Look what showed up in the mail.

These were sent by my dear friend Sharon for the the girls.  Sharon is my friend and former co-worker at the quilt shop that recently moved to Texas.  I posted the gorgeous quilt I quilted for her here. She sent these to the girls for doing such a wonderful job at their recital.  So thoughtful of her.  Sharon made each of the cats in the series of these Garden Patch Cats.  They hung at the shop until Sharon moved.  Every time the girls visit the shop and see the patterns, they drive me crazy, begging me to make them one.  I still can’t believe Sharon sent them for the girls!!  I was a little emotional when I opened the box and saw them.  It just made me miss my friend all the more.  The girls, however were so excited when they saw them!  The even slept with them in their arms the first night!

They are now hanging in their rooms.  Alyssa has Caulipuss.

Elaina has Mushkit.

They match each of their rooms perfectly.  Sharon did an amazing job on them!!!  Her attention to detail definitely shows in her workmanship.

Thank you, my dear friend.