thanks!

  • Janetnstar says:

    Your quilt is red-iculously lovely! My favorite Halloween treat is homemade pumpkin roll! Thanks!

  • P Jarvis says:

    I have no words to describe how I feel receiving this quilt from you. As a survivor, it means so much. The worst hell anyone can go through. In the end, there has been many things in my life that has made it "worth" it. Hopefully, being a better friend. I teared up again, lol, reading your post. As one commenter said, As a quilter she will truly appreciate it. And I do!! I love it so much. Thank you dear friend.

  • Barbara johnson says:

    I love your quilt. I’ll inspired to make it after seeing your fabrics and the finished quilt. Hershey chocolate bar with almonds is my favorite

  • Unknown says:

    What a beautiful gift to give to a special friend with cancer. I am a 4 year survivor of lung cancer. Sometimes people just can't understand what we are feeling or thinking. I try to look at everyday in a positive way – "doesn't always work" I am anxious to start my quilt when I get my fabric. My treat for Halloween is to spend time with my Grandkids and family.

  • Dianesrn1 says:

    Stunning quilt! Perfect showcase of the redwork gatherings fabric! Congratulations to the recipient for beating cancer x 4! Heartwarming story, prayers for an end to cancer for everyone. God bless.

  • Sheryl says:

    My favorite Halloween treat is candy corn! Especially if you mix it with peanuts and M&Ms! One of my favorite blocks to make is churn dash – because you can do fun things with the middle of it, I put a pin wheel in the middle, or a log cabin, or a sawtooth Star—endless possibilities!

  • lmrettig says:

    You made a stunning quilt! Your friend is one lucky and blessed lady. I am so glad that I found out about you from this QAL. I look forward to your future creations. My favorite treat is anything with salted caramel. I have also become obsessed with log cabin blocks this year. Once I get through my current project list, I am going to attempt some for myself.

  • Denise says:

    What a beautiful quilt. And I don’t even like pink. Also I love the quilting.

  • Janet says:

    What a stunning quilt… It’s wonderful to see it all put together and what a lovely gift that was. I think all October babies love Halloween! I don’t really care about the treats but I really do love the decorations! Thank you for the opportunity to win! Is that a BFF ruler in there? I took a big chip out of mine the very first time I used it! It still works upside down!

  • Jackie says:

    What a beautiful quilt! Your work is gorgeous!! My favorite candy would be a Reese peanut butter anything – cup, pumpkin – it doesn’t matter. It is hard to lick a favorite block but Ohio Star would be high on my list.

  • Marcy says:

    What a trip watching these blocks become a quilt. Put me down for Butterfinger and Baby Ruth.

  • Becky Collis says:

    Your quilt is gorgeous! I’m a butterfinger and churn dash kind of girl!

  • C McCormick says:

    This is gorgeous! I've been following along and I love this. I also think Block 29 is my favorite and I love Reese's peanut butter cups. And Snickers. And York Peppermint patties. And very dark chocolate….. probably best if I stay away from the candy aisle!!!

  • says:

    Lovely quilt. True friends are such a blessing. Favorite treat is a chocolate covered caramel apple.

  • Unknown says:

    I loved all your blocks and the quilting was awesome. Your friend is very lucky to have a wonderful friend like you!!❤❤

  • Unknown says:

    My favorite Halloween treat is the dinner-in-a-pumpkin my mother always made. Now I do it. Really enjoyed watching the progress of this quilt, but your ending made it perfect! Gay Boston

  • Joyce says:

    My favorite is caramel apples for a fun (healthy?) treat! Your quilt is gorgeous, Linda!

  • Rosy Ribbon says:

    My favorite Holloween treat is carmel apples.what a beautiful gift for a friend.

  • Rosy Ribbon says:

    My favorite Holloween treat is carmel apples.what a beautiful gift for a friend.

  • Darla says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I’m enjoying so many of the blocks. Working on the basket block today…and in Redwork Gatherings! My favorite block, just because of the finished look, is the Dresden! Thanks Linda, for all your help! I should be finished within this next week! It’s one of the best sampler quilts I’ve ever made!

  • Darla says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I’m enjoying so many of the blocks. Working on the basket block today…and in Redwork Gatherings! My favorite block, just because of the finished look, is the Dresden! Thanks Linda, for all your help! I should be finished within this next week! It’s one of the best sampler quilts I’ve ever made!

  • Darla says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I’m enjoying so many of the blocks. Working on the basket block today…and in Redwork Gatherings! My favorite block, just because of the finished look, is the Dresden! Thanks Linda, for all your help! I should be finished within this next week! It’s one of the best sampler quilts I’ve ever made!

  • Darla says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I’m enjoying so many of the blocks. Working on the basket block today…and in Redwork Gatherings! My favorite block, just because of the finished look, is the Dresden! Thanks Linda, for all your help! I should be finished within this next week! It’s one of the best sampler quilts I’ve ever made!

  • Denise says:

    I really love your colors on the quilt! If I make it I will copy you! My favorite treat for Halloween is seeing my grandchildren dressed Up!

