First, thank you for all the kind compliments on the quilting of Swoon!!!  Thank you!!!  Second, the big reveal!!!  I really enjoyed all the comments on who’s who regarding the boots!!!  Some of you had some very creative reasoning for what you chose!  It was quite entertaining to read!  Many of you picked the right guess for Lisa, but not so much for me! πŸ™‚  So it might be a shock to all…

Lisa Bongean is in the black boots and I am the cheetah girl!!!!!  LOL!!!    This photo is courtesy of Lissa Alexander’s Instagram.

Many of you guessed red for me, but bare legs.  I love my cheetah skinny jeans!!!  And I love my red, hot boots!!!  I think they go with everything! πŸ™‚ Just like quilting feathers.  You see, I am usually in a hooded sweatshirt every day while I am quilting, so when I get a chance to wear something else…I go all out!!!  Honestly, Lisa and I thought our boots were so comfortable.  Surprisingly so!!  They may have been the most comfortable shoes I wore the whole week. 

So the winner is Kathy!!  Congratulations!!!!  I will be sending you a gift card to Primitive Gatherings courtesy of me!!  Email me your address.

Thank you all for playing along!