Just a few blocks more to go until the big reveal! 

Block 23 – Fixer Upper. Is one of my favorite blocks. I could have a whole quilt comprised of just this block! A simple block to piece, but is a bit more time consuming sewing each log. Pre-starching made the skinnier pieces much easier to work with. Directions for Block 23 here.

Then  Block 24 – Pine Nut happened and that became my new favorite block. 

I think I will refer to this block as scrappy cranberry delight! Yummy! I love to use up all those little leftover pieces. I could not be happier with how my block turned out. Again, I used the Folded Corners Ruler from Antler Quilt Designs that I referred to in a previous post to help me piece this block. It is a wonderful tool to have in your sewing toolbox. Directions for Block 24 here.

Block 25 – Weathervane. 

From little pieces to big pieces. It was a fun change of pace! Half-triangle papers as well as the Folded Corner Ruler helped out on this block. I love to use my tried and true little helpers to ensure I piece an accurate block in the easiest way possible. 🙂 Directions for Block 25 here.

Block 26 – City Girl

Oh how I love that stripped outer border! I feel it sets it off beautifully! I also love the variety of backgrounds I used in this block. A simplier block that I could showcase all those beautiful background prints. Having fun with the backgrounds really helped a simple block stand out.  Directions for Block 26 here.

My studio tree is decorated for fall. Just some orange glass ornaments and pinecones. Simple and works for October and November. 

I have very much enjoyed decorating for the season this year. Maybe it is because I am home more than I typically am this year….we all are. 🙂 


  • KMSC says:

    All of your blocks are beautiful. I can't wait to see your finished quilt.

  • Debbie says:

    Great to see all your blocks. Love your tree! Snowing at my house this morning…definitely thinking this is a year Christmas lights need to go up early.