  • Fran Bianchi says:

    Stunning quilt Linda, it’s hard to pick a favorite block, as they are all fabulous. You have a heart of gold and Patti is lucky to have you for a friend. I’m pretty sure she will cherish the quilt…and I also had tears when I read the label.

  • Barb Blincow says:

    Just love this! I recently made a quilt for my friend going through breast cancer treatments too, but not like this one! My favorite candy is anything with caramel.

  • Denise says:

    I love your fabrics- especially your background. Your quilt was a gift of love.

  • Debra Seithel says:

    I started printing the directions but wasn’t sure I would make it but then I saw urs and it’s gorgeous so now I have too….. I have a friend going through cancer now…. but anything Carmel is my favorite treat any time not just Halloween 🎃

  • Trudi says:

    My favourite treat is a coffee date with my husband of 29 years! After months of very strict lockdown here in Melbourne, we were finally able to get out yesterday to indulge ourselves.

  • Janet O. says:

    I just wanted to say that your quilt is beautiful, and I absolutely love what you did with it. Bless you, Linda!

  • barb s says:

    I love this quilt and Patti is blessed to have a special friend like you! I’m sure the feeling is mutual. Good friends are the best! I love caramels covered with chocolate! I love all the blocks so it would be difficult to choose a favorite!

  • Martha says:

    I love orange Kit Kats!🧡

  • Ann says:

    This quilt is stunning. My favorite treat is chocolate balls. Don't make them to often cause I can't leave them alone.

  • Karla says:

    So beautiful. I have really enjoyed seeing all your lovely blocks and it is so special to gift it to Patti. My favorite candy is a layercake! LOL

  • Traci slomba says:

    Such a generous and heartfelt gift but very deserving!
    My favorite treat is Mr goodbar! I always hide them in the freezer, nothing better than frozen chocolate!

  • Diane E W says:

    I loved following the journey of your quilt. It is beautiful. I am sure your friend will treasure it forever.
    My favorite Halloween treat is Carmel apples. We used to receive these all the time when tricker treating when I was a little girl.

  • Grannie Smith says:

    Love your quilt. My favorite Halloween treat ia Butterfinger candy bars. Can't get enough of them. I have followed your blog since the beginning.

  • bpark says:

    Love your story, and LOVE the finished quilt. Will be giving this to my Dear SIL who is a 12 year survivor… THANK-YOU!

  • Linda H says:

    LOVE your blocks, your points are amazing and the quilt is beautiful! Favorite Halloween treat is Reese’s peanut butter cups!

  • Meme says:

    Beautiful! You and Lisa have turned me in to a love of 2 color quilts. I was going to do mine in pinks as I'm a 4 year breast cancer survivor. But now I'm going to do it in reds. I have so enjoyed your daily blocks.

  • says:

    This quilt is absolutely beautiful. I know it has been a dedicated effort to produce such an amazing project. Thank you for all your hard work and the example you set for us. You set the bar high!

  • Sherry C says:

    What a gift you are to your once-in-a-lifetime friend. We just never know where or when one happen. Thanks for sharing your quilt, your friend’s journey, and your story. Do you have any Butterfingers to share? 😉

  • Julie W says:

    My favorite Kit Kat. You are a true friendship star!

  • Laurie Parsons says:

    I've loved seeing your blocks in the redwork gatherings fabric. Beautiful!. My favorite treat is snickers!

  • Julee says:

    you do such excellant work…always enjoy looking at it…

  • Judyk says:

    What a beautiful quilt and a beautiful gesture. I’ve been following your daily progress and I love your version using Lisa’s fabrics. My favorite block is every star block I see! Favorite Halloween treat is caramel corn.

  • C. Smith says:

    A beautiful quilt. Enjoy quilting it. I look forward to seeing it finished

  • Catty Wampus says:

    I think that was a very meaningful gift given with love. I love mounds bars and those peanut butter kisses that were so hard to find this year! I had to order from Amazon, and they weren't the same. My favorite quilt block is anything I can paper piece! LOL! And I say this because your friend Lisa Bongean kinda egged me on with her video, to make that Halloween Harlequin quilt with the fig tree fabrics like hers! Oh boy! I sure wish it were paper pieced! Well that will teach me!….no it won't lol! I will watch something else with you two and go I wanna be like Lisa and Linda! Which I do 💕

  • GranChris says:

    My Grandmother always said quilts are Love Letters. You truly made/wrote a beautiful Love Letter that I am sure she will always treasure.

  • Lorette says:

    Your quilt is gorgeous!! Congratulations! I've followed along with your progress saving all the blocks in hope of someday having the time to stitch it up.
    Happy anniversary to you and your husband!! Happy blog anniversary.
    Patti is a lucky girl to have you as a friend!! What a great gift!

    • Lorette says:

      My favorite Halloween tradition was making the costumes for my children… I wish they all lived closer so I could make costumes for their kids.

  • Luvlife says:

    ❤️ What a gorgeous quilt and a very special gift to Patti❤️ My favorite treat is chocolate.

