I consider Wednesdays to be “my wooly Wednesdays.”  My daughters take dance class on Wednesdays.  While they are at dance, I go to the library and work on my latest wool project.  It’s the best deal!  I have about 3 hours every week that I can just sit quietly and do my hand wool applique.

My latest project that I have been working on since January is a BOM from Primitive Gatherings.  It is based on the pattern “From My Garden Album Quilt” from the book Hop To It! by Edyta Sitar for Laundry Basket Quilts.  Edyta’s version is done in batiks.  In the BOM version from Primitive Gatherings, all the applique is wool with a brushed cotton homespun for the background.  January block done in wool…

The quilt is featured on the cover of the book.

The first three months’ blocks…

I really like the original version, but I love the primitive wool version!  YES, I do!  I can’t wait until I have it done!  Of course, I am behind on my blocks.  I have found that to be the case with any BOM I start.  I always fall behind, but that’s a topic for another post.  I am currently working on September’s block.  I’ll reveal more as I progress.  I have to have them all complete before February because I am going on a quilt retreat with two other girlfriends that did the same project.  We are going to work on it together during the retreat.  Fun!  I can’t wait!

My first day at the quilt shop was fabulous!  It was the best day E-V-E-R!  I got to check in brand new fabric for the shop, Wild Rose from Blackbird Designs.  It’s gorgeous and I even got to cut fatquarters out of it!!  Someone even came into the shop specifically to see my Alpine Wonder and to talk to little ol’ me about how I quilted it.  I almost fell over!  My quilts proudly hanging at the shop…

I am very humbled by the idea that someone would come to a shop to admire my quilts.  Usually it’s me that’s admiring others’ work.


  • paulette says:

    Hi Linda!! Love your wool work! Your work is gorgeous as are the quilts in the shop! Get use to it…quilters will want to know lots more about how you did it and with what!! How lucky are you to get to play while you work!!
    Take care!

  • Lori says:

    OMGosh! How exciting! What a fun day.
    I love the wool blocks. I have that book but never thought to do the blocks in wool!! Nice work!!

  • Lynn says:

    Hi Linda, I too, work in a quilt shop one day a week. It is a dream job! The only issue is having so much fabric following me home. Yes, Wild Rose is fabulous. (A fat-quarter tower is sitting in my sewing room as we speak.) With your talent, you will be an asset to the shop. Love your quilts and your blog.

  • Darlene says:

    A delightfully fun day. Woohoo!!!

    I LOVE your wool project, as well. Stitching at the library while your daughters are at dance class is a wonderful idea.

  • Anonymous says:

    What a wonderful day and compliments galore can make for even a better day!!! Your wool is wonderful!!!!

  • Candace says:

    Great wool project, Linda! I'm working on something very similar, too! I'm so glad you had a fun first day at the LQS! Your Alpine Wonder is gorgeous and certainly deserves its place of honor!

  • Carol says:

    I'm so glad you had such a delightful day! What a great job! Love your wool blocks!