Tonight is one of the two Keith Urban concerts I am going to this summer!!!  I’m so excited!!!  It is my 5th time going to see him.  And no, it never gets old!!  My sis, Kristin and I always have the best time!

Some years we’ve been right up at the stage, like in the picture.  That was the concert where I was tossed a drumstick.  We had the best time ever!!

Last year we drove nearly 4 hours to Indianapolis, Indiana.  The concert was outside at the Indiana State Fair and we were all the way up in the grand stands. The weather was hot like it is now and it was literally 110*!  That year was quite the adventure.  We had no idea we would have to walk so far to get to where the concert was inside the fair.  That was a huge fair, FYI.  We weren’t really wearing shoes appropriate for that size of a hike!  LOL!  Plus, we were carrying a huge sign that Kristin had made that day, so Keith would be able to see us in the grand stands.  Ha! ๐Ÿ™‚  It was soooooo hot in the grand stands.  We were dripping sweat just sitting there!  As we were waiting melting in the heat Kristin and I had a little fun with the camera.  We took photos like were in a little photo booth.

Good times!!