  • Unknown says:

    Your quilt is gorgeous! I love anything chocolate! (

  • suzanne, dutchess county NY says:

    This truly is a fabulous quilt and so nice you gifted to your good friend. I love Reeses cups. My favorite block is the cherry basket. It combines patchwork and appliqué. I love quilts that combine both. Happy Anniversary

  • Janie Steele says:

    Great SAL.

  • sue bennett says:

    The quilt is amazing. Perfect fabrics for this project. Great quilting.

  • Barbara says:

    Linda Such a wonderful gift! Being a 27 year survivor of Breast Cancer I love that this wonderful woman was the recipient of the beautiful quilt.

  • Joy says:

    Giving a quilt is always a wonderful feeling. I never tire of it. My favorite treat is a candied apple. Happy anniversary!

  • marie says:

    The quilt is breath taking. I love it. Red is my favorite color. Your friend is fortunate to have a friend like you. Happy both anniversaries.

  • Linda in PA says:

    My favorite fall treat in Autumn mix candy corn and pumpkins. My all year long favorite is chocolate. Happy Anniversaries! Your quilt is beautiful! Giving it to your friend was a loving and generous thing to do! Last October I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a double mastectomy in January. So I am a nine month breast cancer survivor.

  • Nancy E says:

    Your quilt is wonderful, just gorgeous! What a great gift for your friend. That is just so nice of you. Dark chocolate is my favorite.

  • Sharon S says:

    Your quilt is beautiful! What a great friend you are to give away a quilt. You both are lucky to have found such a friendship. I too had breast cancer 2 years ago. Tell your friend to Be Strong, Be Brave, Be a Force!

  • LynnJ in Wis says:

    Absolutely spectacular. And what a gift! Thanks for sharing all your blocks with us and your finished project. Very inspirational. Favorite treat – bring on the Snickers.

  • Beenquiltin says:

    Loved watching this project come to life. Used up a lot of scraps. Thank you so much for your super instructions and hints! I'm not sure I have favorite! I really like any with stars! I love dark chocolate!

  • Mona in Texas says:

    What a beautiful ending for your quilt! Made my day. I love candy corn. Seeing your blocks in red make me want it done in red…so pretty.

  • tnquiltz says:

    Your quilt is drop dead gorgeous! Love the scrappy reds. So sweet of you to gift it to your BFF. I have 2 favorite Halloween candies — Reese’s Dark Chocolate Thins & M&Ms

  • Donna W says:

    Your quilt is fabulous! And what a great friend you are to gift it to your friend. Favorite candy for Halloween or any time are Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

  • Vjquilter says:

    Beautiful quilt made with beautiful fabrics!!The choice for the quilting was wonderful too! My favorite quilt block is the Feathered Star!

  • kupton52 says:

    What a sweet gift you made of your quilt. I bought a fat quarter bundle of Redwork Gatherings along with a layer cake and extra yardage to make my quilt as close to yours as possible. I hope you truly believe "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". Your blocks are so beautiful and lay so flat I am envious! But I digress…my favorite Halloween to Christmas candy is Terry's Milk Chocolate Orange Ball. When my children were little they loved to smack the sections apart. Alas, the children are grown and I can seldom find the chocolate orange balls anytime other than October to December. Thank you for sharing these wonderful posts on your Stitch Pink blocks. I've missed your posts and these were exceptionally refreshing. Blessings from West Virginia.

  • dmf says:

    What a generous friend you are. I am sure the quilt touched her heart more than she can say. The quilt and quilting is so beautiful. Dove dark chocolate almonds.

  • Woodsymoose says:

    Loving a good Snickers bar along with a bears paw or log cabin quilt block as my classic favorites!

  • Unknown says:

    What a beautiful story. I love the red – beautiful. Bear Paws have to be my favorite – anything caramel and nuts. Thanks for sharing

  • Toni R. says:

    Thank you for sharing your talents with us – this quilt is simply beautiful!

  • nancy b. says:

    I love everything about this, the quilt, the story of friendship, the photos, all just beautiful. Hard to pick a favorite treat, unless it’s chocolate. With peanut butter. Thanks for the heart lift!

  • kathiquilts says:

    Can't think of any treat that's sweeter than your gift to your friend – what a lovely recognition of the friendship between the two of you!. A treat for me — just about anything chocolate!

  • Pascale says:

    My favourite treat is a croissant. I can’t resist.
    I can’t choose a favourite block, that changes.

  • Pascale says:

    My favourite treat is a croissant. I can’t resist.
    I can’t choose a favourite block, that changes.

  • Pascale says:

    My favourite treat is a croissant. I can’t resist.
    I can’t choose a favourite block, that changes.

  • Pascale says:

    My favourite treat is a croissant. I can’t resist.
    I can’t choose a favourite block, that changes.

  • gailss says:

    Beautiful quilt and Patti is very lucky to have a true friend…..and am sure she will cherish this quilt! My go to snack should be something like popcorn or healthy things but have to say I love chocolate…so there you have it! A piece or two of good chocolate will do the trick when I need a pick me up!!!