I am pleased to say I was able to get a lot done outside last weekend.  Flower beds are weeded.  All my annuals are planted.  I purchased our garden veggies, but Scott will be planting those this weekend.  I transplanted a ton of Hostas.  Now the season of watering has begun!!

I wanted to go over a few specifics regarding Colfax County.  I used So Fine thread #405 top and bobbin.  Just about a whole cone of it!  Batting- Dream Cotton Blend.  Love that batting!!  All the quilting is freehand.  I went through 3 air erasable markers.  I did not premark, but I marked guidelines for the design.  I used two different curved rulers…Deloa’s 15″ Boomerang for the CC hatch design in the center of the blocks and Rhonda Beyer’s Large Crescent Ruler to create spines for the feathers.

Now onto the beautiful Shades of Baltimore Winter. *added* Pattern is by Stacy Michell of Shades Textiles.  The pattern can be purchased here.  My client, Heather did an amazing job on the applique!!  I will let the photos do all the work. 🙂

This quilt had more applique than any other quilt I have quilted so far.   I wasn’t sure what to do??  I called on some fellow longarm friends (Kathy) for suggestions, especially with regarding threads and quilting on the applique.  I thought I would quilt a motif in the border that went with the quilt, holly leaves worked out perfect!  I remember Judi, quilting holly leaves onto one of her client quilts that I loved.  After figuring out the design, I made a few homemade templates.

I used black Glide thread throughout the quilt, except for the applique.  I used a clear thread called Monopoly from Superior.  Worked like a dream.  Just enough to add dimension to the applique, but not take away from Heather’s beautiful work.  I LOVE how the quilt turned out!!!

 Lots of pebbling!!!!  Time consuming but so worth the effect!!!  And echoing, swirly goodness!!

I used 2 layers of black Legacy Blend batting.  The back looked really cool with all the texture of the quilting.

Heather submitted her quilt to the HMQS quilt show.  Although, no ribbons, she said the judges remarks were all wonderful, especially regarding the quilting.  I have never had a quilt judged in a major show, so to hear that…I cannot tell you how happy that made me!!!

Hope everyone has a great week!!


  • Heather says:

    Once again I would like to thank you Linda, your quilting was superior and I couldn't have been happier with it. I really really love how it turned out. Now on to the next show, we will attempt another shot at a ribbon.

  • WoolenSails says:

    Another gorgeous quilt and beautiful quilting, really love how you match the designs to the piece.


  • Brandie says:

    Wow! Stunning! Black sure does make everything pop. Tell me more about this clear thread. Is it a filament thread?

  • Candace says:

    Linda, it is just incredible how you incorporate your designs into the theme of the quilt! Heather must be head over heels! Might I ask why 2 layers of batting? Another wonderful work of art!

  • JoAnne says:

    Beautiful quilting! The pebbling is wonderful and I LOVE the echo swirling. The quilt is so amazing! Brandie, the Superior Threads Monopoly is a polyester invisible thread–not nylon like most. It is very thin and doesn't get brittle like the filiment threads. They have a website with tons of information.

  • Kathy Schwartz says:

    Congratulations to you and Heather on a job well done! It is a winner in my opinion 🙂

  • Me and My Stitches says:

    LOVE IT!!!!

  • Darlene says:


  • The Quilted Finish says:

    As always your quilting is beautiful and really makes the quilt pop. Sounds as though you had a very busy weekend! Thanks for sharing the details of how you quilted Colfax County. It's wonderful to hear how another quilter handles the quilting process, always something new to learn! Thanks.

  • Teresa Silva says:

    Very stunning! I love everything about this quilt. Awesome job. You're a fantastic longarm quilter.

  • Mama Pea says:

    Yet another stellar job. You continue to amaze me with your talent!

  • Carrie P. says:

    such a very cute applique pattern and another amazing job by you.

  • Abby and Stephanie says:

    Your quilting is so inspiring. Anyone aspiring to long arm machine quilt should be visiting here and soaking up your many tips.

  • Mom says:

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  • Cathy says:

    Fantastic! I love the holly leaves in the border. I'm going to keep that idea in mind for hand quilting.

  • Michele says:

    Just gorgeous!!

  • Sharon says:

    Linda, you did an incredible job quilting it! It's beautiful!!!

  • Desley says:

    Love the quilting in the border.

  • Sue Daurio says:

    What a treasure. The quilting is spectacular. Congrats on it getting in the a show 🙂

  • Amy, a redeemed sheep says:


  • jeri says:

    So beautiful!

  • Della says:

    This is such a beautiful quilt. Have not done anything in black but this get me thinking.

  • Sheila says:

    Gorgeous and your quilting really makes the applique pop . I am surprised it did not win a prize , it sure looks like it deserves one.

  • Kristy says:

    Stunning, absolutely stunning…once again. Kristy in Ohio

  • Donna says:

    As always this quilt is gorgeous! Along with her wonderful applique and your quilting it is a gem!
    I have been transplanting hostas as well!

  • the running chicken quilting says:

    Amazing quilting…beautiful. I know how long it takes too!!! As for watering the garden…I wish…we have had the wettest drought ever!! Although the last few days have seen some sunshine…we have all been complaining now that it is too hot!! Never satisfied!

  • the running chicken quilting says:

    Amazing quilting…beautiful. I know how long it takes too!!! As for watering the garden…I wish…we have had the wettest drought ever!! Although the last few days have seen some sunshine…we have all been complaining now that it is too hot!! Never satisfied!

  • Auntie Pami says:

    Absolutely fantastic! I have to get mine out and get it done. So happy you did well with it at HMQS. A ribbon won't be too far away.

  • Sinta Renee says:

    WOW! This is an amazing quilt… the quilting and the applique. And on top of that… it has just a sweet charm to it. Gorgeous.

  • Unknown says:

    What a Treat! I am the maker of the kit and pattern used in this quilt. You have no idea how happy it makes me to see it get finished, and finished better then our sample! Can I borrow it some time?? (Never let me get a hold of that quilt, you would have to pry it out of my fingers to get it back 🙂
    Yes, this is my business and I am in business to make money, right… but the money comes and goes. The thrill of seeing the finished project, Priceless!

  • ELENAVA наслаждаюсь печворком, квилтингом says:

    Восторг! Очень красиво