After all the chaos with Sarge and his friend the skunk, hosting Thanksgiving, putting out Christmas decor and working a lot last weekend (not at the quilt shop), I was able to finish piecing “Plan C”.  I was soooooo doing the happy dance last weekend!

I am very happy with the results!  I will definitely use a piano keys border again.  I do thinks it adds a lot to the overall look of the top.  This quilt will go to my daughter Alyssa.  I will be making a second quilt out of Bliss for Elaina.  The girls decided Alyssa should get the first quilt this time because when I made the girls’  quilts before, Elaina was the recipient of the first one.  Very diplomatic of them!  I received a lot of inquires on the tips I received regarding the piano keys border.  Candace left me a wonderful tip in my comments section.  She said, “A hint on piano borders…sew each row of your strips from the opposite side and they won’t come out wonky!”  So that’s what I did…

I would sew on a strip like normal.  The next strip I would attach and sew down the opposite side by flipping my strip set over and sewing it on…

It worked like magic!!  That method kept my strip sets straight and not wonky or start to curve on the ends!  Mary from Quilt Hollow also left me a wonderful tip for the borders, which I still have to do.  She said, “Remember to stay stitch those outside edges about 1/8th inch in. Helpful hint here. 🙂”  Thanks ladies for all the tips!  Blogging friends are the best!  I hope those tips will help everyone!

I had lots of “helpers” last weekend too…

Kristin decided to take a break from studying, which is ALL she does anymore to come join me in my sewing room.  She curled up with a pillow on the floor, followed by Sarge and soon followed by Scooter!

 Like I said I had lots of “help”.  LOL!

My apple pie I was making when Sarge decided to interrupt.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!