Short and sweet is exactly what this post will more than likely be.  Had an issue with my watermark app.  Still not as it should be, but no more wasting time on it!!  Plenty of stuff going on here.  Girls dancing.  New appliances coming in.  AND lots of quilting!!  I will give you a hint…all the quilts are flannel. 🙂  If you have been following Lisa Bongean’s blog or Primitive Gatherings website,  then you get what I am laying down here.

I quilted this a while back…remember I am a slow blogger.  Short and Sweet is a beautiful little quilt designed by Kim Diehl from her book Simple Charm.  I have loved this quilt from the first second I bought the book!  I actually texted a photo of it to Lisa and mentioned that is would be a great kit for them to do.  Wool and reproductions…what’s not to love??  Imagine my excitement when I got the shop sample to quilt!!

Feathers and curved crosshatching for the quilting.  Simple yet elegant.

I love all the wool petals.

This would be a great quilt to do a charm, wool or 9 patch swap with friends.

 I decided after quilting some of the border design.  It might have even more visual appeal if I filled in a basket weave design.

Yep, love it! 🙂

Of course, you can never go wrong with feathers.

 The quilting showed up beautifully on the backing.

When this top first arrived at my home, it was before Christmas.  I pretended it was mine and took a few photos of it modeling in my home. 🙂

Pretty sure this is going on my long list of projects I want to make.  Specifics on the quilt…all So Fine Threads.  Dream Blend for the batting.  Primitive Gatherings has full kits, the book, wool kits…many options for this great little quilt here.

Back to work! 🙂


  • Unknown says:

    Очень красиво! Стежка – супер, рисунки очень подходящие.

  • WoolenSails says:

    I do love that quilt, and her patterns. You really did a beautiful job on the quilting designs, perfect for that quilt.


  • Sheila says:

    Be still my heart , I love this quilt , just gorgeous and your quilting as always enhances an already beautiful quilt!~~

  • Archie the wonder dog says:

    It's wonderful!

  • Kindred Quilts says:

    Once again… gorgeous quilt, gorgeous quilting!

  • Melia Mae Quilting says:

    Just beautiful! You did an excellent job quilting it!!!!

  • Abby and Stephanie says:

    A real beauty. A lovely collaboration of quiltmaker and quilter. Oh and I HEART flannel and I am a secret hoarder of flannel.

  • Angie says:

    Oh my, this is gorgeous—I too have loved this pattern since I got the book—it's definitely on my list, and thanks for the suggestions for swaps, etc.

  • Candace says:

    My heart is going pitty patter over this one, Linda! Your quilting is evolving so wonderfully! What a great idea for a swap on it, too!

  • Karen says:

    The quilting design works so well with this Kim Diehl design quilt. I have been admiring a version of this quilt on another blog for several weeks.

  • Lesley says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! I have this book and always gravitate towards this quilt. Thanks for inspiring me yet again!

  • Sue says:

    Aack! You're killing me here! What a beauty! I love that quilting once again. You continue to amaze us.

    I love all Kim Diehl quilts 😀 And have all of her books. Good stuff!

  • Beardie Mom says:

    Absolutely gorgeous quilt and the quilting makes it OOOO La La!!

  • Lynette says:

    Oh,how pretty! And you hand quilted it? Love the basket weave on the outer border.

  • Anne says:

    Sounds like Lisa is lucky to have gotten this one back from you. 😉 I love all of Kim Diehl's designs and you added the finishing touch! Your quilting is absolutely fabulous!

  • Phyllis says:

    I would keep the quilt….

  • Phyllis says:

    Just kidding 🙂
    The quilt is lovely as is your quilt work , but it does look perfect in your house… maybe put it a bit nearer to the top of your 'want to make' projects? Is your list as long as mine…?

  • Terry says:

    This is one of my all time favorite quilts! Thanks for sharing so many pictures of it! :0)

  • Thelma says:

    This pattern has been on my To Do list ever since I saw it in Kim's book. I didn't have the fabric on hand to make it, now I do, or at least it's on the way. I wonder how many kits you sold for Lisa today! Great Job, all the way around!

  • Cathy says:

    Your quilting is so fantastic. Hugs

  • Cindy says:

    Oh my, what a true beauty! I do believe it goes nicely in your home, LOL
    Your quilting is just "over-the-top". You are such a gifted person. Hugs.

  • Patti says:

    Beautiful as always. I can see that on my table too.

  • Patti says:

    Beautiful as always. I can see that on my table too.

  • Kaaren says:

    Stunning…the design, the fabrics and the quilting is the icing on top of the cake.

  • Sue Daurio says:

    What a wonderful quilt. The quilting on the border is amazing.

  • marylouweidman says:

    Linda, I haven't had country stuff in my house for a long time and your quilt draws me back…it is fabulous…you have the touch on everything you do! Thank you for sharing

  • Mama Pea says:

    Have the book.

    Have always loved this quilt, too.

    LOVE your quilting!

  • LuAnn says:

    I have loved this quilt since the first time I saw it. It's on my list, too. It looks gorgeous on your table with the lantern. And, your quilting adds the perfect finishing touch!!!